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in steemit •  last year

When I was a new baby Minnow Steemian, swimming around, I won a contest by our friend @runridefly. He's a Beaut.

I was so new to all this and then winning something, I made some screen caps of it. Recently I decided to go find the post after he and I discussed it one day online and the story of how @barrydutton and @runridefly became friends was born.

Below from the end of this past Sept. you will see the screen captures of the basics from his original blog post, see my highlights and then see my FascistBook post about it on Oct. 2nd, 2016 after the winnings were sent to me.


  • You must be following both myself and @runridefly and I will check! (Community Building)

  • You must RESTEEM this post. The more people that see it, = more chance of you getting the votes you need to win! (Engagement)

  • Give me your BEST POST about LIBERTY since that is what I posted on, for my contest win here as you can see, and it is an important topic, for all of us. I want people's input and ENGAGEMENT on this, it may be anything you wish, but my hope is people reading and engaging and hopefully LEARNING something new. -- It can be anything you want!

  • You can enter a maximum of 3x. Each entry MUST be a separate reply not attached to your other ones.

  • You CANNOT like/UPVOTE YOUR OWN POST!!! ( No upvoting of your own post) (Engagement key) - You will be DQ if you do, and I don't want to do that to you!!

  • Because you cannot Upvote your own post, that creates a level playing field and you can feel more freedom to UV and comment on other posts. (Engagement /Community Building Philosophy)

  • The 2 posts (main/initial reply) with the most VOTES wins. Simple. (Engagement and Views = Votes & Action I always say) -- (Engagement)

  • In case of any tie, the 2 posts with the most comments wins. (Again, community ENGAGEMENT) is the formula here.

  • Any other issues/disputes beyond that will be settled by our friend @runridefly.

  • In your reply, just state ALL DONE/ENTERED -- when you have completed the contest rules here and if you want in -- some may just want to read the post or comment and not enter. I have to be able to separate the 2.

- Because I am looking for ENGAGEMENT on a level playing field, you will have noticed, I will give 0 points to what comments EARN the most, that is a problem on here. The playing field is level this way, a vote is a vote no matter your status or steem power.

Posts with the most votes, and comments are high value posts in my eyes, and in many others. And they usually earn less than other good posts daily.

-This is me putting my money where my mouth is. As usual. LOL

Each winner gets 5 STEEM, sent within about 72 hours of this post payout, due to my circumstances. Thanks for your patience.

If anyone wants to contribute any STEEM or SBD to this -- I will give away half of it to the winners on top of what this post pays out. I do not have much but I am willing to still invest in people and community.

Thanks for reading.

If you feel my posts are undervalued or you want to donate to tip me - I would appreciate it very much.

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ZCash (ZEC) - t1aCPEYELkGaf3GtgGTiCEDo7XfPm4QEwmL

Please note -- I will have limited internet access for awhile -- so PLEASE do not be upset that I cannot reply right away, or to everyone. I am dealing with some changes, and will have limited time online and will be happy if I get a few blog posts up a week.

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TY so much my friend. Getting offline for the nite soonish. Trying to finish replies.

Well done dear friend @barrydutton, good luck with the contest, surely have a lot of audience.
happy weekend


TY brother, you too.

Great work @barrydutton! I will send 10 steem to up the prize pool!! Let's get the party started!!


This is most excellent. I am making as efficient use of public wi fi as possible LOL

Good luck my friend!


Thanks buddy. I was re-organizing some stuff and found some (copy) signed Bobby Orr nite photos from when we honoured him in town 2-3 yrs ago with Bobby Orr nite.


That is AWESOME!!!


TY buddy

Hey, I am noticing today all the mean bots have stopped DV people's posts?? Are they taking time off?? Are they on strike????


There were a couple of blogs up yesterday. Asshole change his name to "Mission Completed" or something like that and stopped DV

Here is my best post on liberty:


Since I am no longer a Minnow, I pass on any rewards if I were to win.

Thanks for sparking up discussion on this subject


The idea was to post a comment directly here so people can read it here and thus vote on it.

But thank you.

I voted on your post earlier in the day as well.


oops, wasnt sure about that ;>

@barrydutton, you made my day with this post.

I dream of liberty. Steem On Dude!


It is our destiny brother.

Have a nice wkend man

Resteemed. Glad to see you back.


I'm not, I am still dealing with the same issues and will be for awhile, but TY very much. I am glad for public wi fi (:


TY for the support also, honestly.

Imagine, for a moment, that you were no longer free to choose who to add and who to keep on your Facebook friend list.

Let's say that "contents" of your friend list were mandated by law.

What kind of an effect would this have on your behaviour when it comes to choosing who to add to your friends list?

Let's take an example. Say, whenever you added someone to your list of friends, you were mandated to "like" X amount of their posts per day. No matter what he or she posts, no matter the value he or she does or doesn't add to your Facebook experience, you would be forced to give them an X amount of likes to their postings per day. No doubt this would make you think twice, three or even four times about adding someone to your friends list, even if the person seemed interesting on the surface. You would need to take into account that that person could end up decreasing the value of your Facebook feed, instead of adding to it.

Now let's say that after adding someone, you come to the realization that he is not worth the added trouble of liking a set amount of their posts per day, since you don't really like what he posts, they may even be against your particular philosophies.

What if it was also mandated that it would be illegal for you to just delete someone outright. It would be deemed unfair, so you would have to give them a month long "notice period" after deciding to delete them.

