Special Post Promotion Thread(Valid only for the First 10 Submissions)

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So I have kinda Reversed the Rules a Bit so make sure you don't break any Rules and you will get an Upvote from me.

Rules To Follow

  1. I will Upvote only the First 10 Submissions who will follow all the Rules which includes the Resteeming of this Post.

  2. The Voting will be Done within 24 Hours after Posting of this Post.

  3. Make sure you Comment a Post that is Freshly Brewed or at least not older than 5 Days.

  4. I will be Upvoting Posts at 1-5% of my VP which will give around 6 - 30 cents in Payouts.

  5. Do not submit Contest-related Posts as I will not be Upvoting those.

  6. Your Post should be less than 10 USD in Payouts to be a Valid Entry.

  7. Finally, I might Upvote Posts as I like them to be. It would be my Personal Preference.



You got a 30.65% upvote from @minnowvotes courtesy of @arunava!

It is an excellent opportunity to compete with one of my post

Okay,, no contest related posts... I have Resteemed and upvoted.. here is my new post..


Upvoted at 2%

Sorry @verasj but your Post is over 10 USD.

Ouch...sorry didn't see that...hahha..anyway, thanks.

Have never enter first ten when ever this promotion thread comes up, why??

You need to Resteem my Post in order to qualify for the Upvote Giveaway

OK, I got that..