DDos over... Steemit back online! But what really happened? Whose to blame?

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We seem to be really back online and at full swing after several short moments of thinking we were through-out the last 12 hours or so. I am sure we are all wondering what actually went down behind the scenes these past hours and who might be responsible for the attack. I am very glad to see Steemit back and have survived such a long attack, an obviously strong effort to bring down Steemit. Did our recent attention and growth trigger the decision to try and take us down? What is the motivation? How will we better protect ourselves in the future?

I would try and dig more into these questions (extremely busy day at the office) but for now I will just start an open discussion here. I am sure will will be hearing from Steemit shortly with some sort of explanation, if they do have one to actually go with. I want to applaud the Steemit Devs on an excellent job bringing the site back up and defending over the past 12 hours, which I'm sure was no easy task! Frankly I wouldn't blame them for just passing out on the nearest decently soft couch or bed instead of worrying about explaining what happened.

Thanks for the hard work, I've been hit with DDos attacks before and they royally SUCK... so first round is on me guys!

For More Information

They have been updating us via twitter and announced it was in fact a DDos Attack

https://busy.org/steemit/@rougebot/steemit-just-passed-a-ddos-attack via Sneak on Busy.org

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Thank You Tim.
The site will have periodic slowness as they try to mitigate the effects of the DDos , which seems is still happening, people just love a challenge it seems, good news out of this... we are big enough for people to want to take us down!


What seems more impressive is that the SteemIt team was able to minimize the downtime and keep the blockchain chugging along with little notice to most Steemians. I hardly knew it was down - just experienced maybe an hour or so of downtime, here & there, yesterday or the day before. Good job on all of the hard work you guys have done on behalf of everyone here. Thank You!

I'd presume that any DDOS is bot run, so chances of finding a specific culprit is probably slim. The most important part is that everything survived and we seem to be back going. This does bring more to the forefront the difference in usage.
The less dependence upon the main site and more upon apps, the less effect the attacks should have.

Thankyou for sharing @blueorgy 👍

I could not get to Steemit for two hours, and could not understand what was going on :(

Not bad, if there was some announcement about DDOS attack for users.


They have been updating us via twitter and announced it was in fact a DDos Attack: https://busy.org/steemit/@rougebot/steemit-just-passed-a-ddos-attack via Sneak on Busy.org

Really? I thought it was down for maintenance @blueorgy.

@blueorgy Busy day I know, but have you any assurances that the integrity of the blockchain remains intact? I expect it would, however be glad to hear it from one who may know better.


I educated myself and see that due to the nature of the witnesses hosting entire versions of the DB, the chance for corruption is very low. Concerns are real though!! Fascinated to see if we shall learn the perpetrators!

Thats great.... finally its back

Bastards! worst 12 hours of this week! :) TGIF!! :)


If it happens again, use busy.org or chainbb. They can DDoS Steemit, but not the Steem blockchain itself ;)


Exactly! Which is great, if only the entire site was on the blockchain as well 😉


That would be amazing! Would something like that even be possible?

Thanks for everything and the update @blueorgy be well

it was experiencing a difficulties to get into steemit steemd and steemnow and i was sure that this is not something normal DDOS attack this explain everything

Idk some people just so it for shits and giggles. Maybe even someone who just hasnt had a lot of success on steemor is just an angry person with time to kill. I think this happening everyone once in a while is good for the overall value and strength of the steemit platform. You cant always predict every weakness so its your response to said weakness that shows your strength.

Hope you enjoy this video @blueorgy it is about a guy who is fishing for a whale like me!

Hello good post blue, today was down for 15 min approximatly what do know about, we are beging attacking of new or not

Thanks for the information @blueorgy. Steemit has been struggling the last few days now and again. Just 10 minutes ago I could not refresh my Steemit page. It seems to be ok again now.