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Dear Steemit Family,

I guess I came to my final decession to knock on your door and swallow my pride rather than to steal, to robbed or to become a prostitute or to put my little kids life into risk.


Behind my laugh at discord teamphilippines discord chat channel behind being funny and friendly deep inside me Im really sad,hopeless and struggling about my situation as a single mom raising 3 kids.

That is why Im working very very hard online here at steemit and reviewing calls because I know that I have a big problem that I need to solve.I do not have a family and relatives here in Manila and one of the reasons why me and my kids are here in Manila because of my business before that my family ruins and steals all my sales and stocks at the province the main reason why I become like this comes to an end to become homeless.

My income online is not even enough to provide for our daily needs.My two kids are still sick ,my 3 year old son now has chicken pox and fever and do not take any medication as I believe he has a strong body resistance,my 1 and half year old daughter is not yet fully recover from her chicken pox too.


For the second time again my eldest daughter left me again and secure her self to run to his father because she knew that theres no food here and sooner I will be kick out from this room we rent because I was not able to pay rent.Whats even more painfull is that she misunderstimate me after all I realized that I will be not her mother because I do not have money now and business to sustained her needs .

As a mother I only want to have an enough income for my kids that is why Im working very hard even if its still not enough.I cant work as an employee because no one will take care of my little kids.My friends at teamphilippines discord channel knows me personally and know about me you can ask @sasha.shade or @haleyaerith about me.

This morning I was surprised that my landlord come over and ask me to vacate but I was asking a little time for a week to find way.So he give me this "Letter of Eviction " to vacate this week .

I do not know what to do or where to go.I have no funds left my last cashout 10 sbd at my wallet yesterday I buy food.

Is this will be the end for me and my kids and to accept the fact that me and my kids will live in the street.I was even thinking where we go or to leave my kids at DSWD because Im getting uncapable to raise them.

Please help me this is really not easy for me.All that I wanted is to be a good mother to my kids and work hard as hard as I can while taking care of them.

I only wish to grow here at steemit as I fully believe that I have a family here and a place here at steemit not to become homeless.

Im knocking on your deepest heart to please give me a chance to stand again and hope .


Thank you...with all your heart if you can do resteem my message Id be very thankful but if I will longer have to chance here I will fully understand.



Stay strong Antonette! You look like a very good person. Steem seems to think so too. I sent you a gift. Take care!

Thanks to my friend Stella for bringing this post to my attention.

Thank you so much @teamsteem I will make sure that all of your help will be all worthy and Id like to thank the steemit community for changing me and my kids life better.I will show proofs that I have paid my landlord house rent plus deposit , do kids medication and start my little business back again.I still cant believe that in one day my life has change because of steemit .

Good luck! (Upvoted article and comment.)

Stay strong @Antonette, you're in the right place. GBY

yes make sure you keep making posts showing the results of this post and how much steemit is changing your life, and I bet you can continue to get high upvotes, and make posts ABOUT how steem and bitcoin can change livs in the Philipines and every developing nation! Explain How you could help poor people in your area if you had a little money to start an advertising campaign to get poor philipinos signed up on steemit....you also need to staryt your very own Operation Upgrade Africa style program to get Smartphones in the hands of poor philipinos, along with solarpowered battry chargers for emergency electrciity, and wifi or months of prepaid mobile data, people need internet and a month of prepaid internet and a smartphone is all someone needs to get on steemit,, and so I really belive that we could use steemit as a tool to give people JOBS sytraight up EMPLOYEMENT, and its not hard to make $10 a day on steemit and this is what people live on anyway, or less! So imagine getting 1000 people onto steemit in a small town and documneting the massive social change steemit createsd wen al of the sudden everyone has a job and everyone is saving crypto currency! And then the prices go up and people make even more money! But now is thje last chance to realy buy in!

lets get very last person in the developing world to save up 1 bitcoin, imagine if we had set that goial back when Bitcoin was $100 each...that goal would have been a lot asier! Peopel can still save up $3000 ovr steem in a few months, @tj4real is PROOF of that, and he is from Ghana, Africa, and he taught himself how to do what he needs to do, so anyone can use steemit to save up just enough money to have enough to become a millionaire later in life! It may seem like thats a pipe dreambut waiut, its not, we all know bitcoin will be worth 1 million dollars in the not too distant future....and I just explaind how anyone can join steemit and start making $100 a day in posts and comments and end up saving $3000 or one whole bitcoin in just a few months.....and so ANYONE can become a millionaire! because 1 bitcoin is your ticket to 1 million dollars ....so NOW is the BEST opportunity for ANYONE who wants to rise up out of their social position...wanna become TOP DOG on the dominance hioerarchy??? Then save up these magical numbers and letters! haha stoe these crypto currencies and youll BECOME the wealthy elite! Just dont sell them for a few years and in the mean time, post on steemit and youll end up making as much money as you want and as we grow steemit to millions of users there will always be enough extra steem to pay anyone who has the best content!


