Is it the end of DEC era?

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The steemit is changing a lot and improved day by day. There is no doubt steemit at its best position till now. There are many branches to keep alive the root. The team works a lot.

The NFT creates the chances to add more branches with the steemit blockchain. And the results come out. There are many token starts based steemit. And what I predicted on my post "Will NFT be a blessing or a threat for steem?" has the starting phase... The steem price is going up really. But the SteemMonster faces the other side of the coin.

The DEC price was $0.001 almost 1-2 months ago. The golden era. But what about it now? The price goes under $0.0006 almost half of it within a couple of months. That was not expected. The monster market went down with the price also.

Especially the new one tries to have some money and how it comes easily. And token creation seems easier to them. Look at the Steem Engine what about the token list. Fake and scammers are all around. Those who create new tokens may don't have any idea what about their goal. The wish, they create, the token got listed and after a couple of days, it has gone wired. What about their white paper?

We should take a look at ether. what they got... I am not saying the NFT is bad. But what I am trying to say there should be a filter and the token approver at Steem Engine should take a strict step before the token listing and also read about the white paper.

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