Blockchain Education Network Joins Steemit

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The Blockchain Education Network is on a mission to educate and empower students across the world who are excited about blockchain. We teach others how to use bitcoin and start blockchain clubs on their campuses. BEN chapters work together to set up events such as hackathons and conferences, gather resources for everyone to use, and work together on new and exciting projects. So far we have a network of over 4000 students around the globe and multiple national chapters. BEN was originally founded in 2014 as the College Cryptocurrency Network (CCN), and has made a lot of growth in just 4 years. We have over 26 university chapters (MIT, Harvard, Columbia, Caltech, Dartmouth, UChicago, etc) and 6 nations (BEN Colombia, BEN India, BEN Italy, BEN Vietnam, BEN Australia, BEN UAE). The combined effort of all these chapters creates a rich web of interconnected blockchain hubs across the world.

We will be using our new Steem account @benedu to document and curate the stories of BEN students worldwide. We believe that we can fundraise STEEM to fund BEN initiatives, like covering our students’ travel to conferences and giving students a means of income throughout college by producing quality content and ideas. We are inspired by innovative Steem accounts like @sndbox and @steemstem that are reinventing not only the ways we can upvote Steem posts but also the ways that nonprofits can fund themselves and be self-sustaining.

Join us on our journey. Our first post is set to 100% Steem Power to prove we are serious about growing on Steemit and using the platform to it's full potential. Help us accrue more Steem Power by upvoting our content and the content of our students. And follow our account to stay tuned to the stories of BEN.


We moved from our old Steemit account @benblog to @benedu because we want to be a model for how Steem accounts can expand beyond just blog posts and be images, videos, fundraising campaigns, competitions, and more!

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I'm delighted with you guys on how you came up with this idea to teach others on how to use bitcoin and start blockchain clubs on their campuses same how they include bitcoin on their giveaway here

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Welcome to the Steem blockchain! Excited to have an org such as yours on here. The potential for non profits and students alike are so amazing here on Steem. SteemSTEM and sndbox are great examples of a more prosperous future that can come from building a strong community centered around learning and blockchain tech.

If you need anything or have any questions, let me know, I’d love to help where I can!