Forget about "Powerball Posting" - how to make "Minnow Money" with intelligent commenting! — Steemit

Forget about "Powerball Posting" - how to make "Minnow Money" with intelligent commenting!

in steemit •  2 years ago

Your chances of hitting that four figure lottery? Not good so far, right? And most of the advice is about how you can hit it, if only you this and that...

But there's another way to make money - sure, not as much, but more than the zero I know I'm getting on most of my posts. And that's on commenting.

Not just "commenting" like this:

But like this:

The system I'm using now is:

Find a trending post less than 7 hours old, that interests you, and add a thoughtful comment, dissent, or good question.

See if the author is responding to comments. Not only is this more profitable, but it's more fun. Remember? It's a social network. The point other than $$ is to engage with others about ideas.

Sometimes that can get you whaled up, but yeah, more often it's a matter of micropayments, not macropayments.

But... today, I did score $0.38 here, doing a bit of tech writing to realign a poster's steps to sell Steem Dollars on Poloniex.

And $0.87 on this post, begging to differ on the value of Singularity tech to the brain's natural thought process.

And it adds up.

That's $1.25 today vs. the $0.00 on "post only" days. That's $37.50 a month I would not have earned, you know, screwing around on Reddit or liking Facebook posts - in other words, what I would have done with that time instead.

#steemit #money #writing #micropayments #intelligentcommenint #havesomegoddamnfunwhydontyou

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Very insightful. Not only might your comment get upvotes, but you are also getting your name out there and being sociable. Eventually folks will reciprocate.


Yeah I'm trying to balance making some $ with still having fun. It's a joyless hamster wheel if I spend all my time trying to hit the big one :0

Here is my intelligent comment :D and upvote :))


Great comment ;)

I do not think, that commenting can bring money to anybody. This is really nothing). Better not to treat it as gaining money at all. Just make comment if you want to, and not because it could be paid (theoretically).