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Some people are just.. dumb. Don't take the bait. If a whale say's or does something you do not like, don't bother responding!

If you respond and give them reason to focus on you, your account will be nuked and you might as well say adioce! prepare this way:

Step number one:

Go to the pharmacy and get this! It's the secret ingredient!

Step number two:

Step number three:

Step number four:

Honestly I have seen so many people leave this platform because they are dumb enough to fight with a particular 'fun' steemian. He is actually pretty fun and can be a decent guy, but if you are critical you are as good as dead. I have personally seen three account nuked, I'm sure its in the hundreds though. Bad for the platform? Yes, but at the same time if you stay out of the mine field you can enjoy Steeming.

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Did this happen to you?


if it happened to me I would be done! I would just delegate and never post again because every comment would be flagged by a bot and all rewards would go to zero. That's what happens when you are nuked.

It is a great platform and I have never had any trouble here. Love it. Take care @bearbear613 and away from those mine fields! LOL


It takes a real genius to think you can say whatever you want to powerful people.

I think that I might have seen that happening.... not to me personally but to I have seen a couple of roadkills that smelled like that.


ohhhh yah. Too bad too because some were really giving back to the community.

What I saw today that really bothered me was a promotion bot being used to flag people. So... Let me get this straight: People looking to make money delegate to a bot, and then that bot is used to flag people, not make people money? Seriously, WTF?! That's obvious abuse of the system as it exists. /sigh

It wasn't smartsteem, but can you image if a bot with that much SP started flagging people simply because the people controlling the bot didn't like the flagged content??? The bots are getting entirely out of control. Flagging people simply because you disagree with them is also getting completely out of control.

I guess the people doing it don't realize how much damage they are doing too. Maybe they don't care? I'm not sure.


they do not care absolutely. But there are still pennies to be made, so rather than complain about it, just avoid the mine-field and continue on. Life isn't fair, steemit would be no different.


Yes, I'm trying to pick my battles wisely. LOL

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Im crying... great post


ohh no... did you turn around? Why are you crying - ;)


Umm, no.. from laughing... ah ha...

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nawwww I didn’t name names :) they know it

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