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There are many Steemit users who are blogging, commenting and posting, but not investing in Steem or powering up. Here are my thoughts about the investment opportunity surrounding Steemit.

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Hi @benleemusic. I'm an indy journo from New Zealand. I reached out to Karl Kippenberger, Tom Larkin and Shihad as a whole and pointed them towards your Steemit posts. I think Shihad and every artist that Tom manages should be setting up Steemit accounts ASAP. Almost the entire indy media sphere is now on this platform thanks to my and others efforts this week (you can read more about this on my blog if interested) and its clear to me that Steemit offers probably the single greatest opportunity to support indy musicians of anything else I can think of. I do believe Steemit is the Facebook killer and that Steem dollars will go up exponentially in price in the coming years. However I also recognise that some people like me, struggle to pay the rent every month and just need an income source and Steemit provides that too. Being an Aussie, I assume you probably know Tom and co already. Wanted to let you know I'd reached out to them, so you can reach the other way. They would be a fabulous addition to Steemit.


Hi Suz! So exciting isnt it? Im not sure if I know the Shihad guys personally but Im sure we arent too many degrees apart through the Aus/NZ music world. Id love to a video interview with you around the theme of the future of journalism and Steemit if youre up for it. Lets keep spreading the word! x

Oh, totally! It'd be my pleasure. You can come chat to us (and get your work upvoted & resteemed) on a Steemit-support Discord server I've set up, here: https://discord.gg/YPxZeZR

So far we've recruited Lee Camp from Redacted Tonight, Elizabeth Lea Vos from Disobedient Media, Caitlin Johnstone (very popular Aussie independent journalist), Martyn Bradbury from The Daily Blog (one of the biggest news blogsites in NZ), it looks like Jimmy Dore is on his way as well, the Keiser Report was already here, and a host of other indy media people have reached out to me too and are on their way. Very exciting stuff. We are collectively advocating to our audiences to start up Steemit accounts and helping them to do so.

Shihad are wonderful people, I've been supporting them for 25 years and they've always been wonderful to me, in particular Karl (their bassist) and Tom (who lives in Aussie and has an artist management company, works with a ton of Aussie artists) and it seems like Steemit could be a really huge solution for both struggling and established musicians so I'd love to work with you on spreading the word and let's push this to the world!

I assume you've already checked me out but if not, here is my intro post

Talk soon,

Fantastic encouragement Ben! I’m really happy that you’ve been able to bring some of your fans to Steemit.

You can never underestimate the value of powering up your account. It’s also a sign that you plan to be a long term user of the platform when you power up so people are even more likely to gravitate to you then.

Yes it took me a moment for that concept to click - but now I get it. Its about having some skin in the game!

Absolutely :)

I love your passion for Steemit. It’s awesome to have you as part of the community.

Nice and succinct video Ben, hit all the main points well. It's great to have an artist like you on the platform. I feel like more of these types of videos would suit you well. :D

Thanks for the feedback!

It's amazing what you think about Steemit.
I'm living a bigger adventure, because I have a little difficulty with English, but I have fun with this new world. For me, it was like starting two new futures at the same time. It's funny, right?

Great move, mate.
Supporting others in such a direct, helpful manner is so satisfying.
Combined with the troll-free nature of the platform generally, this place is incredible for your state of mind :)

Going deeper down the rabbit hole! :)

Thanks for the insightful video Ben! Was really interesting to listen to, I'm curious as to your personal opinion on how much of an impact a high amount of SP has on ones progression and visibility within the Steemit platform?

I'm just starting out myself and am just trying to learn about how I can get my content to reach out to as many people as possible, as quickly as possible.

Thanks :)

This is something I am still figuring out too, but I know from my experience it is undeniable - when someone gives me a larger upvote, I am curious about their account and I go and check out their profile. Its a surefire way to separate yourself from the pack - as someone who is serious about creating and sharing value on this platform.

Your a valuable advocate Ben Lee!

Ready to build this thing!

We are all in this together. 😉

I also think it brings quality to the internet, reduces plagiarism, weeds out trolls and reduces cyber bullying.
It is a really positive platform to use and can be great for adding value and honesty for businesses too.
I like listening to your videos when I feel a bit pessimistic about steemit. They give me an optimistic view again.
Thank you.

I’m one of the people that joined steemit having no clue what I was getting myself into and what the hell a blockchain was and cryptocurrency? HA! I thought people were crazy. I had to take an online course to bring myself up to speed on all of this stuff and I’m grateful I did.

