Why My Fiancee Decide To Never Post On Steemit Again?

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Hello Steemit, 

This world is very strange but steemit is more stranger, I believe in democracy on steemit and I respect member's freedom so I'm not posting this to complain I want just understand the way of thinking on steemit.

Couple Days ago I have convince my fiancee which is a primary school teacher, artist and blogger to leave Google Adsense even delete the most profitable and clickable adsense banner to advertise steemit on her food blog to join steemit community and start posting on steemit so I have create an animated banner and replace adsense and advertise steemit on her food blog http://www.our-meals.com/ with more than 15 000 unique visitor per month, the banner still there and any one can check it.

Introduction Post:

So she was very happy to post her Introduction and make some photos of her artistic peaces that she have decorate and paint, she have make a small video prove her love to steemit and guess what , she get only 5 up-vote including mine and her up-vote, here is some of her work photos:

People Don't care about posts they care about money:

Most of people on steemit care about money not about posts, they up-vote only posts up-voted by a whale or a dolphin or their posts, if a whale up-vote some post people will follow and up-vote even a test post, like I said I'm not complaining I wanna just understand,  stino-san  is one of my favorite bloggers on steemit and I'm following him since weeks, he post yesterday a test post, guess what people up-vote an empty test post here is the proof :

After she has saw this post my fiancee decide to never post again on steemit but still advertising steemit on her blog, why?

Because steemit is a great idea, unique of his kind and because steemit is a peace of art for her that's why she will keep advertising steemit on her blog.

I have write this post for her honor and to ask a simple question: Please tell me how do people think ?

May this post will be ignored like 100's of other posts but it will be never deleted from steemit.


Although I spend many hours a day on steemit, I'm not here all the time.I did not see your fiancee's post. It probably sunk out of sight while I was asleep or off doing something else. That happens very quickly unless it gets quite a few votes in the first half hour to start the post rising on the HOT page.

Thank you for this kind comment :)

Thank you for your support @indominon, I really appreciate :)

It is a bit sad when test posts are worth more than genuine content. Not sure what the answer is - people still think piling on big paying posts is worth doing, even if they won't make a penny from it.

I want just know the king of weed that people smoke when they upvote a test post, strange world really strange

I know the struggle to well. I wanted to give up in the beginning too. I felt I was doing something original and did not get the attention that I deserved. It takes time fro people to notice you. And I think it's also a matter of luck when posting something. Originality counts but also luck. I think that you should continue to post; the art you do it lovely.

Thank you so much for your support, I tried with her but she refuse to post again , she will keep advertising steemit on her blog only

On steemit any can declare himself and to be heard

That's right and he can be ignored too

That's why I (carefully) try to upvote anyone in my feed who is reputation 49 or less. Funny thing is, it has occasionally paid off for me. So yeah, the money dynamic is always front-and-center. But I don't have a problem with that.

Thank you for your comment , not all people think that way, there is a lot of good people on steemit like you I'm sure about that

thats a cool policy @inertia, i do the same ! I think we have to try and stop this little club it would seem of repetitive trending posters ! Its kind of like a mafia in networking i guess, not much you can do to stem the tide, but like you say upvote people and their posts and not their reputation and standing in the community !

I think there is enough people like you that over time this trend will change. I am now going to start being more selective and vote up more for people who are new here because the more of us there are, the less these grubby little me-toos will have influence.

I believe curating rewards are skewing the system as people try to preempt the whales.. Personally i would like to see it scrapped. So that posts trend naturally. I don't vote for curation rewards if i enjoy a post it gets my upvote. I do however try to keep my voting power hig so that the people i am voting for get the 1cent my vote is currently worth when my voting power is fully charged.

I really don't care about my up-voting power if my up-vote will make people smile , thank you for your support :)

This world is very strange but steemit is more stranger

You are not the only one who think that way.

Thank you for your support :)

welcome :) i suggest just keep posting. giving up means not giving yourself any chance. So i suggest your finance to just keep posting

I have try to talk to her, she told me that the only gift that she can give to steemit is to advertise steemit on her blog and I don't blame her on that

I have read all your comments guys , thank you for all of you I really appreciate your kindness :)

Unfortunately there are more people on Steemit with low SP than those with high SP and those fortunate to have cannot physically vote for everyone else, it's impossible, something needs to change or we will lose many people who will just give up. I try to upvote and help but I only give a few cents.

Yeah I saw people did not post since week and give up, most of them have great posts in different topic , hope steemit will change for better my friend

It's still in its infancy, I as Business and an online one would not of done that, yes use steem it as one way to promote goods but never never solely relay on one platform, I have a number of programs that promote my site night and day if very little effort from me, the way I would use stem it to promote goods is to write about them and use your share button at the bottom of your post to link it with Twitter and Facebook that way you are blogging to your Facebook page and Twitter also try fancy.com to promote I have a program for Twitter that promotes an article for sale every hour but also promotes to many more social media sites, that way I cut cost and manpower time in doing this myself, I have been online selling for years and you can do all this with very little expense to yourself, my main suggestion is is search on here for the top 50 apps website for steem use them to help but don't expect people to flood from here to you use this platform to get your message out to a wider audience via Facebook Twitter then repost to other social media sites, the public do like to be informed about your goods you just have to keep getting a bigger audience to make people informed about your brand.

My spell check suddenly hates the word steem it and is really messing with my head

Just checked your site I don't see the relevance of the pics to you site, but the food does look tasty

Dave my friend she is not trying to sell this peaces , they are unique they look like her babies, If she want to sell that I can sell for her all her peaces, she a room like a museum, the problem was how all people on steemit ignore her that's why she will never post again on steemit

Lol upvoting test posts was funny!

yeah but the more funny that more than 700 down vote the Christ picture I saw that couple days ago

I am new to steemit and while I have been looking through posts I have seen a few references to this issue. I don't think this will change, there are many reasons why people use steemit and all we can do is what we think is right.
For me that means only up-voting posts that I fell deserve it and only creating posts that I enjoy and feel have value.

Thank you for your support and hope yu get more luck thane my fiancee :)

I relate to this. I plan on writing on a similar idea later. This is a strange system to be sure.

yep very strange , thank you for your comment

the internet never forgets. that's one reason to post.
we are all like different people casting for one role fight for attention.
keep fighting.