Now Facebook is marking even just the Steemit website as Spam! Censorship

in steemit •  2 years ago 

My last post shows how Facebook is targeting me and shadowbot for censorship! For the first 2 hours of the comment I made there the one containing only the link to steemit's homepage not my page was fine. 2 minutes ago facebook flagged that comment as well as spam!

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Facebook just going full nanny and destroying any alternatives they don't want to see people get paid for their work ruins the advertising model.

Exactly they want to destroy any competition that would offer their users the ability to earn the money they do instead! Facebook is pushing away a huge amount of users this year and will drop off just like myspace soon!

Ideally it will still be a while till the masses get it though. More people understand bitcoin 4/10 than cryptocurrency 3/10 so social media will likely take a few more years to pick up Steem nice to be an early adopter.