This was the first video I watched from you and your perspective on investing here was interesting. I still haven’t decided what I’m going to do re: cashing out or investing, but now I’m leaning heavily towards investing. Your enthusiasm for this platform is palpable and infectious.

Thanks for the insight.

Cuddos. I'd power up for visibility.

Exactly. Important for those with a vision of maximizing the platform.

Been powering up everything myself and investing since I frst started. It takes time but it just builds and builds!

Thanks for leading by example!

Great to hear that you’re trying to take Steemit to the mainstream, mate. To grow, Steemit needs to market itself outside of the crypto converted bubble that we have going here.

I’ve given you a follow and I’ll see you around.

All subcultures begin this way - but the next step is going wide! Thanks for your comment.

Amazing and informative video for the importance of steem power up. I agreed with your thoughts and future planning as well. Thanks for sharing @benleemusic.

I really enjoy your work @benleemusic. You have a great way of articulating topics in terms that are very easy to understand. Every day there is something new to learn, but the joy for me is knowing how much value I can add to the community by being an active participant whilst also receiving rewards.

Also great shirt!

Thank you. Yes this is a DEEP learning experience. Grateful to be here and to help in any way I can.

Yeah truth is I believe some people would love to power up. But are either not Seeing enough to do that or dont have the money to directly do it. I Myself I would love to power up and. Invest tho

Its useful to look at it as an incremental investment. Most people can afford to invest a few dollars - 5 or 10. I think that type of small action can be incredibly meaningful for us symbolically.

I liked your different point of view, where we actively increase the value of our investments. Most people just want to make a little cash that they then pull out, not saying that that's not okay. For some people it provides their next meal or grocery shopping but I agree if you can afford it, invest. Just recently I hear so many 'advisors' outside of steem start talking about how this is a great blockchain and will grow exponentially. Let's hope they are right....for once!

We can tell whats happening here.

Thank you Ben. Very well done.

Thanks for leading us into this new platform and educating us along the way. We'll stick with you, if you stick with us.

I find Steem very confusing, but I feel like this video is helpful in explaining what powering up in Steemit really means. Thank you Ben!

Its a learning process like everything else, but we can rise together!

Very informative and thought-provoking post! I like how we're all owners of this platform/investment and we can play an active role in our returns, unlike a purely passive investment. Besides the possible financial rewards, it's fun interacting with our fellow Steemians who for the most part seem to be quite nice, creative, smart, helpful, and nurturing. Thanks for sharing. - PS: Love your shirt. I thought you'd like mine:)

Awesome. Yes indeed. The communal/creative elements are a whole other video I need to make!

yea ,investing in steem is also an important part ,steem power is key ,am doing that little by little tat i can do

Nice video, mate. I definitely think looking to how cryptos can be used is the next phase on investment in the technology. Having a platform to make this currency is great and it has started me off on a new journey for sure.

Its so cool to be on the front lines of this shift!

Thanks for posting this Ben! You have a really great way of clearly & concisely articulating things. I've felt a bit lost in the steem, yet this has brought some clarity & inspiration. I look forward to watching more of your shares. You definitely add value here. Your passion for steemit & it's vision is palpable & transmits through the screen

Thank you so much!

Great vid! Gonna follow and use some of your advices and methods. Thanks for sharing.

I am positive with steem and bitcoin it will soon rise. I am fully determined.
6]Steem will have its breakout any day...I am positive with steem and bitcoin it will soon rise. I am fully determined.
6]Steem will have its breakout any day...

Nice Video! By the way I just did a post were I Talked about Raiblocks and if it will go to the Moon, Would be really happy if you checked it out. I liked yours!

Wow nice video..thanks for your information..i also like your post..your crypto carrency news is so great..


I’ve come to understand the same thing. I like the idea of splitting your profits on steemit into 3 pots - power-up, SBDs for post promotion or sending to other users for whatever purpose you might need and cashing out some fiat, which let’s face it, for most of us still pays us bills.

I like how while so many on the crypto markets are panicking right now because of low prices (or at least creating a lot of drama Twitter), we on Steemit just keep making more money:)

I still wonder though how sustainable this model is long term... it appears as a never ending compounding and I just don’t see how that can go on forever increasing in value....

I will start follow you for more informations and i will watch the video thank you.