The story of an Hajari

in #steemit2 years ago

Yesterday me and my Dad were having some time to ourselves and were discussing a lot of things. One of those topics came out to be the rising Inflation all over the world.


My Dad shared an interesting story with me. As Americans have Millionaires and Billionaires we call such rich Guys Crorepati in India. My Dad said that when he was a Child there were no Crore or Lakhpati around but there was just a handful of Hajaris. Now, this is a term I have never heard.

What is a Hajari?

Apparently, the people who had more than 1 thousand INR in their families were called Hajaris and there was a weird way of them showing the world that they were Hajaris. They would tie of a Red Cloth on a Bamboo stick and put it in their Gate as a symbol of status. I found this story very interesting, I also added that by doing so they were asking to be robbed, and my Dad replied that at that time there were hardly any Robbers as almost everyone was happy in their lives.

It really goes to show how Inflation has taken over our Country as now you can't even buy a Nice set of Clothes with 1000 INR.


I learned a new thing from our History thanks to my Dad.


That was quite an interesting story!

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That is the world we are in now.. When I interact with elderly people too, I found out that they were happier and contented with what they had them. Funny enough what they had was nothing compared to what we have now, but still happiness is very far from us.

Your story is very interesting. I am also knowing Hajaris for the first time. Keep up good job friend.

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