Voting time is here again

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It's that time of year, again. Mid season elections, to elect our governors, senators, and other state level elected officials. If you're not from the U.S., I'm sure you have your own version of what we do here. These are the elections that actually matter. The elections where your vote actually counts. Unlike our presidential elections where the electoral colleges decide the outcomes, these elections are done by sheer numbers. Counting and recounting and majority wins.

With that out of the way, I'm one of those people that actually does research on every candidate. Even during the presidential election where everyone believes it to be a slug fest, knock down, winner take all, grudge match between Republicans and Democrats, there are the little unheard voices of third party candidates. Since very few people do any kind of research at all, they're left with what they hear on tv ads, news and social medias, or just word of mouth from friends or families as people shout their opinions across the partisan battle lines. What that means, is that generally, only those with the most money, or the most campaign backing, will ever have their voices be heard. Sad to me that people with such great ideas about how government should be, are stifled and silenced. One great thing about the internet is that these voices can be heard.

But, I digress. My point in all this, I suppose, was that as I was researching, I stumbled upon a previously unknown, by me anyway, candidate. His name is Nickolas Wildstar. I would almost vote on him just on his name alone. By this interview, anyway, he seems to be a great candidate that values the desires of the people above his own. It's candidates like these, that because of our media being the way it is, you will never see on the local news, or prime time ads on tv. We need more candidates like this. More candidates that are in it to better people and their lives, and not just better their own financial positions. The end of the interview even comes complete with a plug for Steemit, and for DTube. Which is why, I guess I really put it here. lol. Steemit is gaining...well, steam. :P


Is it me or does voting in this crooked, corrupt system just a wast of time... ?

It totally is when you are talking about the two major parties. People love to think, between Republicans and Democrats, one party is better than the other. Dems blame Republicans for destroying the middle class. Republicans blame Dems for keeping people dependant on governmental aid and whittling away the rights of the "God fearing man." Truth be told, neither party has anyone's interest at heart except their own.

I was truly hoping this past presidential election would open people's eyes to the fact that there are mote than 2 choices out there. There are, middle of the road, politicians that find the grey area between our "black and white" politics. Alas, I was wrong and one of the giants still won.

As I had said, presidential elections are kind of a waste. Your vote just goes to elect whatever electors get to decide for your entire state. The electoral college then decides who it is you vote for. Mid-term and local elections however is really where your voice can be heard. It's a basic count the vote system in which the majority wins. Every vote, in that sense, truly matters.

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