Now you would be stuck with someone you don't even like, forced to like a certain amount of his posts per day, which takes away you time and energy, generally making your experience lousier than it was prior to adding a new friend, who seemed interesting at the time.

You would no doubt think, not twice, three of four times, but rather at least five, six or seven times, before even considering adding someone. Even if your list of friends and their posts seemed mundane and monotonous, the risks of adding an unpleasent friend could easily outweigh the boredom cost by your existing friends list.

However, it wouldn't just be you who would suffer as a result. You could be missing out on some awesome new people to add to your social media circles, and they could be missing out on having you in theirs. Simply because a law would be added to intefere in the voluntary actions of two consenting adults.

The purpose of this analogy is to paint of a picture of how state mandated job market regulation can hurt both employers as well as employee-to-bes.

The more laws added to the hiring of workers, the higher the risks of hiring, and the higher and more obvious the potential rewards need to be in order for a deal to be met.

Just like in the Facebook analogy, in the real world, the more regulations like minimum wage are created, the harder it is for people to prove their worth to those looking for work force. You can think of it like this: someone with a top notch education, lots of work history, good references, coupled with excellent social skills are people with years worth of posts in public that you can check out before you make the decision of whether to click that "Add Friend" button - whereas a less skilled, less educated person, perhaps someone with less of a natural talent to sell themselves in job interviews would be the person with no public posts whatsoever.

With the aforementioned regulations added to the use of Facebook, which person would you add?

The important thing to note, however, is this: the guy who has posted everything in private could be the greatest, most intelligent, most-valuable-to-your-feed person ever - but he wouldn't be worth the risk.

Something to think about.


Boom. Well done my man.

This post has been ranked within the top 80 most undervalued posts in the second half of Feb 03. We estimate that this post is undervalued by $6.37 as compared to a scenario in which every voter had an equal say.

See the full rankings and details in The Daily Tribune: Feb 03 - Part II. You can also read about some of our methodology, data analysis and technical details in our initial post.

If you are the author and would prefer not to receive these comments, simply reply "Stop" to this comment.

Upvoting :) Good luck!

Freedom and the meaning of censorship
A couple is sitting in front of a display. Julie and Brad are reading in the blockchain of Steem. Julie asks him: „Is it really freedom of speech in Steemit?“ Brad answers: „Oh yes for sure, baby. Yes my dear. You cannot be censored in Steemit. Never ever! Read it. They wrote it down in the whitepaper, and here, and there, everywhere you can read it!“ He is pointing out some articles about freedom of speech and censorhip. Julie is asking: „And this, isn't it censoring in a way?“ „What? Where? How? You cannot censor the blockchain, it's impossible, sweetie!“ He answers in a friendly accent but inside he gets a little bit angry now. He would better pick up a bottle of beer in the kitchen. „Stay. Darling! Sit down and have a close look on this blogger!“ Julie catched his arm and showed him a blogger who earned seven or eight dollars with every of his posts. Just fifty or sixty people voted, but she noticed his steady income. „Have a look here. Do you see the particular strong votings in every post?" Brad checks some of the postings of this guy and indeed, in every voters list he checked, there are voters with lot power, leaving whole dollars with their votes. Some has given one dollar, others two or three. But the most people voting, they spend less because they are with less vote–power. Their votes counting just a thousanth part of a dollar, except these few full Dollar votes.

Brads front is layed in wrinkles now, as he checks an other posting of this stranger, Julie has picked out of the bloggers list. „And now, Brad honey, would you have an instant look on this posting of this poor censored guy!“ Brad would have been in the kitchen now, to pull the door of the fridge, open up his cold bottle of beer, but he can't stand Julies wishes, off course. „And what should be different now? Where is the censorship?“ he asked in a manner of being bored. Julie noticed it very well and her finger stings to the display: „You can try it, but never ever tell me they don't censor. This is censorship. Look here! He has 110 votes but 56 Cents in the earning only!" Brad just smiles. „Pah, he was writing bad!" „Do you think so? He gets 110 votings, Brad-honey, how this writing could be bad? Have a look into the voters list, now. LOOK!" She was shouting a bit because his thoughts are already drifting in the direction of some special bottles in the fridge again. She knows about, „He has written words, the big voters doesn't want to have been written in Steemit! Not one of the big voters has left a penny. Look! Just all the 110 poors voted this article!"

Brad stutters a little bit, but the only word she understands is „But…“ She is in a kind of rage now. „Read his article and tell me again, what free speech is. I show you how they are able to suppress it!" Brad is answering: „Ah this is not really censorship. He wrote down some unfriendly words, look there. But you are still able to read it right here in steemit. So…No censorship!“ A flicker of triumph came out of his eyes. „…So what?“ Julie is suspending his strong feelings of triumph. „What do you think he will write in his next posting? Do you think he is writing in the same manner next time? Do you think this lack of big votes is by coinscidence? 110 voters but no income! He is thinking ten times about his words in the next posting. He knows the meaning of this special voting now. He knows the meaning of the lack of Dollars. What do you think? Honey, is it censorship or not?" He knows he has to give the right answer now or the best thing what he will do this night, is to drink some bottles of beer. Now he understands the meaning of censorship really clear.


Great input, many people feel the same and talk about it regularly, hoping something will change. I think my post on this, is just one of the many proof of issues here.

Well, it is 4 days later, and I have checked back here a few times now, and thought about it.

Nobody here really followed the simple rules I laid out, there is a lot of that going around and I even asked people to follow the steps I took time to outline so I would not have to DQ anyone.

  • so I am not sure what to do. Sigh.