[STEEMIMG.COM] First Dedicated STEEM Image hosting website.

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I had some down time recently, as some may know from my earlier post, so I decided to create a new image hosting website that will be dedicated to STEEM Post images. It will have all the categories found on steemit (starting with the steemit category) and 100% uptime so no more spaceship blank images on your post ;) I will be running the site myself at the start but may need moderators and help as it grows, so anyone interested feel free to jump in and send me your contact info at [email protected]

I will be keeping it 100% AD free and hopefully if it grows I will continue to keep it free, even as upgrading is required, as a give back to this awesome community!

I just launched the site essentially in beta to get the kinks out & get feedback on what we want and need for our post images / gifs. I will be updating it today and upcoming days alongside posts with update information.

Happy Uploading!

EDIT 7/17 9:10 PM
Max image size has been bumped up from 2MB to 20MB!

Is the limit to low? is it too high? Let me know. Also let me know if you have any trouble with larger files.

EDIT 7/17 11:40 PM
Some have experienced small amount of lag while uploading multiple images via the mobile version of the site, if this happens to you please let me know, it may be nothing but it could also be something...

Also I want some awesome homepage backsplash images for the site and would love them to be by you steemit creative folks so... Go check out my other post - https://steemit.com/steemit/@blueorgy/steemimg-com-looking-for-an-awesome-homepage-image-get-featured-steem

EDIT 7/18 1:49 AM
SSL Certificate Up! Thanks @fyrstikken for the reminder!

UPDATE 7/18 1:42 PM
Things seem to moving along quite nicely. Here is a quick look at the current image/user stats.


I just bumped him up to $2k!

how can you bump somebody up 2k, how much is 1 vote worth, just signed up here btw

Votes are weighted. The more money you have vested the more your votes are worth. You can check how much people are worth by going to their profile and checking out their wallet.

Pleas check out this post I made about a steemit Bug the dev's should see this post so they can fix it. https://steemit.com/bug/@stijn/steemit-bug-needs-to-be-fixed

Can comfirm, successfully uploaded image of carrot man sitting atop an egg salad couch using Steemimg.

i guess it works

You really must have the munchies!

That's some tasty art

So basically we have our own imgur now?
Aw yiss.

I uploaded this image of me and my son, his name is One Grant.. thank you for this service.. it ROCKS!!

It looks really great. But it is connected to actual Steem profiles?
Do uploaded images collect steem for upvotes?
I can't see anything like that.

This could enable you to actually make a profit for more investments in the site if you haven't done so already.

Currently no it does not connect to steam profiles - Although you could always add your profile link to your account on steemimg.

Edit: Going to look into this most definitely!

Thanks so much for the reply!
While it is interesting for you, I am looking into how it would work for steemit in general to have other websites use the blockchain. There might be an incentive to keep from doing so if steemit.com is tailored into it. In that case it would pretty much castrate the blockchain.

Doesn't necessarily need to... outside apps and websites could simply reference the trusted steemit blockchain. Obviously needs to be done right, but doesn't always need to be on-chain.

In the words of Yoda: Careful, I will be.

Why can't people earn upvotes on images? Dmania does this with memes.
Is there a reason for this?

NIce.. thank you for creating this... this will be very useful and my imgur won't be piled high with random images lol

Nice! Please add the option to upload using a link.

It's Added! To Upload via IMAGE URLs : Click Upload on the top navbar > add image URLs.
I'll add this to the homepage as well.

Are you f*cking kidding me? 20 minutes between user feedback and feature actually in production? That's gotta be a record! This place is just crazy.

Haha :) Nice Upload!
Well I want to be on top of things and make sure its what everyone needs or else whats the point.

Will look into this ASAP, thanks for feedback.

I like your site - BUT:

You need to get a SSL certificate for your site, you know - the stuff that makes people able to use the https://

it is just one of the things one must do ;)

I do sir! Thanks for the reminder.

Edit - All Set! https://steemimg.com

Awesome work @blueorgy !

