Lets Try This Again... Should This Project Come Back? - Feedback Needed

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I was looking to get some feedback from the community if @voteinterestpool should be revived? To be very honest I was not only discouraged for a while, It didn't seem anyone minded receiving less and less for their votes. I did not want voters to end up not receiving little to nothing for their support. The combination with other factors and manually doing payouts made it too much for myself to maintain.

I have been working hard on getting a working script for the payouts and possibly look changing the criteria of the project if there is a show of interest in reviving this project.

My intentions with this project was not only to distribute Steem Power, but have the community interact with one another and bring value to the platform. I did not see the project doing that by the decrease in statistics.

I have spent time trying a different approach to the platform and look for new ways to contribute to the Steemit community. I still do have some confusion on how to approach Steemit and what I can do for the platform. Does this project do good for the Steemit community? I did see a lot of support but for the powers at bay on Steemit(Whales, witnesses, etc), does this project bring value to the platform? It would be nice and very helpful to hear from some that I don't interact with on a daily basis and get feedback on things that could use change and what could be a problem for the project.

"Attempting to distribute STEEM"

Screenshot from old post:

My reason behind this was of course to distribute and earn some Steem Power myself. If more users had more STEEM/Steem Power/SBD, more transaction volume the Steem blockchain will have and better the chance of Steemit becoming a mainstream social media platform. I know that this will happen regardless if I am on Steemit or not but this was an attempt to be apart of it.

"Was it working?"

I thought it was but it felt that it wasn't. The hyper inflation did not help and I began to question if I was doing this project for myself, or for the community? Would it be wrong to be doing it for myself? or would it be wrong being Altruistic and just do it for the community?

Being someone that is outside of Steemit, Inc., I could see this as a competition and perhaps that could of also been a factor to it's struggles. I do think I could have continued the project but it was my best interest to shutdown the project till further notice.

I did mention greed, yes there is greed everywhere and I guess it was up to me to overcome that challenge.

What do you(the Steemit community)think?

Thank you for taking the time to read my post.
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Yes, it was a nice project

Thank you @future24 I do remember you being a supporter as well. I appreciate all the support you gave.

Well, manual payouts have got to be a pain but if you could get it worked out with a script of some sorts I think it would be less discouraging when it has low payouts..

I always supported the project because I see these kinds of things very beneficial to new members. I started with 10 steem like most others and back then the @bola games were a big deal for me... :)

I'd say if VIP is brought back, given enough time it will gain support. I will support it for sure...

That was what I hoped it would have been to new users but for a new users to see the decrease might have discouraged them as well. I do agree with you though, I don't want voters to feel like they have been "scammed."
Yes I will have a script worked out before I bring back VIP. There were a lot of hurdles that kept me from launching it properly. Either way, I appreciate your thoughts about this project and thankful that I will have your support if I decide to bring it back.

Currently have a script to pay out STEEM in a voting game scenario of a choice of comments with one winning. Could work on obtaining a script for similar projects and processing payouts for games and other projects while working out a collaborate method of affording the scripts as a percentage of funds processed for each project potentially.

On the other hand understand the the concerns with lower value payouts and if the project is worth it. So we shall see what the community says and wants as a whole.

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Lets Try This Again... Should This Project Come Back? - Feedback Needed

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Disclaimer: I am just a bot trying to be helpful.

Thank you and yes but I think it would benefit the platform better if accoubts were powering up.

I agree. Was just starting out with a more simple script so it was more affordable. Still let me know if you are interested and I will work on raising funds to get the script to offer this service to you and others. As I am working towards this for @thegame account.

Thank you @virtualgrowth, I may take you up on that offer. This was the interaction growth I was looking for :)

You are most welcome @bitcoinparadise :)

Including gamification is probably very good to reach the goals, in my opinion.

I like this feedback :) hmm how to gamify this project?

Good question. I must admit that I missed your project when it was started and I have just read the initial post. It looks already very funny and gamy, but most is probably required. And here, I am sorry to say I have no idea :( Maybe including the comments in the equation?

Yea I thought about that but I really want to spread steem. There are supports with voting accounts that don't create posts or curate on those accounts. Some see that wrong but in the end, someone is receiving steem and for them to use them and that's what we all want is more people to have and use steem :)

Some ideas on how to gamify the VIP (just brainstorming, so feel free to veto/adapt/etc):

  1. Have two people included in each VIP post allowing people to vote via comments (like steemsports) on which one they like more...in my mind this would put artist vs artist, fiction vs fiction, etc. The comment winner would receive a bonus % on top of the flat amount, just to make it interesting.

