Karlas Krafts.....The Beaded Hippo Saga

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Well, if you know about this then you know some of us got bamboozled. I immediately yanked delegation after on blockchain shows not only did we create/help get this set up on good faith from what was shown to us and very promoted by a person....I also personally contacted Steemcleaners immediately. The artist was contacted
Here is the result. Image given to me with Permission to Share , Facebook and the Funding sites will and are being contacted on this as well.
The reason me and my groups (plural) are quiet about a lot of the work that we do or other groups we colloborate with is there is always a turd in the punchbowl so to speak. For every 9 wins there will be one that slips through or we trusted the wrong person in a big way. Right now with prices as they are and Natural Disasters hitting...I would like people to be honest about who collaborates and works together and even on this , others are taking work credit. Can we not just be concerned about the good of the platform and rise together? Yes, yes we can and will :)
(image from @guiltyparties , fintails, have a nice day and STEEM ON)squad-goals2.gif

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Sourced from the now taken down "HippoGate" pics......
[-]guiltyparties (63) · 3 days ago The original creators of these (now deleted) pieces of art are Lloyd and David from the Hadeda etsy shop. Their art is for sale here: etsy.me/2N9B9va The artists are part of a "collective of South African-based Zimbabwean artists" who create intricate artwork. The aforementioned artists have expressed the intent to launch a criminal case against the person or persons behind @karlaskrafts. After looking over what had transpired, it is evident that @karlaskrafts is a long-standing case of international fraud, both in relation to their attempt to exploit the good will of Steemit users and Facebook users alike. Verdict: Fraud $0.12 1 vote Reply

Thank You Especially to @Guiltyparties

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People can be very convincing, and often it can be difficult to double check authenticity. At least nobody lost anything and the con was quickly picked up and professionally dealt with which is all anyone can ask.

#thealliance #witness



my inner spirit animal in action! thanks @c0ff33a :)

"Can we not just be concerned about the good of the platform and rise together?" Yes We Can

We just need to stop believing at face value anything anybody says,
you are a victim of X, prove it to me, simple as fuck,
you are XYZ ? prove it to me.
Believing people at face value in these cases is asking for trouble,
I hope you can see this now Battleaxe, with all due respect.
This is not the first time this happens, if I remember correctly.


Aside from my abject hatred of thieves, what really bothered me about the whole thing was someone falsely claiming to be a victim of human trafficking just to scam a few dollars out of people. There are roughly 25 million people who are victims of such a horrific practice worldwide at any given time, and it does them a huge disservice to be "the boy who cried wolf" and use their suffering for personal gain.

Whoever @karlaskrafts actually is: Please do the world a favor and kill yourself.


The paradoxical thing is that actual victims dont usually come forward, and the ones that do claim to be victims are very often fake cases. Hate to say it, but its true. Peace be with you ma'me, our beef is over.

am not naming names or giving any more attention to some then they give to themselves, slow clap
Spoiler Alert ...GOOD>BAD