OK, so is that an advantage for Lit or a disadvantage?

It's a disadvantage for lit as network issues with the Ethereum blockchain can have adverse effect on lits ecosystem

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No payment for upvote ( heart ♥) or withdrawal of mith from vault mithril got that covered

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Moreover, what about the gas you need to pay for every action you take on Ethereum? Do you pay for upvoting in this Lit network?

Its free.... you can vote/like how much you want.... no power effected

Dont worry, Mithril will have their own blockchain on 2019... read their roadmap on whitepaper. Most Social media player use Lit than steemit, because steemit user control their vote to reward content Creator, especially the whales from steemit only vote their friends only

Will take a look at it, thanks for the tip:)

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