Why Blockdeals isn't just another Steem App

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Well, with 2 months of work behind us developing Blockdeals.org all we have to show for our fundraising efforts is a few thousand delegated SP. And quite frankly it hurts.

And we're constantly questioning ourselves, 'Are we really making something here that'll change the STEEM landscape?'

Of course, we are.

And the real problem with the delegation drought, is people think they'll make more money hoarding their SP, self voting or selling it to bots, where they hope to maximise their curation rewards.

But in reality it'll be a lot easier to make 10x your money by delegating your Steem Power into the Steem Projects that are actively looking to spread STEEM to the masses.

How much are you really making through curation rewards?

25% max, 10 times a day if you sell it to a bot (less commissions and the fact you can't guarantee being the front runner)

At best you'll be making a few dollars a day from those curation rewards.

So given 10000 SP is currently worth approx. $35600 it'll take many years to even double your money without any market price fluctuations.

But what if there was a better way...

A Better Way to Double your Money

Recently @ned made a bold statement at the GOPAX Meetup about how there were over 350 applications on the Steem Blockchain, but what he neglected to mention was these applications are mainly tools and interfaces competing for the same market share.

Now it's great to have choices but...

The majority of these Steem Applications are inward facing and are tools for Steem users and the Steem Community.

What really changes the needle on Market Price, is real world adoption.

When was the last time you saw an advertisement for @Steemit, @dtube, @dlive @busy in the real world?

Or read about them in your local/national paper, or even saw them featured in the news or even at the very least on a crypto news site?

Rarely or Never?

Until now we have be relying on word of mouth to get the Steem message out there into the wider community and it's not working.

But what if instead of trying to double your money via curation rewards you delegated some of that SP into projects that could move the market price needle?

What if all these projects really needed was a spark, to set the wheels in motion?

Help us to help you

In reality Blockdeals.org could already be impacting the deals landscape if we had already raised the delegations we naively thought were on offer for decent Steem App Ideas.

@MisterDelegation wasn't what we expected, and delegations have all but dried up thanks largely to the uncertainty around SMT's and a crazy explosion in voting bots.

So development progress has slowed, and realistically, we won't have anything to show the world without a reasonable delegation to support the expected growth in the community.

A million views per month on BlockDeals.org is still our goal and is possible given the vastness of the deals and bargains community worldwide.

That's 1 million more eyeballs learning about Steem every month and even if a fraction of them sign-up to earn rewards on our site that's still a whole lot of Steem exposure that money can't buy.

However, delegated Steem could buy us that exposure.

As with a decent SP delegation we can reward people for their interactions with the Steem Blockchain and the money we raise from the small 10% benefactor fee will be used for direct marketing campaigns to increase the awareness of our Steem platform.

Yes, real advertising for the Steem Blockchain.

And we're talking about YouTube, Facebook, Google Ads, or anywhere there is underpriced attention online.

These companies might be banning the advertising of cryptocurrencies, but they can’t stop us from advertising a deals and bargain hunting website.

Plus, we'll try to get some free exposure, by creating a buzz in the media and associated crypto news outlets.

And more exposure means more buzz around Steem which as history shows is enough to move the market price needle. It could be the quickest way to double your investment in Steem and best of all we're doing all the work.

But sadly we can't do this without Delegated SP and we can't wait for SMT's to be released or we could miss our opportunity.

So please consider delegating to this project and fuel our belief in this community and the vision it has of being one of the Top 10 Digital Currencies of the future.

We believe in Steem, we just need you to believe in us.

Please consider delegating any amount of SP so we can grow Blockdeals.org into something great!

50SP | 100SP | 200SP | 500SP | 1000SP

Learn more about Blockdeals in our Introductory Post.


Have you allready contacted @jerrybanfield for funding your Steem development project? There might be an additional budget available for this!

Didn’t @ned just announce a $2M fund to help new enterprises on the steem blockchain? I think the fund is early days but this is the perfect project for it.

Keep up the good work team blockdeals - good things come to those who keep going. And in my experience the best things come after the low moments when you have questioned yourself.

PS - I think it would be awesome to see some creative ways to explain the steem blockchain to people creating accounts for the first time ( I think this is one of the biggest hurdles we have to overcome)

We'd like to see a link to this if you have it.

And when we push Blockdeals out to the general public, there will be a steep learning curve on where the money comes from. A lot of people don't get it and we'll need to keep that in mind.

If you have any suggestions we'd love to hear them.

Here is the link @blockdeals - my mistake, it's $20M and it looks like it's for SMT projects.

In terms of ideas - I have lots but very little time. I'm working pretty hard on my own start up at the moment.

I've been lucky enough to get some good training with strategyzer business model canvas' and have learnt a lot about lean processes for validating business models and securing investment. Not saying I'm an expert but I'm happy to have a look at where blockdeals is at and see if I can add any worthwhile insights.

I think ability to pay new customers in crypto could be a great opportunity to get insights the customers journey. This could be a business model in itself, but could also add value to new interfaces.

... not sure if that makes sense ( it's been a big day)

Oh, wow. I wish I had paid attention sooner. I'm in... I have a small delegation coming your way. This is a fantastic opportunity to help. How can I get involved to help out? Need Canadian listings :-)

Jason we certainly do need someone flying the flag in Canada. Just submit a deal and select the Canadian flag, then people can filter on just those deals.

Eventually, we'll be looking for moderators in each country to ensure the deals are worthy of the bargain hunting community at BlockDeals.

Of course, they will receive extra rewards :-D

Give it a try to see if you like it.

Fantastic! Thanks so much for the delegation. The best way to help right now is exactly what you have done and also to start adding deals! I'll chat to the guys about getting a Canadian flag up on the site. :)

Wow, I'm new on Steemit, but I am surprised that I read about your project the first time. It should be much bigger and more known.

One way of getting attention would be through in-article advertisements on Steemit. You just have to ask a few popular Steemians if they were willing to support your project by embedding an ad link in their posts that leads to your site. Here's what I mean:

Perhaps you could even pay advertisers a share of the revenue if they were referring the customer, which would put them into a position that they can pick the specific product for the ad.

Oh, and one more thing: You should clarify which currency you mean with "$". Is it USD, Steem or SBD?

Bottom line: Your project is a great idea. I wish you the best of luck with it!

Hey, thanks for the feedback. It's really helpful.

We haven't started advertising yet and to be honest we'll be focusing more of our attention on the existing deal and bargain sharing community's outside of Steemit.

But a little internal advertising isn't a bad idea either.

As for the $ amount, it's likely to be the currency that the deal is offered in. This is a global deals site, and soon we'll make it default to your country or origin (although you can select it manually now)

Adding USD, AUD etc can get messy but that said if anyone is posting a deal in SBD or STEEM they'll need to specify this.

I'd definitely be one of the first to delegate a ton of SP if I had any spare, hopefully you catch a whale's attention with Block Deals and they are willing to support this application. It's definitely an app that has huge potentional.

@ausbitbank ?? :D

This is a part of another platforms

This is really a good way of thinking. We can do more and have more, when more active user is around us. There are only few people actually know about this platform. They do no know the opportunity its offering to the user. Huge marketing is needed for this move.
There is another alternative solution i can suggest. If we can offer some refferal system. Then it will bring huge response from the market. People will happily share their own accord about this platform.

You can earn referral money if you use the busy.org website. There is a referral link in there.

Oh...i did know about that.Thanks for the information. I will sure look into it.

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