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One week ago, I created a Steemit account for a local animal shelter charity in the hopes of helping them tell their stories and raise some (much needed) funds for their operations.

I reached the point where I confirmed my email through a link and received the notification that I would be contacted as soon as I'm next up on the list.

Understanding the economics of this, I get it. As far as I know, the current model is limited on the number of new accounts that can be created based on the amount of Steem created in a day. Considering this challenge, I would like to suggest a Generate Steemit Account Invite function within the wallet.

Process Steps

  1. Steemit User identifies party interested in starting a Steemit account
  2. Steemit User opens Wallet and clicks on Generate Steemit Account Invite
  3. Steemit User selects on a slider bar the percentage of voting power and/or Steem Power to allocate to a unique invite code
  4. Steemit User would have the selected amount of voting power and/or Steem Power reduced (exactly the same way votes behave on this power) upon finalizing New Account Invite
  5. Steemit User inputs New Account User registered email address
  6. If inputted email address IS registered, using the Steemit Users keys, a hashed account finalization link is sent to the email address
  7. New account user clicks on link and starts out with x% of the Steem Power and/or Vote Power applied to their new account Steem Power

If the new prospective user HAS NOT registered an email, a link will be sent to them initiating the current/traditional account creation process, ending with the automatic account creation based on Step 6 above.

What this Solves

  1. Potential users that aren't able to create new accounts in a short amount of time may be discouraged
  2. Current users knowing this hurdle may be less inclined to recommend new users to join (particularly the impatient and/or technically impaired that we all know)
  3. Allows for a referral metric that COULD allow for internal awards in a compensation sense, or at least notariety (e.g. Steemit Referral Leaderboards)
  4. Enhanced 'evangelical outreach' program to get more people to try the platform
  5. Opportunity to codify and automate 'Celebrity New Account Bounty Programs' (more on this in the future)


  1. Economic analysis of the pros/cons and strengths/weaknesses/dangers
  2. Community support for the idea
  3. The unknown-unknowns

I'm not sure if this idea has been floated already, or if the economic model would support it, however it appears there would be little room for abuse while still keeping an equilibrium of the overall market dynamics within the Steem ecosystem.


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It might not be exactly what you had in mind, but you can already create accounts by giving away your own SP. Here's a guide to do this.


Ah thanks for this! I need to ask @timcliff if its possible to do anything with an account name already created.. hmm

My friend had register an account on this monday and still not approved yet,it was slow. Before this,I just need two day to access my account.

The idea is good. When i created my acount i had to wait a long time. At a point i had already given up the idea because i thought i wasnt accepted. As i see it the cons could be spaming, because some useres could use that to create multiple accounts just to spam their hown content. On the other and it makes it easier to invite friends and family.


This is a great idea man! resteemed this...

The idea is good but I think it will disbalance the market. That is if the user doesn't drain your sp when voting..
I think it would be better if pne just transferred the sp away to the new account..
Otherwise the idea is awesome and I hope it gets noticed and or prob. Integrated.

This is a great idea! It could help expand Steemit even more and get it out to the masses by having more appeal. I like it :)

I could get behind this!

To grow as platform there has to be a solution to the duration of being accepted as a new member, and as you say, not being discouraged right away. But I am sure this solution will come.

good idea . i like it