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As the title says: Are you taking advatnage of these discount prices to bulk up your Steem profile?

If you truly believe in the long term potential of the platform, surely buying up STEEM at anything below $1.20 would be a no-brainer.

Besides the dip of June 29th, we'd have to go all the way back to December 2017 to find STEEM at these prices.


It's ok if you have money to spare, but as much as I value Steemit, it shouldn't be the thing you pour all your money into - or any crypto project for that matter.

But these prices do look tempting...


ill concentrate on quality content for now.

hopefully steem prices don't disappoint

I’m buying steem‼️🤘🏽

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I’ve bought twice, just a few hundred each time.

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I've taken a break from creating content and have been focusing more on commenting on others post. But I have been tempted to buy some steem while these prices are low, with the hope that they would go up again.

How's the focus on commenting working out for you? It's something I keep telling myself I'm going to do, but it can be overwhelming with so much out there.

Theres definitely been an increase in up votes. And while small, theres been a more consistant amount of steem when i actually get around to posting. I usually stay away from the trending as those tend to be about crypto-currencies and I'm not that well versed and those topics.

howdy sir boldgrgunok! your statement about not investing in any crypto makes me curious what you would invest in?

God only knows, Janton. Gold maybe. (I'm still investing in crypto, btw, including Steem)

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