Also philipino user @crafttech
You gotta attend thse meetups!

EDIT: I was just told by @teamphilippines that you WERE at that metup! wow so youre one step ahead of me!

And I am following you now too!

i wish i could be there

She was there, also that picture is not @crafttech, that is @devereei and @luvabi. You can view all of the posts about that event here: https://steemit.com/teamphilippines/@teamphilippines/teamphilippines-daily-issue-1

There are several photos of @antonette in those posts.

Wow so shes one step ahead of me!
I followed her and i followed you! I used your images above and I hope you can get advice from the other philipino steemit embers who got those steemit billbaords up in Manilla, so we can find out the best strategy for cheapest outdoor advertising for Steemut Africa advertising project with @tj4real and @xpency and @ogoowinner to procure advertising space for us, so we can send them money to buy the advertising for steemit so we can allow our steemit representatives to have more confidence and "clout" while talking about steemit in their hometowns! Imagine if you had steemit ads all over your tiown before and after you start telling eveyrone in the town about steemit! once they see the steemiut billbaords around them, they will start to see steemit in a better luight, theyll se that steemit has enouygh money to aford advertising so steemit must have enough money to get them paid too!

And people just take you more seriously when the website uyour trying to get them to join all of the sudden apears all ovr town and on the radio etc, I have BIG plans for steemiut in dveeloping nations! Its my niche and my plan with @stellabelle involves sending USB dolar chargers to Africa and developing nations (and i want to also send cheap android smartphones with prepaid month of mobile internet so people can get on steemit, make enough posts to pay us back for the smartphopne and internet, so we can buy more smartphones and prepaid internet for ANOTHER potential steemit user experienving poverty, so they can at last have all the tools they need to begin making money on stemit!

We can use @antonette 's case as an inspirational story, and i love watching it unfold before my eyes!

I want to hel;p bring awareness to the developing world and their need for wifi and electricity, two simple 21st centruy human needs that can have a more positive influence on a life than ANY other thing on earth! Internet and a smartphone are ALL someone needs in this world! With the smartphone the possibilities are endless, videos and youtube channelscan be crated! Developing nations tend to have an abuindance of natual beauty AND indigenious cultue dance muisic that can all be expeienced through a steemit users blog, giving us all a wealth of entertainment, culture and general Value that we canpay for in crypto currency,, like this image i compsoed to illustrate myself and @tj4real in Ghana, Africa, trading culture and crypto currency for the raisingof living standards acros the developing world

@ackza Id like tp thank you for your generousity and all of the steemit family who had helped me .I swear to give back to the steemit community what all of you guys have all done to me to become a " Productive Steemian" I will share to others what I have learn from steemit specially what ive learn from the past "Teamphilippines Grand Meet Up " last Aug. 5

I believe that I have a big contribution to this community and everything happends for a reason that all my hardwork and effort and your support guys will be all worthy .Im going to conduct a campaign to introduce more Steemit here and to rural areas.After I have settled and done my kids health and shelter which Im going to do a daily post updates of what this community have changed my life .Its not all about money but the knowledge that I got here is more precious than a gem.

I will use the extra funds for a campaign and for some campaign materials and teach people here how to become a Steemian after I have settled my situation.

Its more than a thank you more than words can say but actions must be done from me as a productive steemit mother.

Well if you want you can look at my latest post which i made al about you and @teamsteem and his donation that sparked an avalanche of kindness,

I highlited all the donations that helped u which also helps steemit ur story is something that cannot be opurchasesd, itd proceless and is an example of how steemit is worth peoples time, ur stopry will get THOUSANDS of people to join steemit, many peopel who are homeless will see this story and ask steemiut for heklp, and peopel who are heomelss who know they are on their last leg will try extra hard to make good content, and many peopel will come here to ask for help and offer thir services, and i will be here to suggest diferent Jobs thgse new comers can pick up immediatly, like hunting for god content on reddit etc, and reposting to steemit in usefukl compilations, or compiling all the top crypto currency news into one post everyday, or so many othetr ways to make money on steemit, even making you own cartoon or comic is a option

anyway I have so many plans in my head for excellent posts and I need people to carry out the work! So I have no doubt that we will be able to handle AND help millions of new users, and they will ALL be able to make money here

and for every story like yours, we will gain mope users, and more posiutive press

eventually people will buy steem JUSt for the humantarian factor! steem can represent an end tyo poverty and steem can represent Food and Shelter and CLothing and Family and we can end up with a system that ends up supporting so many people that even NGOs will want to invest in steem to keep mil;lions of people around teh world fed! Not like a dependency but like a massive online corporation that happens to have hundreds of thousands of employees, it already IS a sort of autonomous company, no CEO no leaders no payroll, just DPOS system to determine pay...upvotes and steempower...its beautoiful, anyway I hope u can see how your story is bigger than you and your donors, your story is a BIG deal for steemit as a whole!

