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Verification and You! How, Why, How to ask, and How not be a #$%@ about it!

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reneenouveau. I have been through phases on the internet, as many of us have. At one time I did not think twice about it. Then the facegootwitamaubersnap monster, made me think twice about my online habits. I quit posting my face but I also quit using those services as much as possible.
Now that block chain is here a real possibility of positive collective change is here too. It depends on trust, participation, and acceptance by a like minded community. I am not going to post picture after picture of me and my food. or me and my boring life. But I trust the core principals of the platforms like this one and I have nothing to hide. In fact I am here to learn and help.
Long story short I will come from the shadows prove my identity, my objectives, my loyalty, and I will do it with pride not fear.
I am still in the process of reading everything before I create my page and ask for verification and so on. This is only my opinion but, the block chain/decentralized/p2p/ ect..platform users and Devs should willing to show our face at least one time for one reason only. If we believe we are doing the right thing and building a better future we should face those who would use our belief in anonymity as some sort of cowardice or criminality.
Thanks for taking the time to write the article. It is appreciated

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