How I posted the same post 3 times in a row. Transaction broadcast error. TypeError: Network request failed

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How ironic is this.

I just tried to post something related to bugs on the Steemit web site. I looked stupid and embarrassed once because of it. 

This is what I tried to post:

So here is the irony. As I clicked on SUBMIT, it showed me this error:

Transaction broadcast error.

TypeError: Network request failed

I looked up online and there are so many people apparently looking for the answers about 

"Transaction broadcast error. TypeError: Network request failed". 

In fact, posts asking about what does it mean go as far back as last year.

It is also ironic that Steemit just upgraded its interface. As someone said in chat - "pig's lipstick". I posted about it too here:

People ask "What does it mean" about this error... Well, if you are reading my post then I can tell you that in my opinion it means nothing in relation to your account or what you did or your post. It is simply a bug, based on my little very quick research. It is not related to your internet connection or browser and so on.

People have been battling it while doing pretty much anything on Steemit:

  • Making a Reply
  • Trying to respond to a Reply
  • Trying to Post
  • Trying to power up steem
  • Trying to power down
  • Converting
  • Reloading page

What I ran into today seems to be a little worse. While showing this "Transaction broadcast error" and then popping up a message "TypeError: Network request failed DISMISS" It actually DOES submit the transaction, whatever you were doing, despite error message. But the page remains as if nothing happened except for the error. It tells me that whatever the developers are doing they are not processing transactions properly (in the programming terms, like a proper roll back of failed transactions) and/or there is no proper error handling, in addition to obviously having some bugs. 

So when i tried to post maybe a dozen of times, it turned out that 3 of them actually went through

Then I've got votes on each of the tree posts which means that i probably cannot remove 2 excessive ones anymore.

Interesting to note, if the developers will see this - while duplicating my post 3 times the site added some random characters in front of the subject that made it in the URL of the 2 posts after the original one. maybe that is why their "duplicate check" failed.

Anyway, if you've got the same "Transaction broadcast error. TypeError: Network request failed" just relax and don't worry - IT IS NOT YOU!

And, as you keep trying - remember to check in another browser window or on another site or anywhere blockchain can be accessed to show your posts or transactions - those that showed as failed might actually show up as successfully posted, as happened to me.

Maybe it is just because Halloween is coming? lol

Happy Steeming everyone :-)



Just for the record, as I was trying to post this one too, i've got the same error BUT it did get though.

So i followed my own advice (ha ha) and checked outside of this browser and here it was - successfully posted and i avoided duplicates again.

Hey Steemit, hope it helps your developers in troubleshooting and maybe fixing it.

Happy Steeming everyone, again! ;-)

Hey bix ty man I clicked on post over and over had no idea it had posted even though the error pops-up

I just made my first post as a new steem user, and I got the same error message. After clicking 3 times, I figured I'd better search this, I might be spamming my post! Turns out that's exactly what happened! So now I know to ignore this error. It was a good laugh when I read your post! Happy Steeming to you!

Transaction Broadcast Error still happening... In different areas
I've been trying this for most of the day today, many times:

The difference between posting is that this transaction, in my case when i try to convert steem dollars to steem, does not go through when it comes back with Transaction Broadcast Error , unlike posts that still get posted regardless of that error.

I also observed that today it seemed much more consistent than it has been. For the most of the day I could not get past it even once.

Wish I could re-esteem this. Just pressed post about five times before I remembered that I had done that in a comment And got my first ever down vote for a glitch. ability to put in a selected picture from my screenshots. Not add friendly...I am on steemit instead of busy only because steemconnect v2 or whatever is not liking my old iPad. #curation #worthwhilepostcomments #decentralizedheadofficenotes. :)

Can you contact the person who flagged you?
I wonder if flag/downvote can be removed.
Some people are so full of themselves or just unaware that this is still happening.

I think we or someone on the thread conversed. The report was that it was not a punishment down vote. I mean two because it posted twice. So my perfect record was destroyed by a glitch!! Haha... Its ok, I learned and it's how I found this thread and you helpful people's. Alignment with like is a powerful tool nes pas?

Do you understand what we are talking about here?

Thank you for sharing! This just happened to me. I tried posting an article several times and each time I received the error. I'm glad you recommended checking on another page if it ended up posting anyway, because it did!

I had the same problem. It looks like you get to upload something three times. Updating after that doesn't seem to help. So, I copied my blog, videos included, then did a new post, and pasted the blog into the new post, re-titled it and posted it. That worked. I don't seem to be able to delete the three older incorrect posts, but I guess that shows it can't be censored.

Thank you Tom for your observation.

thanks for your advice, and its true just like what you said. I try to upload my post and it gave me transaction broadcast error. I just do what you said in here and check it in the new windows and my post actually got through twice (I Try to post it several times thought).

So Thank you very much..

I just had this happen to me!! How frustrating. Unsure about what to do with my duplicate posts. I wonder if I should contact support or something? I'm still pretty new to all this.

if you don't have any votes on the duplicate posts you can still delete them. It is the best to delete the duplicates. but if there are already upvotes the best is just leave it for now and next time check in another browser first if the post was successfully submitted.
good luck.

Transaction broadcast error: 316
I am receiving this error . please help to find out the cause

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