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Hey Folks,

I have a great idea for broadening Steemit’s user base....MAYBE...just MAYBE, it will catch the attention of some of those that are higher up on this platform. Those that would be able to help out. I have an idea that I need assistance with.

Let me first start off by introducing myself briefly. My name is Chris and I am a small business owner in NJ. I own a comic shop called Conquest Comics based in NJ. During my years operating the shop, I travel all over to many cities and states to exhibit at multiple Comic Cons. The fans that attend these shows are passionate and hardcore. Some of the conventions such as New York and San Diego have almost 150 thousand attendees occupying the grounds. Many of these fans are involved in reviewing comic books, art, toys. Blogging about their experiences and the conventions itself. I see it all over on Facebook Groups, Google Plus, Reddit, and other various Forums and Message Boards. This got me thinking...

Why not market Steemit as "THE PLACE" to discuss all these topics?!? It's a perfect fit and the opportunities come often throughout the year if exhibiting at these various conventions. These folks are doing it anyway...just not here. Why not show them this platform firsthand? Set up a booth at one of the busier shows with a couple of tablets. They can see the interface and have people answer their questions about it. Sign up for it right then and there. Have promotional items such as t-shirts, water bottles, or other awesome swag to give away for signing up right there. Booth babes! Big Sign! Make a statement! SDCC & NYCC are known for their awesome freebies and swag....people go bananas over it so I think it's a no brainer! Think of it?!? A Steemit booth centered in one of these conventions where we can reach people that are doing this anyway...


I have the experience and knowledge on setting up at these shows. I could gather a team who would help at various shows (getting ambitious)...or one or two as a trial. I would run the booth and organize all of it. I have some great ideas for contests and giveaways and things to attract folks to the booth. The problem??? All of this costs some moolah to get going. Which is where the 1% come


I could not do this on my own. I will be willing to put in the time and effort but I could not fund the operation. We would need support from some people in high places that believe in this platform. Those that want to see this place succeed and have the means to help out.

If you are that person then please reach out to me. Leave a comment here. If you don't feel comfortable with that you can contact me privately through Facebook (yuk) here...

If you know of someone who might be able to help, please lmk in any way possible. I want to see this place grow and succeed but it takes work from all of us in different ways. Please help spread this and resteem it. Tag anyone who might be able to help in the comments below.


Thanks for taking a look everyone!!!


Big 100% upvote here. First, I think this idea would be best fully implemented after the improvements of the next HardFork and implementation of the Hivemind communities. Hopefully those are both just a few months more at most! I think the signup streamlining of the hardfork and improved user retention communities could offer will make an effort like this not in vain. It doesn’t mean planning & fundraising can’t start now though!

I have the @steem-comic-con account and web domain (recently scrapped the site & working on restarting...) and I’d always envisioned outreach like this when the time was right. I’m not the guy to run it though. I’ve realized I want more time devoted to creating than being a community organizer, but I want to be a big part of some founding comic communities and will throw whatever resources I can behind it as well! I’ll get behind whatever branding you’d like, but if you’d ever want to take over access to that account to use, it wouldn’t be a problem.

Two things that could help with fundraising would be two projects that have received big SP delegations. First, you could start a Fundition campaign. They’ve been dealing out some solid upvotes to good projects. Second, they’re not as heavy handed with the votes, but SteemPress (a WordPress) plugin has been good as well.

I’m here to brainstorm ideas and chip in what I can!

Awesome brother. I'd love to throw some ideas around and have you lmk what you think. Lets do this on messenger this weekend if you are available for a few. Thanks so much. I think we could do something really cool. I am willing to do the work...we just need some angels to show the love and fund it!

Sounds good. I’m working Saturday but then I’m a night owl & off Sunday if you’re free to message anytime in there.

Hey man! Saw you because of Bryan! I live in Jersey, and write comics, and totally want to be a part of this!

Waitasec, you’re in Jersey? I remember you moved recently right? Didn’t know it was closer! I’m just outside Philly & planning to swing out to Conquest Comics & meet @blewitt in person soon!

When and where? I don't have a car, but if I can make it, I'd love to!

When and where? I don't
Have a car, but if I can
Make it, I'd love to!

                 - drwatson

I'm a bot. I detect haiku.

Hah, love this

That’s awesome! Where in NJ are ya? We are in Bayville...exit 80 off the Parkway. Near Toms River.

As for this idea, if it ever takes off I’ll be sure to utilize ya! Not that far fetched of an idea. Just needs the funding. I can put it together and organize it all. Cmon 🐳 ‘s!!!

What are you working on?

I am based in Hoboken, NJ. Close to nyc. I'm working on a Lovecraftian horror comic, set during the silent film era, in Ithaca, NY.

I post nearly every day, so check out the art. I am merely the writer :)

Oh that is awesome. Ill totally give ya a follow and check out your stuff!!!

Love the idea/concept of this, hope you can get something put together and bring this idea to life, bro!

Thanks a ton brother! Me as well. Wouldn’t take a ton. Just seed money to fund it. Where are my angel investors at?!?!?

Sounds interesting, couldn't help money wise (i'm poorer than dirt) but have experience running a retail store (everything from antiques to toys), flea markets, online sales and shipping.

If this ever took off I will definitely reach out! I appreciate it my friend.

As a longtime cartoonist, I'd definitely like to be involved at some level. Great idea.

Joe, if this ever happened I would definitively call on you. Where are you located?

I am definitely not in the 1%, but if you get some momentum going I am in Hawaii and we have a few comic cons here I'd be willing to help out with.

It doesn’t take a lot to be a 1%er! People don’t realize how scarce Steem is and how much more scarce it will become as we grow! If you were to power up your SBD and Steem on hand, you’d be at about the top 2% mark I believe!

