How To Increase Followers - A Guide For New Steemers

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This Is A Simple Guide To Increase Your Number of Followers

For New Users on Steemit

Welcome! Welcome to the first social media where you are getting paid for communicating online. You might have or might not have made your first post, but either way I assume you didn't make as much as the posts in the "trending" or "hot" section did. That's okay. I want to let you know that the users that are getting paid a lot has deserved it. They either invested a lot of money in SP (Steem Power) or spend a lot of hours engaging with the community, and by that creating a following so huge that it will seem impossible for you/me to ever achieve that.

It will take time for you to get there, but you can do it, just like they did it. I can do it aswell and I just figured out how to do it.

How To Get More Followers

The chart you are looking at here, is a chart showing the numbers of followers I have achieved since April 13th. As you can see, unless you can't see, my number of followers has increased a lot in the last couple of days.
steem følgere.png
This chart is a close up of the last couple of days. As it shows you I have gained somewhere near 8 followers a day, which is pretty good compared to before the 6th of May.
steem følgere 2.png

Why Such An Increase?

Start commenting! Yes, it is as simple as that. On the 6th of May I started commenting on a lot more post than I had ever done. I started engaging with the community, and it has really paid off. Not only have I increased my number of followers but it has been a lot more fun being on Steemit.

  1. Pick some topics that interest you.
  2. Scroll down the "new" page, pick a post that interest you, and leave a comment.
  3. Watch and feel the magic.

Don't be ashamed!

Don't be ashamed to ask for a follow. If you are already commenting on something you find interesting, they will probably also find your post interesting. Maybe don't ask for a follow in science when you are a strong believer in flatearth. Or maybe do actually.

Only doing posts won't get you there!

Unless you are a badass writer. I am not, but I have had some decent payout if you take into consideration I am a quite new user and only has 80ish followers.

You can't expect to get, when you are not giving. So start commenting on others post! And trust me, you will get some love, feedback, trust, money etc.

Welcome to Steemit, I hope it helped!

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It really helped, I'll start commenting as u said from now.
Thank you man...

Please follow me .

I don't have any interesting posts yet, but I think I can get into the track soon.

That really works, I have started get involved with lot of posts. In result it has helped me

Thanks for sharing the advice and real world experience on getting more followers. I am fairly new here, but have fallen in love with this community. Let's all grow together. You have a new follower in me.

Well thank you for reading! Without you I am nothing, so thank you for being a part of it all! :)

@rebeccaryan mentioned you had she not I wouldn't have gotten lost here
you got lucky neighbor ..good luck!

Haha cool! I know! She is a queen! I am working on a thank you post for tomorrow. I hope she will see it :) Thank you for commenting and engaging with me :)

thumbs up :)

Follow me please :)

Do you have a follow-up post with stats for the last 6 months? Could be interesting to see trends, correlation between # of followers, comments, posts and earnings. I'm just getting started and like to keep track over similar statistics.

Very good idea. But I don't. I have not been posting, commenting, and voting much lately, I can guarentee that you're not getting followers that way. I maybe got 50 followers in 2 weeks, compared to when I am active I got 50 followers in two days.

Mange tak @aresnal49 for some good advice!

This was really really helpful. I'm a new user, so I have been constantly looking for ways to grow my following. I decided to just jump myself right into it. A lot of people are giving me this same advice when asking them, so I'll take it as a sign. Thank you for your post!

Let have a try and start with this post ;-)

Thank you arsenal49 for this post :). It's clear and doesn't look hard to do but rather fun :).

You're welcome. I am wondering how people still find this guide :)

I found it through google search :)

Awesome! Never thought of that! What did you search for?

Well, I am a newbie on steemit, and want to create content in two directions English lessons because I teach English 👩🏼‍🏫, and yoga practice because I practice yoga ‍♀️. So I was looking for the information how to get more followers to my posts 😊

Cool! I am glad I could help! :)

How about a follow AND an upvote :D

Oh my lord! Thank you! :) I just saw you made 70 $ on one of your first post. Congrats man! :)

Yeah.....I was shocked. Thanks!

Great overview of your journey. Mine is similar.

There are some headline Steemit posts that have made a fortune, the highest I can find is 46k but the reality for most users is that it can take a long time to build up a following, and get some sort of regular payouts. Most payouts to start can be tiny.
My advice for new users is to stick with it. You will grow and develop as a writer. For a initial boost do a great introduction post. Sometimes these get nice payouts.

Yes. That's very true. 46k is insane! Wow! But if this keeps going at this rate we will all be able to make a fortune in some years. I already did an introduction post, but it wasn't that good and I don't feel like doing another just to earn some money. I write about stuff that I care about and interest me :) That way I like my time on Steemit :)

Well I just got approved today and decided to take your advise. Thank you. Looking forward to learning my way around.

