Will NFT be a blessing or a threat for steem?

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It's back to 2017. The steem price broke all the records in December. Though all the cryptocurrencies got that peak. And the cryptos got a boost. But I think it was the last time. We could hardly see the same situation again.

Ethereum was the second coin with market value and volume, brings the new dimension the "erc20" platform. Anyone can create a free token with it. It's so easy and great offers. Then the scammers came out.

After that numerous tokens have created and the so-called crypto lost their value and market cap. The price gets down and down. Once the eth price was $1,432.88 on Jan 13, 2018. And now the price is just $166. It got price $88.61 on Dec 12, 2018.

It's all about steem. I love steem because its the only one I am with. Tokens will create and vanish. The market will go on. We have seen the high peak and lowest also. Steem price gets down from $15 to today's $0.125.

I pray for the steem. Hope it will not get the same situation as Ethereum.

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Having an easy way for scammers to scam doesn't implicitly kill the platform.

ETH didn't drop due to shitcoins created on their chain, ETH dropped due to lack of performance & overvaluation.

For instance: The web allows anyone to create sites & apps. They're a ton of scams happening on the internet everyday. And yet, the web is dominating more than ever.

Steem will be fine, NFTs & SMTs will only boost its use-case & value.

Hope it won't be the same ....

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