The project deserves equally amount of up votes as certain makeup tutorials found scattered around steemit.

It would be really useful to get some insight in to server specifications, locations and if the service utilize CDN. As all that will affect load times and search engine rankings.

Wow, It's incredible to see what a community can do with the right motivation, great work man!

Thanks for that. You're solving a real problem. Kudos!

Steemimg take 48 hours to verify your account!

This is good for security purposes but it you are a new Steemit account holder this might slow down your blogs progress.

Be sure to launch your new steemit account and your steemimg account at the same time so that you don't suffer any delays when setting up your page.

Nice to see new projects launching with the power of STEEM! I will keep an eye on your project and try to give feedback when necessary. Good luck to you @blueorgy

Great project and nicely done! Thank you!

Using this service to host this: ethereum-keep-calm-and-code-on.png

I appreciate your time and work so much, you cannot believe it. This is the most amazing thing a person can do to contribute to Steemit community. Issues that are related to images are too common. I used various of services, for now I stayed on Photobucket. But I guess I should try your service as well. I believe it's very generous from your side to give this gift to all of us, I'm telling you.

Awesome!!! Just signed up!

Edit - Uploaded this image of me captured in the moment at The Albatross's Ma ra Malai album launch.

Nice, tanks for the great post. Hope other also see the potential

Appreciate the effort but what is wrong with using ipfs.pics

Thank you for sharing!
Can't wait to see what you do with it.

in 20 hours ill probably make few cents from this post :p

Awesome!! Will be using this for my images. Great work!

thank you for steemiig.com, in a couple of day joining this community i feell a bit difficult to insert image on my post.

One of my major goals is to make it super easy to post images here. This will let even the most unexperienced user have access to post and be apart of the community.

If you ever need help I'm here, and i'm sure there will always be someone around to help.

Excellent ingenuity! Def will be using this! Maybe a dope Android app next to come? :)

Well the Website should work fully on your android device via the web browser. However I have a pretty good background in IOS and Android development so this may be something I tackle soon.

alright, looking forward to updates! good luck

I'm more than happy to support a fellow Steemian's project. Nicely done.

Awesome. Nice work. I've submitted images.

People started making infrastructure for Steemit support.

ah , finally a nice extra service I am using right now

Cant Waite to use it. Bravo

Great job! Definitely something that was needed

Thank you for russian interface!

This is awesome idea. Thanks to the creator. Cheers!

this is a good site.. great !! :)
just try to upload the image

Make sure to use the direct image link when posting

"https:// www.steemimg.com/images/2016/07/18/steemit.jpg"

thank you.. i will try this..

visit my new post here : https://steemit.com/steemit/@moh-rokib/everything-about-steemit
keep calm and steem on :)

I like this and the colors

This deserve to be a 10,000$ post. Come on guys!

amazing support for steemit users ............ thanks :D

This is what i've been looking for !!

Cool name man and thanks this really helps with the other sites that don't work sometimes :D

awesome work @blueorgy. Thank you!

Great stuff man, its because of people like you that will make Steemit great.

All these type of things add up to make a platform great.

The site is dead.

Nice, I tested it and it works: https://steemit.com/monheim/@frankbuss/monheim-near-cologne-testing-steemimg-com
Would be good to allow right click on the image, then it is easier to embed the link.
How do you guarantee 100% uptime?

Well I strive for 100% Up time , implementing multiple backup servers that would kick in on downtime. Each in different locations. This will take some time but is the goal.

Thank's for share this post. Hope other also see the potential 😀

that was necessry because i ttok me 3 tries just to get mi images up, thx

Great to see another steemit made tool, expansion is the key

Please add the option to upload using a drag and drop

Just go to Upload on the Top Nav to drag and drop.

Or just drag the photo anywhere on the homepage.

great work. Thanks.

Absolutely fantastic. Give that man a biscuit.

Dude you rock. This is the sort of community effort that I like to see. Lets put those steem dollars to work. Please provide regular posts about the business so we can continue to upvote you and support your wonderful project.

