KAMBO- Method For Instant Emotional Healing! (POWERFUL)

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This Kambo Ceremony video is about the powerful fast results that I had with Kambo. If you have been looking for a speedy method to heal - I believe you have come to the right spot. Let me know what you think in the comments below!

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Interesting I might look into Kambo next time I want to puke and shit out toxins quickly. Check out Dr Morse stuff on youtube he's a lot of cured people through detox with herbs and a fruit and vegetable diet. I think that is one of the more natural ways to detox. He has plethora of videos and breaks down what he does pretty well.

I looove Dr. Morse!!

I had the option to take Kambo in Iquitos but I passed on it. Your explanation was very good and I feel much more inclined to try it out.

Great to see you on DTube now!

A lot of my friends that have done Ayahuasca were not for Kambo. They didn't like the experience they had and they felt as if they didn't need it. They also didn't have much to release. I feel like this method is great for someone who has had recent emotional issues or past issues that they want brought to the surface fast and done effectively!

Let me know if you end up trying it!

DTube was not letting me load my vid for two days oddly, but it finally worked today! :D

Wow that's crazy sis! You seem very strong & open to this kind of thing. I think people will know if they'll be able to handle it or not. I had never heard of this froggy magic til now, I'm glad it helped you! You are so good at talking & explaining things <3

That sounds so cute! (: Froggy Magic :)

Yes, my body absolutely loved it lol!

Thank you so much for the compliment sis! That is the best compliment you could give me! <3 <3 <3 <3

Never heard of Kambo, very interesting. Love is the best healer and does so much to us in all aspects of our lives!

Yes! These different types of medicines help us to embody love so much easier and live at a higher frequency :D <3 <3

I have taken Kambo six times, three sessions in a full moon cycle, in two different years. It is something special, and have seen the healing it has done for people. Did you know Paul Simon wrote a song about kambo years ago?

That is awesome! How was your experience with Kambo? :D I did not know that about Paul Simon - thank you for sharing! :)

What convinced me to try it once, was that someone said that it also had a chakra balancing effects too. The first time, I puked my guts out, and then felt really good. The feeling really good part afterwards is what usually helps me through the rough parts if I keep that in mind. It is like Having a bad flu bug, but only for like 20min. I think that helps knowing too while going through it, that it won't last, unlike the flu where you have no idea what is going on or how many days it will last. I was then told I should do it three times in one moon cycle for its full protection, so I was like, damn, guess I survived the first one fine, lets see what the rest is all about........
Anyhow, the second time, I took the morning after a aya ceremony. I sat with it with a sense of no fear and sense of respect and love, instead of the feeling of dread about going to be so sick so badly. That time I didn't get sick! It felt very energetic in nature that time too, like it was working on the "light body". So for the third one, I took towards the end of an aya ceremony, and I had drank aya the night before with a different group in another state. They had run late with starting their ceremony, and then late the next day with starting a sweat lodge.So I ate when I should not have, and some of which had vinegar in it. I then rushed to this ceremony....in NYC, the belly of Babylon, such an intense urban jungle for healing work . The rape' before the first serving of aya, kicked my butt! pineal throbbing,colors, and me "getting well" into my bucket plenty. That has been my strongest rape' moment to date (though I don't do it anymore), and jungle tobacco is much stronger than western tobacco, fyi. So late in the night, after the second cup was served, they started apply the kambo to those who wanted it, but only after they started drinking lots of water. Well, I was thinking I had it mastered after the last time, but this one really kicked my butt the hardest! I heaved so hard from puking, I pulled a muscle in my side that hurt for weeks! It is funny how people literally turn into a frog during the experience. Their face will get puffy, and their lips....looking just like a frog, and you end up on all fours heaving into a bucket, and the puking and burping sounds just like a bunch of frogs!
I find it takes far more courage to go through Kambo than an Aya ceremony, but it is so worth it, it lifts brain fog for a while by flushing toxins out of the brain that have built up, along with a immunization type of "shot". You can always start with small amount of "dots", like 1-3, and then work your way up to 7-9 dots. Some of these shamans will take dozens of dots at once!

That is very interesting @awarenessraiser, kambo therapy for emotional healing. very educative and helpful video.

Thank you for watching it :) I am glad you enjoyed it!

I watched a nice care video :)

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So good to see you around again!!! :)

I did Kambo a couple of times back in Peru and it was a cool experience. The first time I was screaming like a made guy but the next few sessions where very smooth.
Our shamans called the giant bicolor tree frogs the singing frogs they where only finding them at night when the frogs started singing.

I did as well 3 coca diets they where awesome and powerful too.


Wow bro, you have literally done everything!!

Yup almost all psychedelics the only one I have not done yet is Yopo.
LOVE&LIGHT have a nice day :))