How long does it take to get your Steem Power investment back?

in steemit •  2 years ago

Suppose you buy 100 Steem and convert them directly into Steem Power. And then directly start powering them down. How long does it take before you can have 100 Steem again?

I believe you get 1% every week of the Steem Powers you have. So you might think it takes 100 weeks to have 100 Steem again. But you also get around 0.5%(?) added to your Steem Power balance every day. So each week the amount of power-down-payout also increases. Considering all this how long does it take to get your 100 Steem back out the system? And are there more factors to consider?

For the sake of simplicity, assume that the price stays the same during this period. I realize that with Steem this you should not overlook due to the high inflation of 100% per year. But price is very hard to predict anyway for a new system such as Steem, so I just ignore it for the time being ;-)

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I think you lose the interest when you power down. It takes 104 weeks to get your money out. I'm just putting small amounts in for now, see if it does anything to help my account out. I wouldn't put your life savings in there though.


Well, I'm pretty sure its shorter then 104 weeks, due to the increasing steem power every week. I get every week an increase of at least 5% in Steem Power. But only 1% is powered down to steem. So next week i get more steem during the power down, because I have more Steem Power. And the week after even more. Etc etc.
Or do you think it doesn't work like this? BTW... I totally agree with your advise! Only put small amounts in Steem. And only money you don't need in the future.

I have wondered when you power down do you stop earning on what is powered down or just what is payed out

.. how about now suppose i put 200 on here, how long till i see a gain on my investment? Assuming the price doesn't fluctuate and all that 200 goes to steem power?

It will take 13 weeks, because 1/13th is returned back every week

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