A summary of the $995 I spent on promoting steemit

in steemit •  2 years ago

For the past month I have been funding advertisement campaigns to promote Steemit, using money I earned on Steemit.

This post is to show you what I have done so far, and to hopefully fund future campaigns.

Reddit.com -- $200 -- Ongoing

  • On the subreddits /r/CryptoCurrency, /r/ethereum and /r/Bitcoin
  • 400.000 impressions
  • Click-Through-Rate so far: 0.23%
  • $0,50 per 1.000 impressions

blockchain.info -- $460 -- Ended

  • 80.000 impressions
  • Click-Through-Rate: 0,58%
  • Clicks: 464
  • $6 per 1.000 impressions

It looked like this

They provided me with a graph of the the results

Coinmarketcap.com -- $200 -- Ended

  • 50.000 impressions
  • Click-Through-Rate: 0,5%
  • Clicks 252
  • $4 per 1.000 impressions

It looked like this

Just-Dice.com -- $125 -- Ongoing

  • Unknown impressions
  • Unknown Click-Through-Rate
  • 180 out of 210 days left

Facebook.com -- $10 -- aborted

  • cancelled by facebook
  • 13 clicks before it got cancelled
  • $10 of budget spent before it got cancelled
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I like how people take the initiative by themselves in order to promote the community. This shows how strong the belief in the project is. It also raises confidence and trust when people demonstrate how they spend their money so that the community can give back.


I agree for him to go out of his way and help this community, means a lot.

Your awesome <3

Was there any reason given by facebook for the cancellation of the campaign? Other than the obvious being steemit being a competitor


'Malicious' link, @pfunk brought it to my attention that it might have been flagged because I was using a referral link.


Ok, that makes sense.

I Spent 34$ to design this T-shirts from China.

I am also hosting a meetup & planning to spend 200$.

All of it I made here in steemit :).


Great job!!


Nice shirts.

I wish I had more than one upvote to give you, what you are doing is helping the entire community.

Thank You


By using steemit where all helping


That is a fair point, it just feels different when someone is willing to spend their money to help the site grow with no guarantee of immediate compensation. I know you could make the argument that posting our content is the same thing, but it still feels different.

Mate brilliant stuff. Its people like you that will make steemit successful , you should pat yourself on the back mate...well done:)



Thanks to promote steemit with your own money. Everyone should upvote you.

Good stuff! It's really nice to see people making an effort to get the word out! It's also great to see what it is that you did and following it up with stats is informative and interesting.

Well done for taking the initiative and promoting ! Alla

Facebook cancelled it, who would have thought?

Looks like the censorship begins, they are hanging on tightly to their empire, but when Steemit's time comes, we will win in the end!

Huh I wonder why facebook canceled it lmao


for a 'Malicious' link, @pfunk brought it to my attention that it might have been flagged because I was using a referral link. They approved the link before though.


If they approved it before that means that it was most likely they noticed it as competition so flagged it as something to get if off without you guys looking into it more


if this post earns enough I'll try again with just the normal steemit.com link.


I would put more into reddit instead tbh


yeah reddit so far has the best cost per click rates by far.

Awesome looks good...wondering why facebooks got cancelled...hope you get some funds from this post to do some more advertising!!

We need more people like yourself. :) I'm still trying to figure all this out. So far I've just been creating content. I still need to learn how to market my content through the best avenues.

Thanks for your time and effort. I try to promote steemit whenever I can really.

@bergy wow you did this platform a lot of good thank you

@bergy Upvoting small contribution but I hope it will inspire You more I think you have great ideas to make this platform one of a kind