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With the earnings from previous posts I have started an advertisement campaign for Steemit on Reddit. I have chosen Reddit as my next platform to advertise on, because it is quite similar to Steemit. I think a lot of people from Reddit will be interested in Steemit.

If you would like to see the results from the ad campaigns I have been running on and you can check it out here.

For now, it's a $200 campaign, costing $0,50 per 1.000 impressions. It is advertised on the subreddits /r/CryptoCurrency, /r/ethereum and /r/Bitcoin. If you would like me to add other subreddits to this, let me know in the comment section and I will add them. The SBD earnings from this post will go toward extending this campaign. I'm almost out of funds so the outcome of this post decides if I can continue my Steemit promoting efforts.

I'm asking others to follow my example, so we can make a lot more people aware of Steemit. There is referral tracking in place through the link but it has not yet been decided what the rewards for referrals will be. Please be responsible when using referral links, don't spam them, that will result in a bad reputation.

Here are some banners you can use for advertising. Credits go to @pfunk for making the first two.


That's great, the results for mine are good too so far. $0.09 per click.

Great initiative! I would suggest writing and blogging subreddits. r/writingprompts r/hfy and other things like that. I know some of the writers there use patreon and would likely be very interested in steemit!

Im just making my own advertising method...

Eh man do you know steemit, bla bla bla bla bla join!! So far so good, i think i brough already like 15 friends and family lol

wow advert was very nice reddit

Nice great work @bergy! Thank you for helping to spread the word about Steemit and get the name out there!

You're very welcome, I hope this post allows me to significantly boost the campaign.

Awesome make sure you post here the stats after you are done. The CTR is important, as well as how much profit and followers you get from it.

You could write an introduction post, and direct the traffic there, that would be efficient.

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