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It still floors me that no real news is out about bitcoins uptick well really every crypto uptick over 16 hours ago. There are still old stories about how worthless bitcoin is etc.

Is it just a lag effect because of the weekend?

I dug into it more and you notice a very very clear trend where news will always broadcast doom and gloom and rarely ever anything positive. No wonder we live in the shit world we have today with so many people watching news and only seeing the worst in people and markets etc it really starts to dampen your soul.

No wonder why bitcoins market been so bear lately. All people read about is negative news instead of the real positive things happening like tenX fully launching allowing you to use crypto in every day transactions. It very clearly shows that crypto can replace credit card systems and banks and not charge you a arm and a leg to move YOUR money around.

Seriously when you think about it banks take your money give you a very small percent on it (not even to cover inflation) and then load that money to others as super high rates to buy homes (which people can't afford) and then charge you huge fees for either just having a bank account open etc. It goes to show you how old and tiresome banks are. There really is no reason to have massive brick and mortar buildings of banks , paying employees and then somehow your suppose to make a profit yourself after all that?

This is where I got started in peer to peer lending myself. Starting out with Lending club which pays out a decent amount but allows you to control your money and earn the interest you should for taking the risk of helping others. It seems like crypto would be another great fit for this (however it would need to be tracked in some manner or people would just cut and run)

With all that being said sites like steemit here allow us to communicate real news. Talk about things in your area and even small projects your doing to better the world and help cryptocurrency become the mainstream.


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hi @bitcoinflood,
What an analysis....you got the exact culprit behind this mad fall in bitcoin and other altcoins...BANKS. There mere existence will come into question..once bitcoin is accepted...and this is going to happen...sooner or later. because no one can stop evolution and that too of technology...heheh..POOR BANKS.
Good days for cryptos are coming and with a massive BANG...

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Seems to be some short sellers covering positions going into the weekend as volume continues to be low. Bigger volumes needed to overcome resistance above in order to establish even a short term uptrend.

Yep I completely agree with you, Passive income cryptos are the best during this bear market. Steem bots,Waves,Masternodes are cool :)

It has been a tough run so not surprised that the optimism isnt there right now. Once we get some back to back runs i can see more optimism returning and bear markets but it will take a while.

This is soo true! all we hear about is bad news no wonder everyone is scared of Crypto lately... we need some good news to get out too :) I agree steemit is great for communication :)

this great post i appreciate your crytocurrency news best of luck..