Welcome then! If you already start now by engaging with people you can achieve what I did in just two weeks. No doubt!

Such a good post! Thanks @arsenal49 for the right advice and kind words.

You're welcome :) Thank you for reading. I hope this will also help you even though you are way more experienced than I am here on Steemit :)

^.^__/ but You have managed to do better :) now I follow You.

Not better. I don't think so. But thank you a lot! I will follow back. I like the post you are resteeming :)

Successful people do not only talk but listen (read and comment ;) ).
Thx for the advice, good to get some hints as a newbie here.

You are welcome! :) I am just glad you could use it! :)

I am brand new here - so I really appreciate the advice. Commenting is the same way I built my following on LinkedIn! Again, thank you.

Thanks for reading! I'm glad you liked it!

A wild upvote appears.

Gotta catch em all!

I actually wrote about that... I'm still gobsmacked by the reception.

Wow! I can see that. Nice job man!

Follow me please :)

thanks for the info!
please follow me @antv

I think you tips are pretty useful so I'm gonna give you a follow to see what else you can share with me.

I am going to take your advice and I will leave a comment on here. It feels great to communicate with others in the community. Together we are fueling happiness and prosperity for each other.

Thanks and I hope it will help you :)

@arsebak49 Thank you for your input. I'm one day old at Steemit, so this is of great assistance. I'm now following you (:

Thanks for the following. I am just glad it helped. If you start engaging TODAY you will grow your followers fast!

Great tips! Will try it. Thanks!

You're welcome! No problem :)

Great post. It looks like it's taking off too.

Its true i done so like this one, good post and useful for other thanks @arsenal94

Thanks for sharing this valuable information. I am new here, and post like this is a gem to us. I am just about to write a post on introduce myself... to you and all your readers then please make a follow @arnel I'll be trying to make valuable and informative posts in the coming days. Congrats! Have an awesome day!

Just joined steemit, and it's nice to see a uplifting article right off the bat. Great advice for someone just beginning in the steemit community ;) .

Thank you! That was the point of it all, to let you know it is possible :)

Another newbie here thanking you for this advice. I'll definitely be trying it out!

You should. It might be a slow start. I think the first day I tried it I only got 4-6 followers, but it kept increasing every day :)

I appreciate the advice. Thank you very much!

I hope it helped! You're welcome :)

Thank you for the advice.

You're welcome! I can't believe this post is still getting seen by a lot of people. It's amazing!

Keep up the good work! I Upvoted & Followed as well.

Thanks man! I'm glad you liked it! :)

enjoyed reading and great advice cheers

Thanks! You're welcome. I hope you will benefit from it :)

I will do, I'm only new here so will be listening to what people say

That's a good way to start :)

Thanks for the heads up. I've always preferred to comment than upload my own content anyways. Cheers!

nice article man , i just got into this steemit adventure and its so exciting! i'll drop a follow after this and hope u do the same :D

wow! this is wonderful.. thanks a lot for this wonderful post.

followed you.

Thank you for those wonderful words ! :)

Thank you, great info. Gonna give it a try starting now! :)

This is really interesting I am new on here have only been on here for maybe 3 days, but I guess it doesn't hurt to ask please Follow Me and maybe an up vote??? that would be amazing =)
Thank you so much for the advice !

Did it hurt? :D Of course I will follow you :)

Thank you for the post, it helps a lot ! im new here fact it's my first day on steemit so.. im happy and lucky to find a guide like yours.
i follow you and share this

You're welcome. I'm glad people still find it. I will make another one today, so keep updating you steemit ;)

Thanks for the advice. I'll be following you too.

Thanks man! I appreciate it. I will check out your content in the coming days :)

Superb post! You (and others) have inspired me to start using Steemit and I look forward to seeing more of your posts, now that I've followed you. Keep offering new advice to help us newbies! Thank you!

Glad it helped you! I will be posting a new post soon ;)

Thank you so much for an awesome post. Im new here so its nice to know these things. Very helpful. following you

Thanks man! I really hope that my post helped you! :)

I just broke the 50 followers mark which I am really happy about. Thanks for the tip. I will comment even more than I already do now :)

You should! I will help you a lot :) And thanks for reading! And congrats! :)

Follow me please :)

Why Such An Increase?
Start commenting! Yes, it is as simple as that.


Like you just did. You just gained a follower by commenting on my post ;)

Hehe, just glad seeing more people understand how to be effective. :)

If you happen to stumble upon great comments on the daily feel free to nominate them in the "Contest of the Day" :) winning comments and also nominators are now rewarded.

