Diagnosis: STEEMIT WITHDRAWAL From 36,000 Feet in the AIR!!!! Treatment: Buy IN-FLIGHT Wifi and STEEM On!

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So, I travel fairly often for work, and this week is no exception. Today is another typical travelling Monday for me. However, today is different than any other Monday that I've traveled. Let me explain why. A few days ago I was introduced to Steemit, and I have been on it every chance I get! So, you can imagine how I felt on this flight with no access to Steemit! If I was a Physician, I'd diagnose myself with Steemit Withdrawal! As for the treatment: No, it's not those dry pretzels the Flight Attendant just handed out...Nor is it the cup of Sprite I just drank...It is PURCHASING IN-FLIGHT WIFI so that I could get on Steemit! "Keep Calm and Steem On, " right?!!?

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So, here I am; 36,000 feet in the air on a Delta flight, but more importantly on Steemit! I know I can't be the only one obsessed with Steemit here?! Who else feels like Steemit has become their hobby, their 9-5, and their favorite pastime?! What's Facebook and Instagram again????
Oh and this week's business trip has me travelling to Florida, so you'll probably see a few pictures from there in a later post!

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UPDATE: If you're a little late catching this post, NO WORRIES! You can fast forward and read my next post that includes pictures of me on my current business trip a.k.a. "Worcation" in Florida. Lots of sunny skies, beautiful waters, and good food....Oh and some work too :) You can read all about it and see the photos here: https://steemit.com/travel/@bakingengineer/diary-of-a-business-traveller-day-1-of-my-worcation

Here is a sneak preview:
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I don't know if you noticed, but you've got a hole in your pants 0_o

Nice. Alternatively, you could always have several articles in the "think tank" and work on the quality of your content while you are w/o data. Then, when you have a data connection again, you could move your posts over to the

Hive Mind

That is an awesome idea! I will definitely do that :-)

Share some of those lovely beach pics. I ahvent been back to Florida in months, i aure miss the beach

Gosh you're gorgeous that natural hair omg!Eye candy is nice on steemit:)
arcaneinfo saying Hi
Happy Steeming!

Hi! Thank you so much. You're so kind :)

Florida! I am travelling there in a few weeks hahah, steemit master race lol

Yes! What part will you be going to? I am heading to Pensacola/Destin area

Ohh I see, I have no idea where those areas are, i'm going to Orlando!

Right on lovely we see you down here. :) thanks for sharing

You're welcome! Thank you for reading :)

Thanks! I love this platform! I will be posting a blog about day 1 of my trip here on steemit shortly. Stay tuned;-)

When can we see those 👙👙 pics 😉😇

Just posted some pics from my day today in a new post !

I'll take a look now. Can't wait to see them XOXOX

Steem on 👍👍👍👍👍👍 safe travels steemer

Sure is! Even at 36,000 feet the air! hahaha :-)

Steem FTW. I'm talking about steem all the time to my friends and even though they are not crypto enthusiasts lots eyelids are raised by it. Full steem ahead!

I am doing the same! They all think I am crazy though and I get the glazed stare like "why are you making a big deal out of this?!" Eventually they will get it lol

It's time for panic. I get it. Our new addiction. I definitely get the withdrawal.

I am so glad you can relate!!

Hello! Like You)
Good luck to you all!

Hi!! Thank you! Good luck to you also!

i would catch some pokemons in the plane maybe i would find some rare ones :p

:-) the lady next to me on the plane was catching Pokemons LOL! #pokemon

I was in Starbucks the other day and two middle aged dudes with skinny jeans and handlebar mustaches were both aiming their smartphones in my direction playing that game....CREEPY

LOL!! I saw someone playing it at dinner tonight as well.

Very entertaining, Keep up the great work! Upvoted

Thank you so much! I am new to steemit so I greatly appreciate the feedback!

Very beautiful girl! Welcome! :)

Thank you so much! :) Have a wonderful day!