NEARLY Losing Access To $7,000 On Steemit!

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Steemit account with around $7,000 (now $8,000) worth of Steem in it at the time, nearly locked out of it. Let's chat about it and what you should definitely avoid and learn from this lesson ;) #Steemit


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I should careful!


Personally I think by the time your account is worth enough that it would hurt to lose you should have the password memorized. Offline backups are great but if my house burns down I want to make sure my passwords are in my head as well.

How do you find the times to memorise 32 characters and their case whether it be upper or lower and remember everything else happening in your life aswell?

typically for long passwords I turn them into sentences where the first letter of each word is a letter in the password. If it is something really important I make it a sentence and then put it to music. Think of how many song lyrics you know. The upper and lower are done with notes going up or down or pitch bends or anything that helps me remember. The process is obviously easier if I get to choose the password.

Here is a perfect example. Listen to the lyric of this at 4:29. No one would ever guess that as a password especially if you replace the spaces between the "words" with a meaningful number.

So Humala bebuhla zeebuhla boobuhla Humala bebuhla zeebuhla bop



Backup the owner key OFFLINE! How many times do we have to repeat that? 😑
I'm a volunteer in the help channel, and every day we have cases of people losing their password, mistyping it, all sorts of voodoo stuff. So they lose their accounts permanently.

Did you try the steemit account recovery? It works in the cases of stolen or hacked accounts, as long as you still got the old/previous password.

There was no need but that was my next step if everything else failed

Glad it all worked out. Lesson learned 🤓
By the way, do you know it's possible to give access to your account to other users? For example, since you have a backup account, you can give it posting, active or even owner permissions to this account! In case something like that happens again, you can access and fix your account. It's a cool feature, not very well known. I will write a post about it, among other things concerning key handling and safety.

cool :)

Feels bad man


Your much too smart a guy to get into a situation like that. But when you do your smart enough to get out!
SO not a problemo!


yeaaaaaah boi.... all i have to say

Okay :)

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i have 5000 ish, but my voting power is very low at the moment so 1000 if you have a high voting power should get you about 25 cents

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this is great like you mention for avoiding and learning from this lesson

yep hopefully people don't make the same mistake

in the effort to be safe he got mixed up and lost his password. Luckily he was able to recover it later.


Wow... Thank God for the lessons learnt, thank you for sharing with us. Permit me to resteem



Wow, I feel your anxiety. My account is not worth that much, but I would feel similar if I lost access. I have no intention of changing my password. Ever. It's printed and filed with my vital documents. Until the day I power-down and walk away a gazillionare.

Steemit - living life on the edge. @ironshield


interesting post!

Cheers :)

It's really scary, only the thought of it. Happy you didnt loose it anyways, Good thing you have taken precaution. Thanks for sharing this is really big help to myself and other steemians.


i have always keys offline!

As do i know :)

This very very good post..


Thank You!

My favorite way to lose money is to check graph on bittrex, carefuly pick the price, sell/buy and then realize I picked the wrong price.

Buy high, sell low :D


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Now that was one funny post, understandable being a bit frantic losing 7k, heck who wouldn't be. me, I have a password manager as well as a notebook I write all my passwords down on just in case my laptop blows up or something distardly happening

:) can never be too careful

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and im not saying all bots are bad for example @cheetah and @originalworks that stop spam and search the internet for similar content to stop copy and pasters are great as they up hold the integrity of the platform

Rant Over ;)

The problem is that the system doesn't work like that. For now the platform lacks a way to distribute content in clever ways. The upvote bots allow people to be seen in the hot and trending categories.

I agree that these bots are somehow counterintuitive to the platform but it seems that this is exactly where the platform is going to and it will increase ten-fold and more if they don't change the underlying mechanics.

Is that a bad thing? Not neccessarily, it depends what we as a hive mind do with that. So far it is a fun anarcho-capitalistic ride.

fun anarchy-capitalistic ride. has got to be one of the best ways of describing something :)