  2. Instead of pitting users against eachother in this since...keep your current style of one featured author and the comment voting would instead be used to choose where that 'bonus %' (yes, this like the above would require tweaking the #'s a bit on who gets what to make it all fit) is applied in the sense of a 'good cause or project' either on or off steemit. (if a charity, we'd still want to make sure it was legit, but this would let part of the funds be put to help something or somebody within or out of the steemit community)

  3. Keep your current single featured author structure and let the voters choose between the two options in comments on who they would like to have as the next featured author. This wouldn't require any change to the pay structure but still keep community involvement and get some idea of what those followers/voters are actually wanting some more information/feature on.

Beyond this, you could even provide a custom VIP badge that could link back to their vip feature that they could include in posts just like the steemverify badge. This would let that author 'show off' a bit while also giving the VIP project some extra exposure.

All great ideas. I admit I did think of this and feature more than one author and do something for competition on the post but bots with a trail of accounts will factor to the winner. Sometimes it may not be a competition. Then I would need to change the criteria on reputation level but I do not want to do that because other's do benefit from a bot account with a trail of accounts.

If those voting accounts gets powered up, whoever they vote on should see more rewards. More use of steem and more distribution. Plus it's steem power so I think it's a win win that way.

But I will look at some of your suggestions and possibly add them to the project. In the end competition is good.

I think not. I think you would be creating a steemit over the top of steemit...not to completely discourage you but no.

I disagree, projects like this help very low steem power holders gain steem power. That steem power then benefits the rest of the community.

For example, I started creating price charts and they are earning a little, probably more than they should because not that many people are interested in price charts. But, I'm powering up what I earn and with projects like this so I can support real bloggers like yourself.

So, in my opinion it is well worth the operators taking a share of the proceeds for running these projects because without them low steem power holders can barely even earn curation rewards. So you see 150 votes on your post before you even see a 0.01 payout...

Think about that, if we could help those 150 Steemians get a couple hundred steem power our dedicated bloggers would benefit the most :)

Steem On...

well in a general sense I suppose yes, by that logic no one should ever be put down on steemit ever so, apologies - post whatever you want...It just sounds so uncomfortably not right...

  ·  3 years ago (edited)

Perhaps we are misunderstanding one another. I took no offense I simply disagreed :)

Also, if my "real blogger" comment came across as sarcastic I'm sorry, I didn't mean it that way. I truly believe we have some outstanding content creators here and then we have some average post. The better quality post should always earn the most, but sometimes they don't. All about thee steem power :)

Thanks @robyneggs


Thank you, is good to hear why it wouldn't work.

I liked it.
I wouldn't want to do it manually, either.
Somebody has the script you are looking for.

I didn't want to do it manually either but it was to help the platform grow and I do not posess the finances and coding ability atm.

I really appreciated what you tried to do with VIP and I was sad to see it go. If you do decide to bring it back, I would most definitely support it further. Whether you should or not, well that's up to you my friend!

Yes but a lack of "demand" so to speak would show me if there is a longterm value in this project.


go for it!

Haha thanks @kingscrown

Personally, I find project that 'spread SP' out to new/smaller users to be rather important. In that light I'm definitely a supporter of this.

It somewhat reminds me of the #nameinlights campaign that went on for a little with with the SP distribution as an additional bonus. My only thoughts beyond that is that it might be beneficial to feature new users...say under 40-45 rep to help them with that initial exposure boost. (Even though I have no issue with any of the people I've seen you highlight, just a bigger impact for smaller users. Probably a good balance between both.)

Thank you @sykochica, yes I did think about featuring new users with low reputation but that is what the VIP "Feature" is for, to encourage new user's to take the leap from socializing with text to socializing with voice and text to better connect one another. It is almost like making more of an investment since you need a mic to and get verified. At the same time it gives an exclusivity factor has people always wanting to be apart of and not want to miss out. There are also many sock-puppet accounts and to feature a low rep sock-puppet account, I could possibly be helping one of those accounts gain reputation and that is something I do not want to do but I don't think it really hurts if I did.

I totally on board with that. Personally I try to direct new people to the voice chats in general, just as an additional way to integrate with the community. Many of us are way more natural and unscripted in voice chat then we are in posts, which is imo an important mode to get to 'see' people in.

I think there can be a good mesh of using VIP to motivate those newer users to voice chat just to get the opportunity to get featured. I still love what you did with the project regardless! :D

Oh yea, and there is no rep limit, they just need to jump on steemspeak and chat. They can be rep 25 band new with their first post and if they jump on steemspeak and get verified, I will feature them. I made announcements on the posts before stating there was no rep requirement.

I think you had a good project going, and I will support it in the future. You just need a script, and you are good to go.

Yep, working on it :) Thanks @shiri

I hope that VIP will continue, it was a good project I think.

I am working on it. From the looks of the feedback I may have it back up. Thank you for the support.

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Welcome @bitcoinparadise, I wish you the best of luck with this new venture.

Smh @jlufer, you supported the project before... this isn't new...