Thanks for being awesome! ^^

I will. No doubt. Thank you for upvoting and commenting. From my point of view I am just a man in small boat in a very big ocean just outside Steemland and then you stops by. A big juicy whale, jumping high up from the deep and makes a huge splash which then made it rain with STEEMS but most important drops of joy and excitement! I just hope this whale will follow my boat on the journey that hasn't even started yet :)

Hehe, don't worry about it. There will be more and more "whales" over time.
and I'm not really a whale, I'm just an active curator who is very active and likes to distribute steem as wide as possible and has tried to value commenting since the beginning. ^^

Well if not a whale, then a Blue Marlin :D I am glad I was right about the commenting. I will continue as I have done, and keep distributing as you are doing :)

Excellent advice @arsenal49 ! I am really enjoying Steem, especially the fact that it's not all about "friend collecting". The welcoming support I've received made me want to spread the Steemian word. Thanks for the post... See you around Steem ;)

Super! Thanks for sharing :)

Great article I will take heed to your advice.

Thank you. I am glad it can help you :)

Thank you @arsenal49 for the amazing info

Now I would not ashamed to ask about a follow up 🤗
Please follow me

You just got 1 more :)

Follow me please :)

Thanks! I appreciate it! Right back at ya!

I usually don't add links but since I reply per phone it's the easier way and I think it might be interesting for new members.
Nice to meet you all !

Very useful link! Thank you! :)

Thanks your article is helpful
I already earns follower by commenting and I will do more commenting on others posts. 🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑

THis was healthy advice man. .. Thanks .. Upvoted and Follwed.... DO follow back..

Thanks for the tips! Good post!

After 3 hours commeting I'm going to sleep hahahaha

Thx for your post @arsenal49!

hey i am impressd.tnks u post.its work.

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great post! will try this out.

Great advice!

Great advice!
Just followed you :)

Thanks man! I really appreciate that. I hope you will benefit from it :)

I have 0 Follower
now i will try this trick

Nicely posted and I liked the suggestion!

Thank you for your feedback :) I'm glad you liked it!

I hope o can be as blessed as you @arsenal49

Very helpful post !!!

this its realy good advice cos am new here! so tnx for this i will reading all what you wrhite and i will folow your advice !! but one more thing i like this place :D

Thank you. If you follow I hope you will get as much succes as I had :)

o that its good words and good wishes to other human,than you!

Such a good advice! Thanks for sharing that tip
Upvoted, Followed and Resteemed! :D

Wow! You are a champ! That deserves a follow aswell ;)

Thanks a lot i really love to help people especially in Steemit community as they helped me! :)

Great article for beginners @arsenal49 . Let me start commenting on posts from your post only. :D :D

Now, becoming ashamed and asking all of you to please follow me. I won't bite anyone

great post, learnt alot will try it..

Nice article bro

Thanks for the advice! Following that advice and commenting. lol!

Sounds good, I will give it a try. Follow me and I will follow back :)

its a really helpful post thanks @arsenal49 :)

Thank you very much for sharing this usefull infor

Thank you for this post. Its rally helpful. Definitely i will try this In-Sha-Allah.
Thanks again. May Allah bless you.

Hey great post, ill start by following you and commenting here :D. follow me @badman-crypto for ICO and crypto news and reviews!

Thanks for tips, I've followed you. Can you please follow me also.

That was very helpfull, follow me for Airdrops :D

#airdrop #airdrops #tokens

Thanks for the info brother.
My followers has really been stagnant for a while. I hope it increases soon.

Loved reading your post. I totally agree with you...engaging is the way to go...then I scroll through your comments and see you responding all the way down the line!!! That's great...Exactly how I am planning to do it. Thanks for writing this post. Thanks!

It's amazing and make me interesting. Now your follower increase more than one thousand, you are the big guru

Thanks it will be helpfull for new comers like us.:)

Thanks a lot @arsenal49. Was pretty helpful.

Also, please do check out our content. Thanks. @reverseacid

Great job! thanks for the tip!.. follow me guys! lets be friends @choryrecords

You've definitely convinced me to start commenting and engaging more :)

Although written 2 years ago @arsenal49 I found it equally relevant & useful today as being a new steemian. I also liked your other posts giving tips to new steemians and followed you up. 👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼 🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼

Thanks so much for this advice as well. I just registered - I have not even taken a foto or introduce myself but I love what I see and have started to upvote people. Loving this platform already!!! Thanks to all those already participating. :)

Thanks for sharing the tips. I'm going to use them. Really excited about this new community.

You are very welcome! I hope it helped :)

Yes I found your post helpful.
hope you follow me as I am you.

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