More proof Facebook is censoring ME personally and my websites!

in steemit •  2 years ago 

I tried to share to a friend's meme about supporting local small musicians, bands, etc on Facebook and was instantly told my comment was flagged for spam by facebook! I made the EXACT same comment again but instead of using my steemit link I just used the main steemit homepage link. To my surprise the link to steemit had no issue while my original comment is still grayed out and considered "spam"? How can my page here but not the entire website of steemit be flagged by facebook? There are obviously some shady things going on at faKebook! This will be my last month on them as I transition over to @shadowbot, @shadowbook and @shadowchat! Be sure to follow me here!

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Such BS from Facebook! I can’t stand FB anymore and rarely go on there anymore.

Correction, FAKEbook is their new name! I am so done with them it has gotten so bad the last 3 weeks I have no idea what happened.

Autocorrect *Fakebook 😀

Facebook is censoring everybody that they feel is a threat to their fat pocket. I am currently following @ura-soul's story. Lets see how far they get with this

They are afraid of @shadowbook and what we are doing it seems since they are directly targeting certain people like me. I can not even share websites that I own half the time anymore on fakebook because they are blacklisted as spam for no reason at all! We have over 1,000 daily active users and some how that is considered spam/abusive? The truth is they are afraid of anything that competes with them and seek to crush it before it can ever have a chance. Well guess what fakebook that doesn't work in cryptopia! We all have eachother's backs and blockchains are immutable! So good luck blocking us here!

You should have left it long back :P

It literally worth nothing.

looks like facebook needs a safe place! facebook = safeplace? lol You know they are afraid when they block anything to do with steem and steemit

So even Facebook has join the YouTube to censor people's post..

What's this world turning into

That's why I disabled my FB account 4 days ago, all I can say is that the feeling is great, the Facebook era is gone, keep raising Steemit! :)