I would love to write this story into some mainstramnews article somehow, we should compile a LIST of all the tiomes a steemit user was helped out like this while on the verge or actualy were homeless, nd we can show ALL the good results of how steem helps those in need, it would be REALLY nice to have a compilation of all the stories like this!

Ok i hope you enjoy my new post! I have to thank @sweetsssj and everyoen e lse who recently upvoted my wall, my posst all doubled or tripled in value in teh course of a fw minutes! Thank you everyone!

And I hope u enjoy my newest post about you!

yes your idea to use some of these funds or future earnings to create a workjshop or Youtube video ad campaign or buy banner ads to promote steemit or hold a local workshop to teach local steemit users how to be succesful like u, ys all great ideas!

and your money ius yours! I ojust suggested u show how its spent as a reminder, to show all details, because some people are OCD and like to see u spent the money wisely, butit all yours! U ccan earn mor elater and u will be able to use your future earnings for your future projects no problem!!!

U are doing great! Keep it uyp and soon youll be making $100 everyday! then youll be able to help peoplethe way you were helped today! its going to be REALLy fun

youve JUST begun! Youre going to be doing VERY well here on steemit!

I am new to steem this is my probably 10th minute here and I don't know much about it, I am going to learn more about it soon but for now, I don't know if there is "pm" me here, if you can message me your bitcoin address I will try to send you as much as I can gather around to help you out. It won't be much but it will be better than nothing hopefully.

Come to the chat where she hangs out: https://discord.gg/4heQbyt I can help you two connect and if she does not have a bitcoin address help her get setup as well.

I posted below too and don't want to upvote my own post, but someone please have her remove her home address from the Internet. As a security professional, I highly recommend that people do not do that for their own safety. Thanks!

God with you dear friend don't lose hope

@roghaye tnx friend had answered my prayers this is a miracle.

She really is a good person @teamsteem

With steemit we are all in good hands.

You're such a blessing @teamsteam! :)

You're such a blessing, @teamsteem! :)

Hi, could you help me? Some members from the #kr community who are flagging my post and depleting my earnings after I posted a Korean funny video from Korea using the #kr tag. They did not think it was funny and flagged the post and every post and comment I have made since. One post had $23 earnings and now nothing because of flagging from @slowwalker. I needed that earning. Please if you can help, thank you. How can I stop them from doing this to me?

We just sent you a bit of SBD as well to help you through this troubling time in addition to the feature post this will be included in today.

@teamphilippines for giving me a place here.

nice one @teamphilippines :)

This post has been upvoted by the @teamphilippines curation trail.

This post has also been selected to be featured in the #TeamPhilippines Daily issue for today. Congratulations!

I hope that helps you with exposure at least a little bit. You're going to get through this I promise. We're all here for you. It feels like the end of the world right now, but you're going to look back on this in the future and remember it as just a bump in the road. We're all here to help you along your way in every way we can.

More than a thank you @teamphillipines I will write a post also for some proofs that Im genuine and not looking for a reason to make money .I will pay house owner house rent plus advance payment so that I wont struggle while continue working at steemit and online.Do my kids medication and start a little business.I do not know where am I now if without steemit.

I am so sad reading your posts. I hope everythings soved well. I pray for all.

Hi Antonette, I have a friend who lives out in the Philippines. He has a company with a couple employees. I wonder if I could connect you two, he might be of help. :) Please let me know, and I will make the introduction.

Hi Antoinette, my heart is breaking as I read your post. As a father of two I don't know what I would do if I were in your shoes. My thoughts and prayers.

Stay strong. I hope this community can help and you find employment to care for your little ones.

tip! 50

Stay Strong Antonette! God have mercy!

Good luck. I hope and pray for the best for you and your loved ones. I hope your kids have a speedy recovery, it's scary to see them sick and in pain. I know from experience as parent myself. Just try and stay positive, I know it's hard. I'm rooting for you.

Antoinette what I have learnt, is everything that happens to us is to learn from. If you have a vision for yourself (you do because your on Steemit) and put action (you are your on Steemit) you will get there.
Everything holds a frequency.
Throughts become things.

research this

This in my opinion is by far the cure for everything. I am on it now, its work.