Actually I barely understand how Steem or Steemit works tbh... I should go back and review one of the intro to Steemit videos I watched when I first signed up...

I appreciate this and will definitely keep you posted if this ever became a reality.

This seems like a great fit and so does partnering with steemmonsters, though I'd bet they are mostly focused on getting the game playable by September.

I think @themarkymark would want to see Steemit represented at comic-cons, if he'll forgive a total stranger tagging him for his input.

Since you're looking for ideas, I suggest making a new post soon that is more like a pitch. Start by presenting how awesome it will be when people are signing up for Steem accounts right from your booth and the introduce yourself post is buzzing with users who met each other at comic-con. Don't start with "I am pretty sure this approach will fail". I almost didn't click past that preview in my feed, and all I had to lose was a few minutes reading time over coffee.

Let people who have something to lose see how much they can gain, to get their interest.

I ended up changing the opening line on this post as you are comes off as not confident and unsure of itself. Thx!

Great advice! YeH it’s just so hard to come out and basically ask for money...even if it’s not for me. Fabrastic idea though. I’ll work on a pitch and in the next few days put something together that lays out my plan.

These are the reasons I love this place...the folks who are here now during these “lean” times are the ones that want to see it’s success. I love how there are people from all over willing to contribute to an idea in their own ways. Thanks. Appreciate it and will be in touch when the new post is up!

Through the efforts of @steemmonsters perhaps?

That’s also another aspect to promote...didn’t even think of that. See this is what’s great...people can chime in and help in so many facets.

Check out Promo-Steem and get in touch with them, they may just have a couple hints on how to build a space for this particular passion from ground up, with use of Steem.

Thx a ton. I’ve tagged em in the comments. Hopefully they will see it and be able to help point me in the right direction.

A huge step into the right direction would be getting rid of self-upvotes, both from posts and comics.

How many people do you see who never upvote anything aside from everything they produce themselves? That is the very opposite of what steemit is supposed to be.

I agree to a degree. I am guilty of upvoting myself here and there but I also take care of others as well and do things to support new users. I think it’s your steem power so you can do with it as you see fit However I thinknthatbifnyounonlyndo that, maybe there should be a penalty if not technically helping the platform grow? I dunno...

You can look at my blog and see me upvoting all of my posts myself. Me not liking it doesn't stop it from being profitable and I will never give anyone crap for doing it.

That being said, it should just not be a thing. Upvoting yourself should just not be possible in any way. Especially among users with a lot of steempower, you see how they high-five themselves and end up being the highest contributors to their post pay out while also taking a huge chunk out of the curation reward pool for said post. It's a system that defeats itself for the sake of helping the author when systems that help in doing so are already in place.

I do agree 100% with what you are saying. Hopefully changes will come that involve that to some degree.

A far, far better idea than setting up some signs in a corner of a public park. Older Steemians will know what we are referring to here.

We hope @ned and the marketing guy, if he is still around, are reading this.

Blessings be upon your idea and, hopefully, project.

I’ll look up the reference and check it out. Lol.

Yeah I think it could really work as far as getting some new fresh blood into the mix. Dedicated people that would have an endless world of stuff to discuss. It wouldn’t be that expensive of an idea to do either in all honesty. Just more that I can put put. Where are you marketing team?!? Lol


I don't have a lot of time or a lot of free resources right now, but this is a very good idea. I don't want a leadership position in it, but if you send me an update occasionally I'll continually give thought to what resources I can provide. Ping me here or under the same name on Discord or Gmail.

Thx a ton. Yeah IF...and that’s a big one as the main problem is finding the financial backing but If this gets off the ground, I’ll be laying out a plan with the details of it and trying to get help from anyone who’s willing to lend it. I’ll be reaching out to folks and you’ll be one of em.

I kinda knew it... but responding to @sidekickmatt, I just had to look you up @blewitt! You are easily in the 1%. People don’t realize how “little” it takes. I told you that you were coming on strong! You’ve invested a lot of effort & capital already. You’re currently about the 2171st most powerful account out of more than a million! We’re really reaching out to the .01% or smaller!

Damn, never really thought of it like that but I guess you are correct. Lol. It’s the one place in my life that I’ve had slight success thus far. Lol. 😜

please don't hate me but figured I would tag some higher ups in the hopes that someone could maybe pint me in the right direction to see if this can become a reality...

@ned, @dan, @blocktrades, @hendrikdegrote, @jamesc, @thejohalfiles, @smooth, @roadscape, @riverhead, @trafalgar, @wackou

Love this idea. I’m hear to volunteer as a set builder/coordinator or even grunt. Not to brag but I have the skills to put ideas into into 3 dimensions and make them shiny. “Dare to dream”. I live in Cleveland so NYC is easy. SAN D. might be tough. Lots of factors involved. You can dm me on Discord electricswine#9066. Good luck with this. I think you’re on to something.

I can’t stop thinking about this. In some form, comic cons take place, not only in the US but Asia and most likely in other places as well. (Forgive me for not actually knowing) Thats a fair statement, right? Well dress up my friend, your idea just blew up exponentially.

Part of the reason I’m so excited about this is I’ve been trying to figure out a way to promote, not just Steemit, but crypto currencies in general. I not only believe in them, but predict/ know that they are here to stay, like radio, tv, computers and the list goes on. Now I'm a realist and hate putting the cart before the horse, so I must contain myself. But as I think about this, not to be profiling people, but generally is it not fair to say that a very large number of people who are into this arena are the current, future generations? What individual group of people would be better to expose to crypto than this? Seriously which? Because that group deserves focus as well.

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