Steemit In The Last 30 Days, Some Stats.

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Hello Steemit, 

The last 30 days on steemit a lot of things happen, change of rules, hard forks, thousands subscribers and  Steem is loosing value, lets take some stats:

Steem value :

In July Steem coin hit: 717 070 satoshis, today Steem worth between :  268 668 and 234 796 satoshis , steem lost ~ 66% of value 


Every day Steemit have thousands of new subscribers , today 2 332 new subscribers :


Last month steemit hit 7 552 Post per day ( just post without comments), today 3 330 posts means steemit lost more than 50% of new posts:


Last month steemit hit 161 013 votes per day ( just post without comments), today 57 304 posts means steemit lost more than 66% of votes per day:

What happen?

I really don't know and I'm really asking , is it whales rules that make steemit and steem dropping that way , is it miners who are selling more than keeping in investing in steem power, is it poor advertising of steemit?

I have a lot of question without answer, please can any body explain what happen ?


Steemit seems to have found its floor at the moment but if you study business this is typical of new business growth, at the moment I would have do serch of the internet to show the business cycle I refer to and growth pattern, I dont think its time to run for the exit unless you panic which is more money for those who are prepared to buy on your panic, Don't get me wrong here its a good post and it asks questions but all markets work on the pricible of bull and bear market, which most pople need to red up on to understand echanges business and markets stocks and shares

Hope you're right Dave but I don't panic usually I buy when people panic and sell , I'm a trader so I can at least understand the market , Steemit is Unique of his kind and I hope that still the only social network paying in cryptos

Would like to see some fact checking on this. Thanks for the post.

Here is my source bro check it by your self

Hello, how's business?

Very useful article, May I translate it into Chinese? Thank you.

Sure you can bro :)

congrats bro, you are free to translate any of my posts you like

Thank you very much.

this is some interesting development here. I see there are more votes in the #cn one compared to this. I wonder if there are more people who read Chinese than English now on steemit.