Give me a smart reasons why you should buy STEEM?

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Why buy Steem?

I just did a question to the community steemit, I asked about this, some of the whales here say to buy it Steem but I think people are not going to commit suicide like this, where many in some other societies also feel unfairly by the pope here to make money easily without having to see the quality of the post is good or not?

Why am I here?

I think this question will also point to myself, of course, my goal is the same time as pope only gain money :)
I never thought this would be a great project which will have a good future and I have to support it because I am a bloggger, at least appreciate where the content is really good here, after seeing some of this week than I have seen a little less attractive may only looks like a place where the pope can make money easily here

So, my question to you is why you're here and why you should buy Steem?
give little reason for my smart, cheers

Sorry, my English is bad

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You buy Steem to either

  • Power it up into SteemPower
  • To purchase SBD.

Others have already mentioned the benefits of Steem power, holding SBD is a hedge against falling Steem price and they currently earn 10% interest which is insanely good in this negative interest rate world.

Don't just hold Steem though, that's a bad idea.

@neoxian yeah it was pretty interesting answers at least other people also want to see this, return again to the question of why we should buy steem and it does not mean just steem but overall is steempower and steemdollar?
when you do a trade, and you want to benefit, as well as the question we really want to get smart enough reasons for it

Why buy Steem?

  • You can power up your account. Giving yourself more voting power.
  • More voting power means you can reward those who deserve it AND Rewards yourself better!
  • It's at a low price, You never know how high the price could go, You never know how long it will stay this low.

Basically if you believe in Steemit, Buying Steem is a great option.

Okay your answer is appreciated, I think this is a concept for steemit and this may really looks fair

Additional features to advertise, you can see facebook, twitter and others they use this feature at least people have a reason why you should buy something

People can make BID to advertise their posts at least it was visible on the front page of the site steemit, yeah just be text ads post title to them, I'm sure they have a reason to buy it Steem and get a lot of visitors at their posts so that they get Upvote from other communities to their posts

Read my post here: This is my concept

(clickable image)

That's the reason.

@karnal give a reason in the wording so well that we know why buy Steem?

As the clickable image very clearly insinuates, for speculative purposes. Buy and hope the price goes up.

More people/attention in the platform == even more users == higher market cap == higher STEEM price == happy (and loaded) speculator.

Like everything else in crypto, it is a high-risk, high reward scenario - I would even say, a particularly high risk scenario.

The potential gains then, are proportionally astronomical.

He's making a joke... the above image is from wolf of wallstreet in which crooked salesmen encourage investors to throw away money on pennystocks so that the brokers can profit.

hehe. Glad to see it was not wasted :-p

You need Steem Power. This will increase your influence on this platform.
If you keep Steem you will lose money which is contrary to your objective. Steem amount doubles every year (Inflation). You could have made more mone by using an image for your post. Wish you much success with your financial goal.
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I just answered exactly that in my post :)
it's here:

@mrlogic Yeah thanks for that, it looks like it looks not much different from my previous post here
Review posts about Steem Dollar Stability Supplement

i just bought $40 worth :D


give us one intelligent reason for your answer?

because I believe in the platform/investment and expect that the price will rise in the future

yeah that's true, then I asked about this, give me the best reasons why people would buy it Steem?

I hope you don't dream too long, cheers

Because whales must let go of the vests they are holding so the platform can move on. Buying would accelerate that process.

purchase will speed up the process a person in bankruptcy, I just asked for reasons why it should be bought?

If you are buying with money you can't afford to lose.

@pakisnxt that is why I ask, give me the best reason why I should buy Steem?

Lol bro :)

Here are to questions, as far as I understand. I will divide them.

  1. Why you're here?

  2. Why you should buy Steem?

  3. I like the idea.

  4. No one forces me to buy. But I will, if I see something good profitable for me in that.

very short answer and a bit have not found an answer that really fair to all the people here

Maybe, if you buy Steem at a lower price, then when the price of Steem goes up, then you can sell it for other crypto like BTC or LTC or SBD or especially SP via a power up.