Save Good Content & Keep Creative Steemit Bloggers Writing, How To?

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Content is king, this is the first and golden rule to make any website successful, what I mean by successful: millions subscribers and users, millions visits every day, don't need to google it because already in peoples mind and  my goal is to make steemit successful website. 

99.99% of internet users don't need to search for Facebook on Google or YouTube or Twitter or Reddit or Wikipedia, they know already what they want.

Selling thoughts for food:

Most of bloggers and writers come to steemit because of money, they heard about about successful post with thousands and hundreds of dollars, here they start dreaming, about how much money they can earn if they just write a post about his thoughts and what success guys they can achieve.

They think most of the time that they have brilliant ideas that can really help people, some guys do they write wonderful posts with creative ideas, these guys are brilliant and most of them are poor people. 

New bloggers most of the time are poor , they don't find a job so they start an internet business to make some money so the first objective is thoughts for food.

Whales and dolphins don't up-vote all good content:

We already know that whales and dolphins don't up-vote all good contents, why:

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  1. They have life like any body else, they are not on steemit 24 hours a day.
  2. Steemit come in the first place.
  3. They have some rules to up-vote content.
  4. Not all creative ideas deserve an up-votes.
  5. Too much content.

I can write a hundred reason why content is not up-voted buy whales and dolphins but I will keep it short.

To steemit or not to steemit, that's the question:

Bloggers are human beings they have feelings, when they fail they become frustrated and disappointed, I know that feeling because I have write this post "To steemit or not to steemit, that's the question" and I was about to leave steemit but good people here with big hearts change my mind.

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Some of this creative bloggers complain others just go, they leave steemit without saying any thing, they just go and look for others opportunity, I was in internet marketing since 7 years and I tried almost every thing to make money so I know how most bloggers do to survive.

How to save and keep creative bloggers writing and make steemit a better place:

Steemit still a baby and most people here don't have valuable up-votes when they up-vote a post it look like a Facebook like, it can not change what writer earn, here is an example from my steemit blog:

I'm not the best blogger and I will not say my ideas and knowledge are the best but I have some up-vote from good people.

This morning I was surprised by 2 donations from 2 awesome guys : @alphabeta and @miketr , I was very happy for that, I have never ask for donation but they put a very BIG SMILE on my face.

Guys if you really like the content you can give the writer couple SBD or Steem or steem power that really make bloggers and writers very happy and make them write wonderful posts, that donation will never make you poor it's just a little help for the writer and steemit.

Your donation will help steemit with new good content that readers are looking for, remember steemit still a baby and it growing with good articles writers , photographers, designers any any one can write a good post about new topic , lets make steemit the new Wikipedia and Facebook mixed together.


 I know that steemit is full of good people, if you really like the post or the comment give an up-vote and if you want a donation, you are not just helping writers, you are making them happy, that will never make you poor, that will make people love you, follow you and make you more rich with their up-votes and comments.

Than you so much for reading this post, hope you enjoy it.


Another nice post Ben, you are right the whales and the dolphins have a life too, that's what we all have to know.

Thank you bro for your comment , I have just tell the truth

Truly you tells everything, many already just leave Steemit as don't see support from whales and dolphins and many posts have written excellent...

That's right bro , I have write this post to help each others to grow with steemit :)

I have a problem with reputation how to solve know?

Just keep commenting bro, write good posts with new ideas money will come trust me

nevertheless, I will meet a whale on the road)))

it is heavy to communicate through the translator))) Так на много приятнее)))

sorry can't speak Russian

the main thing we have understood each other!

@fairider1 go to your block-chain history
See who down vote you , and why?
Check my blog @bullionstackers
Some explanation there - Thing you do and don't

Its just going to take time for for the SP to spread out.

yeah that's true :)

I am loving this idea. Problems of keeping good content producers on board are only going to grow with the platform. A donation based setup is great. It would allow small minnows and dolphins to make an even greater effect of content producers. Very innovative. It tips the scales, per say.

Happy you like it, thank you fr your comment :)

Sorry bro, @ben99
With my new policy I don't upvote
I forget to do for you 🚀🚀🚀 away

why you don't upvote?