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RE: Boomerang - A new Steemit Bid Bot for all Steemians - Whitepaper

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Hello @chance777, please take in mind that this is a bid bot. One round of bids is aproximatively 2.4 hours. It is also stated in the Whitepaper, that al the bids in a round will receive the coresponding share of the vote like in the example on top where 6SBD bids are getting votes from a pool of 9USD. Also the other way around applies, if there are bids with a total of 10SBD and only a vote of 5USD is available, than you will get less. As you put in over 11SBD for a round that had 4USD payout, without taking the other bidders in account, you already have lost money. It is the same principle as it is for all the bid bots. Try to put 11SBD into lovejuice, discordia or other bid bot.
The best practice is to check the vote power as it is described in the post and than check how many transfers have been sent, than for a round, bid only for one post as it will give you a bigger payout. The more bids the less you get, fewer bids in value, you get more.
Hope that this will help to understand the bid bot in general.



i had read all next time I will do for more ☺

Hi, how do I see how many bids have already been placed and for what amount for each round?

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