Steemit Review: Steemit is Awesome!

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I'm excited about Steemit because Steemit users really like to upvote posts from people who say that they're excited about Steemit.

This should be good for Steemit because Steemit.

And also Steemit, therefore, Steemit.


Sorry, I forgot to mention...


(And don't forget about STEEM.)

Thank you.

P.S. - Bitshares

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I am excited that you are excited so I upvoted and will continue to follow your excitement !!!!

Upvote this comment and follow me back and I'll be so excited I'll send you 1 Steem !!! #Excited


Well that was exciting - free STEEM to celebrate STEEM joy


I just joined today and i'm super excited!


Followed followed and followed

I'm so excited about this post that I'm going to upvote with my other two accounts. Hell, I may even create more just to upvote this post. Steemit is the greatest!


You're damn right it is! You know what else is the greatest?



Hey you! Take all my money ;)


We go through cycles. This is apparently what the smaller stakeholders want to see right now.


To clarify things, I am a small stakeholder but I do NOT want to only see these :))


Well now you're just hurting my feelings.

I just want to make sure I read the memo correctly.
Let me know if I forgot anything.


Yep. You're all caught up! Good job!


Steemit? You forgot Steemit!
Anyways upvoted.

i have been to BTS then joined STEEM then..

oh fuck!

good post

Good joke :) Upvoted because obviously Steemit is awesome :)
These posts can add value btw. I actually joined because of a post that my brother shared on Facebook that talked about what the platform was, and why it is awesome :)

Well steemit!! Duh!

Thanks too for that Bitshares name drop


You're welcome!

:) Steem Up

I see your excitement but i didn't see anything about being in it for the long haul or powering up. Hmm ;0)

#circlejerk Moments on steemit!

Great post !
PS: Dan is probably working on something as awesome as Steem

Thanks for the belly-laugh!

I noticed the same exact thing, its like do they really need to tell everyone how good something is over and over. This is turning into a social media site for people who want to talk about how much they love steemit over and over! Glad you made this post it made me laugh!

Hello verry intresting post . I dont want to disturb you, but maybe you will like to support some positive project ?
Happy steeming !

Idk man. Great post but you forgot about Steemit. Anyways I upvoted before read.


That's the best way to upvote! Nice work!


Thanks man, im learning from the bests ones :)