Will a market for buying & selling service start to flourish on Steemit?

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We have started to see initiates crop up on Steemit involving an exchange of Steem Dollars for a service. An well known example of this is @randowhale where in exchange for 2SBDs, randowhale will upvote your post with a randomly generated weight. I've also seen other exchanges like this including paying illustrators, getting verified etc. but the level of this sort of activity on Steemit (based on my exposure to date) has been quite minimal.

Do we think this will change? If there are services that people are willing to pay for, I believe it will.


So, what sort of things might a Steemian be willing to transfer their hard earned SBDs for (besides whale votes and illustrations)?

I can think of a few areas where I see a potential for a market forming on Steemit such as:

  • applications that profile your account and provide advice on how to do better on the platform through analysis

  • bots that collect valuable information about any aspect of your profile and send the results to you

I don't think Steemit wants have a jobs market arm like Upwork but there is bound to be opportunists who will use Steemit for these purposes.


Thank you for reading.

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Good point. I think as time goes , steemit will grow in its membership and top social media, see my post about why Steem will take over social media:


At this stage, steemit will add more features in order to take advantage of demands ....this will include more buying and selling opportunities. Thanks for your post and following you for more and to send in my support.


Agreed. Anything with economic incentives will power growth. Steemit taking over social media is inevitable.


Great shot buddy, following you now in order to stay in touch. I indicated this on my blog post yesterday. Issue is that the message is not being transmitted well : by empowering members like us with the correct tools to spread the word. If people hear about the economic benefits, Facebook et al will be history in few years time...stay in touch


Thanks again for the mind expanding post. What you say is the truth. Whenever economic inventives are involved, people will be attracted.


Absolutely...lets stay in touch. Welcome.

I think that is would be an inevitability and its wise to dive in and snatch those early adopter rewards. Nice information and a well earned up vote and followed.

I have seen people already selling logos, account verifications, upvotes and art. I am sure people are already using to get people to do stuff (i.e. paying for services).
Escrow services could become a big part of the platform and online shops and vendors will definitely want to use it to create a window to the world. They may use another currency such as bitcoin to settle but Steem has many more advantages over bitcoin and could well become the currency of choice for exchange.

Good thoughts! I think the more people are getting involved in steemit, the more will get encouraged to start trading their steem dollars...

That is absolutely necessary and it will go a long way in boosting steem market value in a short while.
Due to convenience it will create more user will sign up for steemit.

Thanks for sharing
I agree fully with your point of view
Upvoted for the great content
Steem on

I think trading with steem dollars on the platform is inevitable. This is because of the convenience it provides and am sure the number of new steem members will increase significantly in the near future

Yeah, i think it will.. it's money guys!

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