How To Make Money Blogging - A Steemit Adventure

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I know you hear it all the time you can make money blogging but no one really gets into the fine details of just how much effort has to go into it. Many now expect that making money blogging is not possible or will take years of work to get your site to start ranking.

However all of this has changed due to Cryptocurrencies!

You see right now you are on a site called steemit, which is a social media site that allows you to make money blogging.

There is no cost to get started all you have to do is join and start blogging about things your good at. One thing I learned by helping small business owners out is that everyone's has a unique and special ability that they should be sharing with the world.

How does blogging on Steemit make me money from blogging ?

By posting high quality content on steemit in a blog type format you are providing information that is helpful to others. Other currently on the steemit network can then upvote your blog post for 7 days anywhere from a 1% vote to a 100% vote. These votes hold a value of steem and steem back dollars which represents the vote value of the person voting on you.

For example currently I have nearly 4,000 steem powered up on my account. This makes my vote at the moment worth about $2 per vote. As I find content or comments that hold value and I like I can vote on them and then earn a curation bonus in 7 days. So not only am I now making money from blogging but I am also earning money by commenting and engaging with my audience and other steemit users.

Your First Steps

Steemit users hold high standards as they care about the community and the quality of the growth here. It is because of that I highly recommend you first browse around, leave a few comments on posts you liked and follow those people. From here write you first blog post I recommend a introduction post.

Take serious time and effort on this post as others in the community look here first to find high valued content writers and people they will enjoy spending time on their posts.

Things you may want to include in your introduction post...

  1. Tag it as introduction (only one time per person can this be done)
  2. Include a picture of yourself with the date and your steemit username (shows you really are who you are, plus it is also fun to look back on a few months from now)
  3. Information about yourself, what you do, your family, your skill sets etc all paint a picture of who you are and people can start to relate with you.

Now its time to jump on board and start blogging for cryptocurrency. The days on old drawn out hard work of blogging are over. Jump on the new age of blogging with Steemit.


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Great advise for people starting out. It takes so long to get your bearings on here and learn the does and don'ts.
As the old saying goes,
'if i knew then, what i know now. It would be a different story.'
Hopefully the right people get to see this in time.

You have all the right points. I have never seen any platform like steemit before and wish I had joined a lot sooner. Still I am happy to be here now. There is no other way for me to have earned crypto without using this platform. Steemit is phenomenal and I am grateful to all those I follow and learned from. I have a ways to go in posting good content and contributing to the steemit community but I am trying my best. You earned a new follower.

Some day I will do an intro post but for now I wish to continue curating and reading other follow steemians posts. I enjoy learning from others and earning rewards. Thanks.

This is great information for any Steem user. Obviously money is exciting and especially when you can earn it from blogging. Staying authentic and talking about what you love will lead to the most success too :).

I would highly suggests to take this information seriously.

I borked my introduction post because I jumped right into Steemit without reading, learning, and studying what it takes to be a valuable member of the community.

You only get one INTRODUCTION post, make it count!

Fantastic post. I've been an on and off again blogger for years, and like you say, it's rather difficult to earn from standard blogging now. It takes a long time to build up a following to be able to earn from guest posts, sponsored posts, and other affiliate marketing methods.

The great thing about Steemit is that you can start earning right away; even if that means starting out slowly. As long as you're posting great content, and taking the time to interact with the community, you'll see results.

Now it's just a case of sticking at it and earning that Steem Power!

I completely messed up my intro post, didn't have anyone to give me advice. Nice post, we have to keep on reaching out to the new guys.

Thank you for the helpful post @bitcoinflood I too was previously under the impression that there was no way I could earn money from blogging (I previously had tried and failed by starting my own website). However, once I learned about steemit it has seriously changed the way I think about blogging and social media in general. It's crazy to see how much people are earning on here but more importantly the amount of information I've learned this past month from reading others post has been truly invaluable.

Ive been on Steemit for months and i haven't done my introductory post yet as i dint know the essence of it then.. Im planning on doing it soon. Thanks for the tips!

Hello, please follow the rules of the group ►Resteem to steemit◄ and I will upvote you and you will be resteemed by the most active members in the group.

very helpful news thanks for shere @bitcoinflood

Well newbies hardly take things easy when they register, I guess this is the right blog, they need to be here to learn

Thanks for sharing bro.

Its good information, i hope he help me,i follow you. Please up vote my photos 😊

Thanks !! Upvote u

@bitcoinflood what's your top 10 people to follow on steemit?

thanks for your helpful information....

interesting post and very informative!

Thanks for the info. Have a great one!

Very thanks man. Good information...

Nice post .
its related to steemit
its a really informational post.
thanks for share.

Yeah,, very essential news is.i think your posts are blessed for our Steemians. . This type of post really needs us. . Thank You so much @bitcoinflood

You have said it all. Good information for all steemians. Thank you @bitcoinflood

Thanks for this post. It really cleared alot of questions I had as a new steemer.