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RE: Steemit for the Future: The Fine Line Between Responsible Curation and Freedom of Speech

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Hello @denmarkguy

What a wonderful post! I feel invited to talk about it.

First of all, what you have seen before will not happen to Steemit. The reason is that the Steemians can fix things, espesially when we start talking about it.
Thank you for doing that!

I have noticed what you write about myself, so what is going on these days? Well we see the "Facebook people" coming in and they do what they did there. They have to learn what we are doing here.

How can they learn that? By us talking to them! How should we talk to them? Well, I do not think we should agree on that because we do not want Steemit to be confirmatory like Facebook.

I think we should look at what options we have:

  • Write a comment and explain, give a hint or give them a better way of doing it. Do not explain to much at once, people do not like to be told what to do.
  • Upvote. We can choose to upvote at once to show good will or wait to see what they answer. We can not make a rule of this, everybody has to make the judement on what they think is the best way to deal with it.
  • Downvote. If the person do not want to talk with you in a "nice" way do not start a discussion or answer back. Simply say: "Okay then I will downvote you" All the people I have downvoted so far have ended up saying: "I am sorry." Then I upvote and give them a comment like: "Thank you, we have all been new here on Steemit. I like you."

There is one more thing I do that I do not know how to explain, so I just show you. I always end the comment to "Facebook people" or new ones like this:

Have a nice day and a good laugh:


Great point, I guess time will tell.

Hi @cheekybuggy

Thank you.

We have fixed things like that before (I have been here for 10 months).
It is all about letting them see that this place is much nicer than anything they have seen before, if you ask me.

Since you are new here maybe you have not seen this:

Have a nice day ;-)

I have been on here for months and never saw this vid before. I thought it was really well done and am going to tweet it and share on FB!!! Well done!

Hello @barbro, and thanks for your thoughtful comment!

I am hopeful you are right about previous destructive patterns that have sunk other social content sites not happening here. I would very much like to see Steemit succeed where every other one has failed-- I am very fond of this place even after 4 short months!

I'm all in favor of finding ways to communicate with newcomers... this works very well with those who are sincere, but simply because they are new to the community, they don't yet know how things work.

When I see someone who is clearly doing something that seems "off," (Let's say they put up 50 one-sentence posts in a couple of hours, none of them with meaning-- just to "fill space") I try to comment on "how to do well" on Steemit. I generally reserve an upvote for someone who actually replies and says something about wanting to do well. On the other hand... if they say nothing (or even tell me to "get lost"), that's when I want to take some kind of action... just like we would want to do if someone keeps walking past our house and throwing their rubbish on our lawn.

The intent behind my post was really pointed towards that last scenario. I appreciate your comment, especially because you have been here almost since the beginning!

Hello again @denmarkguy

WOW, I agree with you totally!
You should have seen this place in the beginning, people asking for money, criminals, fake introduceyourself posts, you name it. So someone came up with bots to deal with the problem and we downvoted posts so much that we used to much Voting Power on that and did not have much left for Upvote.

Then people got used to downvoting to much so they started to downvote on disagreement's.

One of the reasons for this video:

If someone "throwing their rubbish on your lawn" please let me know.
I have a few Steem Powerful friends. We could send them to oblivion.

Thats hilarious, I would love to know what the heck he is talking about

He's a Spanish comedian known by the stage name "El Risitas." The original clip is from a 2007 TV interview... which has since been used for all sorts of parodies because of the laughter sequence.

As I understand it, he was a dishwasher at a seaside restaurant and left some caked-on pans in the sea to soak overnight... and the tide took them out to sea, and he's trying to explain this to his boss. Or something loosely along those lines. One of those "HOW dumb can be...?" things. It's kind of hard to understand because he speaks with the "Andaluz" dialect which is prevalent on the south coastal areas of Spain.

Thank you for that amigo, one things for sure hes laugh is infectious

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