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Steem Dollar Stability Enhancements

Replied to the post a few days ago from @dantheman

Reducing Steem Dollar Supply in Down Market
There is only one way to reduce the Steem Dollar supply and that is by users voluntarily converting their Steem Dollars to STEEM at the price feed via the 7 day conversion. This processes can be incentivized by offering a short-term premium conversion rate that gives each Steem Dollar holder $1.25 worth of STEEM when they convert. This is possible by having the witnesses temporarily adjust the price feed.It would be critical that the premium remain temporary and has a pre-planned deadline or else the market would permanently adjust the trading value of Steem Dollars to reflect this new premium conversion rate.Steem Whales can also buy Steem Dollars on the market by powering down some STEEM and then convert to back to STEEM. This process would not necessarily be profitable for whales and suffers tragedy of the commons. One whale would carry the burden for the benefit of the entire platform. 

I think it is an excellent idea but not necessarily all of the pope agree on this point let alone the public to buy Steem DOLLAR, I thought why should it be purchased?

I know steem have a good concept but indirectly it will turn off this project for a long time will not, why not hold a steemit to advertisers, at least it could be a reason why people should buy Steem DOLLAR

Writers are paid here like a blogger as a writer they are paid by a third party publisher sites and get money from the advertiser's website

this only as an example

Just a suggestion for a picture above where it could be used for advertising in text form either a title or any other thing, in this case I think it provides a space where all people can perform campaign their own writing so widely seen by many people at least in advertising costs can payments with steem DOLLAR or steem

Another advantage:

  • All the people will no longer misuse of TAG in their posts, and truly writing them visible to other communities
  • All people should not do their posting spam links in comments
  • Purchasing power will increase the trade and exchange site for Steem DOLLAR and Steem


  • All people can do BID to advertise their posts on the front page stemit
  • Display advertising shaped and randomly post title that will be displayed on the front page

Other notes:

Not everyone is happy with the ad, and I know it, but this is only a small part of my idea in which all writers can also participate in the campaign to promote their writing, at least from this idea they could buy Steem DOLLAR and advertise article posting them here

I would be happy if you give opinions and other ideas

Regards :


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