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I have seen many posts here on Steemit that are warning New Steemians against spamming. I'm new to Steemit and just joined in July. I know the general rules against spamming, however it would really help all of us minnows if a few of the Steem Whales would give us clear guidelines on Steemit etiquette. I know that I have commented on many posts and felt that my comments were thoughtful and genuine, having said that, I have on a few occasions asked the author of the post to follow me. I don't do this on every comment but some people that I find interesting or could benefit from my post I ask them to follow me to create the friendship or relationship. I'm not sure if this is considered spamming? I do agree with putting tighter community controls on people who use bots to spam comments and for upvotes and I have read some of the debates about upvoting your own comments, both the pros and cons, I strongly feel that we that are here now, all must agree on acceptable tribe behavior for all Stemmians.


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Excellent post you went inside of my head and put it into words. Guidance would be nice. I don't ask anybody to follow me because I feel that its cheating. I just spend time reading and commenting sincerely to gain my followers but every where I go people ask for followers and likes.. is this good practice?

I don't click on "follow" buttons because it seems that you should be invited to do so after someone has commented or liked your comment - is this good practice?

When t comes to up-voting I do so when I comment because it feels wrong not to but I am not sure if there is limit as to how much you should up-vote... does it cause any set backs to you if you do it too much and if so what are they??
I didn't bring a lot of followers with me though I could have because I don't believe in allowing people onto your face book or linked that you never met. I always thought that was being phoney,

Now I wish I had because maybe It would be nice contribution to Steemit if I brought a lot of folks with me. Steem-Etiquette would be very helpful.

nice thinking!

Yes, steemit is eassy stage of development. some friend also asked to earn with money by sharing pics in steemit .


yes I agree with you better days are coming

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I can clearly see that Steemit is in early stages of development. I was doing things wrong at first and had no idea. I think some clearer guidelines need to be set so minnows don't do as well in ignorance. There are great blogs and things going on here to help but I think there should be like a guide to go by or something. I thank everyone that has led me in the right direction but I have to admit, I think I could have done better if I had know even some of the basic etiquette for Steemit. I'm sure it will improve and has been great reguardless. I am very interested to learn. I will upvote this post since I commented and I hear its bad etiquette not to if you comment but I'm still at hear say. I try and be nice, original and educational. Hope to learn some from further comments. This is great, we need to know. I don't be hatin yo. lol!


Yes I agree, when your new everyone will make a few mistakes and not all of us will bring hundreds of followers from other social media sites. But i hope to learn and grow with the community and become a well respected and valuable contributor to the success of the whole Steemit community. Good Luck on your journey. I'll be sure to keep up with your post too.. Thanks

Hello to all love steemit friends. Now we became the 2017 followers. Thanks you all the Steemit members very much. In the same way we will continue to work
Steemit members are welcome.


yes i agree thanks

thank you for voicing out. Most post that are genuine don't even get those expected upvote. Feeling you on this. I hope they will help so that we can also become Whales like them. Nice observation.
Following you back. Kindly check out my two recent posts on Friendship and Dog (man's best friend). Will appreciate your up vote and resteem if you find them interesting like am finding yours interesting and appealig.@optimistdehinde. Thank you

I totally don't mind spam in my wallet, it's always accompanied by SBD or Steem. Not a whale so, just sayin'.....


Yes that's true, I was just telling my mother-In-law this morning about Steem and how you could earn some money posting good content or pictures etc, just a little to start,,, But a little adds up over time and we are the few that have been lucky enough to get in the community before it becomes mainstream.
Happy Steeming to you, I'll check in on your post too



Very true, it's time for ordinary everyday people to "rise up" from a tax-riddled system that keeps trying to rip us off, keep us broke, tell us we're nothing but mindless drones under the control of highly-prominent individuals who feel they can toy with us for kicks, and expect us to just roll over like a good puppy dog, occasionally tossing us a meaty bone..

I said it before what Ryu's fireball sounds like in Street Fighter II, and it's going to sum up my point above all together about those who steal, and use others to get rich, while laughing all the way to the bank..

LOL, after all these years [to me] it still sounds like "THAT'S BULLSH-T!!"

Well, MUCH heavier on the BS part.. :-\

upvote plz

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True... But it seems the whales are faceless

Great one keep it up.

Steemit has a basic culture . If you wrote a post that goes along with something in someone else's post I don't see anything wrong with sharing it. As long as your comments are genuine you should be fine. As long as its not a habit. Nice post good food for thought :)

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