Meme of the Day: STEEMIT Solves Many Problems! Is it the Swiss Army Knife of Crypto Currency AND Social Media?

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Steemit solves many problems - SAK Swiss Army Knife meme 826x482.jpg

Hey Barry, this is a really Knife post man! Can you help me get started in Crypto, I feel like such a Statist and I can't do it anymore? Where do I start??

Start at Free Yourself!

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Nice illustration!

Thanks man. I was working on one of these tools today for a friend to help him out and I was thinking about Steemit when my posts were not going missing LOL,

3 hrs of work down the drain and could have used a pizza then hahahaha!

Dude, your crypto addresses take up more space than your post!

Yes on my meme days. When there is not a lot required to say extra but you know that!

You read my posts!

Sometimes I guess.

  ·  3 years ago (edited)

The swiss army knife or the smart phone?

Either LOL

People are on their smartphones all the time for no real good reason half the time and missing out on life so I kind of temper my enthusiasm WRT this overuse.

SAK's are always excellent to have!

This is a very true statement. Good imagery here with the Swiss army knife. I was in Switzerland only 2 months ago. V.inventive race indeed!

Dude, I was going to write about and show some of my multi tools and knives months ago. I started reading up and watching footage of the SAK history of the company and it was fascinating to me man.

It is really neat.

I saved a draft post about 1/4 done maybe 3 mths ago on this, it is a really neat watch and process.

I'm gonna do a vid later on Litceoin segwit and what is all means for us all i.e. the Lightning network, new wallets etc etc. Stay tuned dude! Off to buy $50 of Steem at 80 cents as the price is consolidating now at the new price point :)) Steem on!

Commented to you just now getting thru about 75 comments right now but I would love to see that, drop links to good stuff for me, in replies to me when you need to so I can see stuff.

Thanks dude

There is much money to be made right now, but if you Steem too much the comments go exponential, so I'm actually trying to cut back. I had 160 comments overnight!! F- nightmare! Down to 4-6 posts per day now compared to 10-12 before! Mad eh!!

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