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You meant to include this post in "satire" right?

The breakfast in your picture is the exact opposite of healthy. You would be better skipping breakfast than eating the guaranteed coronary you have in your picture.

How about some fruits, very small slide of cheese for protein, and a small coffee?


@davebrewer this food isn't unhealthy .. it's cheese croissant , French toast and cream donut .. ingredients matter a lot ! And yes fruits are healthy too I agree ! Put some fruits too 😊


Coffee and flavored milk matter a lot too !


@davebrewer You better Find Healthy Stuff in Your Kitchen Not on Steemit :D


He says a right thing @slefesreem .. breakfast must be healthy


I agree with you @davebrewer. In my opinion, a cream donut, croissant and a muffin are not that healthy.... Probably I have another concept of health, but @asmasiddiqueare is the doctor!

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