"I will be keeping it 100% AD free and hopefully if it grows I will continue to keep it free"

who needs ads when you got steem?;)

FYI to anyone using this site:

Please note to anyone using this for your images, this is the "Intellectual property agreement" you are agreeing to when you upload images here. In short you give them the right to use your photos as they see fit once they are uploaded regardless of whether you later delete the photo.

"By uploading a file or other content or by making a comment, you represent and warrant to us that (1) doing so does not violate or infringe anyone else's rights; and (2) you created the file or other content you are uploading, or otherwise have sufficient intellectual property rights to upload the material consistent with these terms. With regard to any file or content you upload to the public portions of our site, you grant steemimg a non-exclusive, royalty-free, perpetual, irrevocable worldwide license (with sublicense and assignment rights) to use, to display online and in any present or future media, to create derivative works of, to allow downloads of, and/or distribute any such file or content. To the extent that you delete any such file or content from the public portions of our site, the license you grant to steemimg pursuant to the preceding sentence will automatically terminate, but will not be revoked with respect to any file or content steemimg has already copied and sublicensed or designated for sublicense. Also, of course, anything you post to a public portion of our site may be used by the public pursuant to the following paragraph even after you delete it."

I can re-word this to fit best with the community , it essentially is a default tos for image upload sites. I plan on working with a lawyer and making it as open as possible.

I can defiantly add : we will never use the photos/images/art uploaded to the site for any reason, ever.

Thanks for reminding me to get all the legal in order.

It would be great if it was clear images would not be used for other purposes. Would definitely be more inclined to use the site. Thanks for your response to my comment.

I removed that language from the site. Once I have the time I will create a much simpliar tos.

Hey there, I've tried to sign up, but I still haven't gotten a confirmation email after a couple of attempts. Anyone else having the same issue?

It may take a couple minutes to get to your inbox depending on your email provider. Let me know if it doesn't show up after 10-20 minutes.

oh, I had the same issue. I hit resend button and got confirmation right away.

Definitely created gold for the users of Steemit. Thankyou for your efforts i am sure the entire Steemit community will be grateful:) http://steemimg.com/cryptoiskey

Best post I've read all day! Thx for this :) Steemers need to upvote, reply and share this one.

used it! loved it! so easy to navigate=) thank you !!!

How hard would it be to add on Free Image functionality, so uploaders could potentially earn Steem dollars from their images over time? I thought about the idea when I first learned about Steemit, it just seems an ideal opportunity to combine two great services in one, and help users again earn directly from their hard work. Of course you could only do it with original content, but an image parser to make sure no theft?

Thanks for the site. I have been attempting to insert images into my introduction post without success. I keep getting an ins error when I hit post. I just pasted the URL of a picture of the ship I was on in the 60s.
The picture is not showing up in the preview, but I'll post anyway.

I have tried both using the editor & directly inserting the html, withour success, from your & other sites. I know this old dog is doing something wrong that is simple, ... but.

Sorry I missed this! You have to use the direct URL of the image or markdown

https:/ /www.steemimg.com/images/2016/08/16/CG-1139644.jpg

I think I got it!

Hey - any chance of adding an option to upload video?

Nice one. This post was a great help.

Disclosure: Newbie Steemit user here. Is the secure version of this site down right now? The url currently only seems to work with using a regualar http:// instead of the https://

@unomas It's November now, and I was just browsing SteemIMG and also see that http:// for secured login is not available, so Firefox warns me about the risks of creating/sending login information on this site. To your knowledge has anything evolved with the Steeming images site to upgrade that fail..?

I think I moved on and either tried a different hosting option, or now that steemit has that option built into their new post tool, I probably just forgot about this.

Hi, if this doesn't earn upvotes like Dmania or Dsound etc, then why does Steem need a dedicated image hosting when we have Imgur with no issues?

Not understanding.

Steemit specific features can be added, such as:

  • steemit categories (already added)
  • steemit username linking
  • paying with Steem for Pro features, etc.

Great idea! Thanks for the effort!

Great idea! Thanks for the effort!