Everyone deserves a second chance on steemit

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I’m sure many of you can relate to the disappointment you’ve felt when you’ve invested a significant amount of time and energy to put together a great post only to have it go unnoticed.

Until recently, if it didn’t get noticed in the first 24hrs by the community or some quality-seeking whale there is a chance your post could go unrewarded.

We’ll the steemit team are constantly monitoring your feedback and worked with the witnesses last week to upgrade steemit to give your posts a longer time period to earn that recognition and a 2nd chance for that elusive big-payout!

You can read the full technical details of the change and reasoning here, but this is the summary:

Each discussion goes through a two stage payout. The first one is nearly identical to what currently happens on a new discussion except that we are weighting payout times by 12 hours instead of 24. This should cycle through currently trending content quicker. There is a second voting period set to 30 days after the first payout. This should help posts that don't have immediate viral success accumulate votes and have more consistent payouts in the long run.

@pauls second chance

I was inspired to make sure you all know about the change after seeing how it actually made a huge difference to @pauls post https://steemit.com/ethereum/@pauls/ethereum-fork-step-by-step-guide-to-safely-splitting-your-eth-etc that is now on the first page of trending:

In the first 24 hours after Paul made his post, it had managed to attracted only 14 upvotes - understandable given the nature of the content and the ever increasing volume of new posts for steemians to sift through. Unfortunately, it meant the post never gained enough weighty votes to get even a 1c payout in that first payout period.

On the old version of steemit that would be it - Zip, Zero, Zilch for Pauls post forever!

However, the karma gods must have been shining on @pauls, two pieces of good fortune meant this was not the end of the story..

Steemit’s new 2nd chance - 30 day payout change had been introduced a few days before.

And none other than the creator of Ethereum himself - Vitalik Buterin recognized the value in Pauls post and linked to it in his own blog – bringing hundreds of new readers to the post and no doubt introducing some users to steemit for the very first time.

This is when I and hundreds of others steemians noticed the post and the upvoting frenzy began - leading to the the well-deserved 2nd payout value you see today!

I think this is a great story of how the steemit team are constantly looking at how they can better improve the platform and how this one change alone is intended to encourage writers to invest the time to post quality content on steemit - knowing that there is a great chance of being rewarded even if your post does not initially go viral.

So now, “Everyday is a second chance on steemit” - well at least for 30 days!


Thanks for this inspiring post, I did not make any serious money yet but I still trying , thank you again

@ben99 you're even luckier can't even have my post get more than $8 yet I kept steaming on for the love of writing

It's not just @pauls post, there are several other that have been brought back to life. The post about @cheetah, about microscopy of tears, about the crusty French bread. And many more!

It's been a highly successful change. Kudos Team Steemit.

Of course, there are tons more to be re-discovered.

I hope I am. One of these sure would want to do more for charities I am supporting @liberosist

Thank you, i posted earlier about a 3D steemit logo intro i made and literally only get a few cents . If you have some spare time please have a look, https://steemit.com/steem/@warrensteem/steem-logo-build-i-created-original-content

Great to know, but a 4 week is long time to wait i think. Couse the vote value sinks and goes up all the time.

I agree, I think 4 weeks is way too long! The value will go down a lot in that time. I kinda liked the 24 hour payout better. Maybe they could pay every 24 hours within those 30 days to somewhat offset the value fluctuations.

Yess i`m agree

Any idea about curation? I mean does the second period has its own curation (starting, say, from vote 1 @ 12hours and 1 second) or is it unified with the first period where, say, a voter of the first 12hr period will get curation rewards for the boom that may follow in, say, 10 days?

There are no curation rewards whatsoever past the first payout.

Thanks for clarifying

Eventho with second chance nobody notice my post , some said i got a quality post but sad only trash bot give me upvote . :'( i need a change not chance !

Hopefully someone will go back and read some of my old science blogs now! Some people posted some compliments, but only long after the fact of payout.

His lordship, the kingmaker Vitalik has acknowledged our existence?

great to see this happening ! Don't give up hope and who knows your post might be the one

There should be more solutions to this problem. The second chance update is amazing. It's a waste that many quality articles still maintain unnoticed!!;)

Good to try something new.

I blog frequently and I really thank you for your information. This article has really peaked my interest. I am going to bookmark your steem profile and keep checking for new details about once per week

[Mistake - Edited]

Great TRUE stories! Thanx you for revving up the community!!!

A second chance or a third or a forth haha! Even though my first #introduceyourself post ended up in the "personal" category, I managed to make around $25.
Now I posted in my OWN category #selfSTEEM and let's see what happens!

I'm new here so I dont fully understand the implications of this but I posted about making beer yesterday so if all else fails I'll pour myself another drink...

I like the way you think

I'm also tring to earn from this wonderful community but did not get success and i'm disappointed but hope,may be i will get success in future.

I am very glad to read that efforts are being made which increase the probability of quality being rewarded despite the understandable conundrum that a slower growing amount of stake holders with high steem power have to sift through a much faster growing amount of content to discover the diamonds.
Keep up the great work to co-create a vision that will hopefully become unstoppable until coersion becomes a meaningless concept ;-)
Steem on!

Anyone know?? -- How long does it take author_curate_reward to recharge?
I didn't realise until today that editing your post counted as a new top level posting. :/
I've been editing my posts to perfection without realising that I was fucking myself every time.

My latest post ended up trending really well but it looks like I'll only get spare change. Absolutely gutted.

I would love a second change on that ... FML

Condra - I was wrong. This is not true. I've edited my post to reflect this.
But since it was massively un/downvoted (and deservedly so), that post went by the way side.

@winstonwolfe - Thanks you for clarifying. I really appreciate it. So did my author_curate_reward go down to 1.14% from too many top level posts? I didn't expect to be penalised so heavily. 20 posts in 4 days - I didn't think that was excessive.

Looks like if the max is 4 per day before penalization, that would be 16 spread evenly in 4 days before they start taking it down, so yeah that's probably it.

Dang. I'm glad to hear editing doesn't count as a post, because it felt like it would have been a bug, but now hearing that I'm so heavily penalised for trying to create a lot of decent content. Thats a harder pill to swallow :(
Thank you for all the time you've spent with me on this issue. I owe you one buddy.

Thank you, thanks to this valuable change , for many a second chance can be much more successful than the first!

I also appreciate the the earning potential of great posts has been extended! Thank you!

It can be really disappointing - I put a lot of effort in writing an Android Widget for Steem and after I posted I saw a typo. So I clicked on "edit" to fix that and it screwed up the markdown/html - took me about 30 minutes to figure out how to fix it, by that time the post had gone down. In the end the whole project got close to zilch attention. Which is sad because I had hoped for people from the steemit community to make it better. (https://steemit.com/steem/@sunking/tired-of-checking-the-steem-price-here-is-steemery-the-android-widget-for-steems)

I love happy endings... and now we have two chances at them!

I just posted two awesome posts, they didn't seem to get the attention I feel they deserve. I would love if you guys could check them out. Thanks

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Nice post. The second chance option is a great addition, love it :)

Wow you surely made this post so inspirational! How to be you? Look at all those upvote. You must be proud of your post. Good job. @au1nethyb1

@au1nethybi surely agree everyone deserves as many chances as they're willing to have

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