FunClash - You Vote for What you Think is Best!

in steemit •  5 months ago

Dear Steemians, 

Today i decided to show you the big project i've been working on for a while. 

It's called FunClash - 

FunClash is a place where you give your vote to what you think is best.

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The project has been made very very viral, but i haven't launched it yet. I also planned to add Steemit votes and a posibility for users to create their own clashes and auto-create Steemit post from it but i just ran out of resources.

Therefore i decided to share my project here with you, with a hope to get some support, upvote or donation that would enable me to execute my project as planned and make it for Steemit. In case i fail to do so i'd also be willing to sell it to someone who has the resources to finish my work as the main point here is that i'm not doing this to be a profitable platform (that is why i will also remove the adsense ads, they are there only for the testing purposes), and focus solely on website functionality and usability, because i believe it can be used for a good popularity indicator of any possible comparisson in the future.

I will be happy if you test it out and vote on Featured clash between Steem and Bitcoin (Currently the Facebook votes are counting), and if you see the good potential i will appreciate any Upvote, STEEM or SBD donation which i will use to proceed and make the system ready for Steemit as soon as possible as programmers are very expensive and on the outside website looks simple but it has a very complicated system behind the visual appearance.

I realy hope you like it! And you can also click Add New Clash on the website and suggest what cryptocurrency would you like compared and i will add them.

I would need a total of 5000 STEEM or more (faster execution) at current price to realize it for Steemit. I will give my current earned amount on Steemit + anything i can get. 

Why this would add value to Steemit?

Because anyone will be able to create their own clashes, let it be image competitions, post competitions, design competitions, pools or others and use it on their own Steemit account completely for free. 

So anyone on Steemit can use it to add value to their own accounts (white labeled).

I will also list the supporters on Co-Founders page on Funclash with the amount contributed.

I will be very thankful if you can help me spread the word.

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Sounds like an interesting project. Would be nice to have some voting.


Yes, i hope I can manage to fund it myself it Will probably just take longer.


nice well good luck, feel free to message me at "TheFatKat" on discord if you want resteems at the least. Hope the week goes well!!

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Still to be educated the more about this.


Would have loved to do this but I just joined and I don't have any Sp to spare

I like Steem! :)

I like steem and bitcoin.

My vote is for Steem...

Screen Shot 2018-05-24 at 7.14.10 PM.png

Hi ,
Nice post , check my crypto blog aswell @lightreflections !

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This looks great! I love how versatile you made it!
Now I can finally show off my coins and how valuable they really are and I bet others will be just as happy to do the same

I have only been on Steemit for a matter of days, but immediately i think this is an awesome idea and i hope you manage to fulfill it! I will be checking back for sure! Good luck x


Thank you very much

I still don't get. What it's benefit giving votes for which is best or isn't... Please elucidate a little, I just don't get this project

could really turn into something amazing


I agree. It was made to be very viral. If we could use the system for Steemit it could be awesome.

Absolutely love the idea, I partticipated in a few of the clashes and shared via Twitter, I have given you a follow and will keep an eye out for future developments.


Thanks friend I appreciate your Support.

I joined steemit recently.. But I think your idea is a really welcomed and well thought about initiative. It will help the newbiz to be heard and also be paid attention to.. Thanks for coming up with such a beautiful idea @arhitekt.. God bless you


Does it compare cryptos or anything at all?? Like most beautiful city and stuff like that.


Yes. Basicaly anything can be compared. There are no limitations.


😎😎Nice idea.

really this is so good.i like your idea i think is work. go ahead ..

thank you for your information


Thank you I think so too.

Interesting the subject, can be successful and succeed, I congratulate you, thank you for sharing!


Thanks friend

This could be huge in a couple weeks.months. I will definitely check it out.


Thanks. But before i launch it officaly i tought that i should try to get some funding if it would be possible to realy make it for Steemit more than for other social networks. I believe that would be a good contribution to Steem/Steemit network.

Very cool! Good luck with this! It’s a great idea and I can’t wait ‘till you have it where you want it!
Definitely resteem’d! Cheers!

Cool idea! I hope you get enough funding to go forward!

Sounds awesome ..I hope it relizes fast

Suena muy interesante aunque no comprendo del todo por desconocimiento, pero allí está mi pequeño voto y mi deseo porque logres lo que ambicionas con este novedoso proyecto. Adelante.

I commend you for the hard work you have been putting into this project! It will help the community to focus clearly on our comparisons and future activity decisions on funding sources.


Excited with upvotes, following, and RETEEM by @share4angels

Thank you 😇

That's a great project!

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Excellent idea Good luck and congratulations....

Welcome to Steemit @arhitekt
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See you again

This is pretty cool. I will help this get across to the larger populace. I'll share with my friends

mmmmmm.........excellent post and congratulations!!

Good luck! Ive upvoted and resteemed :) I like the idea a lot