It would also be great if @elipowell could take a proper look at the @jpbliberty law suit because Steem will have a huge claim to put in as it is such an obvious competitor to Facebook and was clearly damaged by Facebook's part in the cartel that banned crypto advertising last year!

Seriously, that should have been a part of her hiring was a powering up of enough steem to interact effectively. Should be a pretty simple thing to dump a bunch more in and not have to worry about RCs.

I had to delegate her the SP to even post... she didnt even realize she HAD some Steempower rewards but she never claimed them , she probably never figured out how to use the new confusing to get her active keys :D

That is pretty funny, truly. Given the position I would have thought there would have been a bit of training on how to use the system....
Really why was she not given 5k or 10k SP from Steemit to start with, knowing she would have to respond to comments and post? Or was that not expected to be a significant part of the job function?

Yeah its pretty funny how she wasnt even able to make this post until I delegated her 2 SP so she could have enough Resource Credits to even make a POSt as the NEw head of COMMUNICATION who couldn't even COMMUNICATE :D

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