Could I make $50-$100 per blog? Do I really want too?

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I am confident. Confidence can change a persons outlook, and how they are perceived by other people. My father told me a story one day. He said there used to be the geekiest, zit-faced “loser” in shool who got all the hot girls.



All the teenage men were confused. How did this “loser” get all the girls? He couldn’t have had money! Well apparently it had nothing to do with money, and more to do with his personality. You see, he knew how to talk to girls. He was confident in what he was saying and changed the female perception that way. This perhaps is a major difference between men and woman. But really everything belongs in the mind.

So what does this above story have anything to do with the topic?

Well let’s recap: Could I make $50-$100 per blog?

Well a more pertinent querstion is do I really want too?

The answer to this question is undoubtably a yes.. albeit there are many caveats. You see in the real world people have money. They can purchase perception. If I were to “buy” STEEM I could potentially and easily go from 0->50,000 SP. That would probably be a $5.00 upvote at 100% (give or take).


As we learn, Steem Power is influence. Influence can change perception. People will be attracted and will upvote themselves due to he automatic influence you have. Now here comes the kicker; do I write about what I think, or what you think?


Now that’s the difference. If I am invested into anything, I will talk the talk and walk the walk.

So here I am, no investment and therefore no rules or regulation. It is true, I occasionally have to hold back. This is a good thing because it teaches me patience and foresight. But occasionally I am allowed to be who I want, and say what I want.

No dog collar!



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Give your best effort and you can achieve it.. be dedicated.. don't feel bad no matter how many times you fail.. Did you know there is this one common factor for between every successful person.. "they never gave up"

Great post of the day

The formula looks something like this"

  1. Use BITCOIN, STEEMIT & BOOBS in your Subject and tag lines
  2. Include high quality photographs of beautiful women (with large breasts)
  3. Write about anything

You will enjoy great riches!


The real truth is I could write one line

Upvote this post, and you could receive
1, $5 upvote

And just keep doing if that every day for
a couple of months. Long enough, you will get there.

Exclente post dear friend @ bearbear613 congratulations.
who would not want to earn that money per day, everything has to do and the secret is with the people you relate to, visit the chats and make yourself known, that is the way that leads to success
I wish you much success dear friend

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