I am sad to hear of your situation. Please do no lose hope. Keep fighting. My voting power is very small but have sent you a donation from my earnings. Will try to keep sending more in future as my liquid SBD balance increases. @stellabelle - Thanks for resteeming this and your generous support. I would have missed this article but for it.

@vm2904 Id like to thank you a lot for giving me an opportunity to become a better steemian.you are a great motivation and inspiration to a newbie steemian like me .thanks for saving me and my kids :)

Steemit family always will stick together. Hope the help from Senior Steemians as well as upvotes and support from all Steemians helps you recover from your situation fast. Please take care of your children on priority. Children are the future of this world

Just pray to God and have faith that help will come. It worked for me. Upvoted 100%, resteemed and sending you some SBD now.

yes I saw your donation and i was just tagging you to make sure @antonette knows about you as youre a popular syteemt whae representing Philipines!

About $500 in donations with notable $100 all at once coming from VERY generous @teamsteem and 55 SBD from @henry-gant and then more peopl sending 30 and 20 and 10 SBD, very generous! And people may get the wrong idea that this SBD and steem is "monopoly money" but SBD is JUST as important as sending money using, paypal for instance. Sodont get teh wrong idea! hen someone sends $100 SBD like @teemsteam thats just as generous as handing someone $100 bill! Dont think for one second that it means any less!
WOW just LOOk at the PAGES of donations that hve come in for her! Shes gotten hundreds of dollars in SBD on top of the $700 in upvotes which are JUSt starting to accumulate! Just wait until tomorrow and this post will be well over $1000!

I am very happy shes getting SBD donations so she does not have to wait 7 days for payout!

And i am confident she will be showing all reciepts and proof and evidence she spent the money the right way

I hope more people ask for money but in a classy way, and also in a way that allows people to donate just with their upvotes! But in this case peopel were so nice they sent her SBD so she wouldnt have to ait 7 days!

I am always worried about people in developing nations ability to cash out and use their hard earned steem or bitcoin to pay for Food rent or other necessities, but these people ar usualy fine, because fiorst of all many smal business merchants and resturaunts in developing world will be happy to accept Bitcoin directly, and two, Ii forget that Localbitcoin exists amost in every nation and so teher will always be someone willing to sell someone bitcoin for cash or cash for bitcoin for a fee because then someone can make a business out iof becoming their regions ONLY Bitcoin ATM! become a Bitcoin exchanger in your area,and youll make alot of money exchanging for 15 percent

I may have tpo do a whole post about the generosity of steemit memberts especially @teamsteem because these stories must be brought out for al to see!

What's the conversion rate to her currency? Is this all going to be enough? I saw the answer way below, so disregard this. Thanks!

heh yeah philipine peso is 2 cents right now, so yeah its more than enough and she will be able to use this money to start her online business no and help many many more filipinos! People around her wioll see this and go WOW steemit realy helped you?!?! Theyll realy have a high regard for steemit niow and it will bring in so many investors to steem both peopel who want to invest time and work to get paid and people who want to continue steemits work of humanitarian chairty, and they invest in steem to help everyone, or to help steam it, and they end up making money off the investment, i mean, its why steem is around half a billion dollars market cap, that sort of money doesn't just appear overnight

its very impressive how well steem crypto currency is doing when u conwider how many new users are earning everyday and cashing oiut, they are liek apermnanet under class, and the price iof steem isnt effected by all the small time users taking out a few bucks heer and thre, tyhe big time users keep thir steempower intact and thus the price will stay high, especially as more people come in and buy steem, oh man it will moon eventualty but maybe not for another few months, we need 1 million users firts, which will happen at the end of this year, i know @penguinpablo or @kingscrown has some projections about steemit getting 600,000 users by December of this year, or end of dec, and that is proven with math and stats, and they try to accountr for the ioncreases in growth but i predict they wont be able to account for just how many nw users wll join, because we just dont know! We should be copnfident that we will yes have at least as many new users as weve been getting but theres no reason it woudl slow down, we ponly have reasons or numver of stemit users to go up up up! and because every other big socuial media platform starts to grow exponetntially, we will to!

we have somethinway betetr than any social media out there

people dont like the simple reddit lite type look fo steemit, seems to basic for many, stale even, but tHATS not fair i mean sure we should be spoendong more as a communityt on GUI upgrades but we have to (or the developers, not we, THEY have tio) worry about BACKEND development! making the worlds FIRST and only blockchainws ocial media platfporm ACTUALLY WORK and its a MIRACLE that its even working the way it is with relatuvely no real slowdowns or outtages! fuckin coinbase and poloniex go down more than fuckin steemit! shit, its great,. steem only gets stronger as more users join! rthe way things SHOULD be,

so here we go, just save ur steempower an expect to be very wealthy next year

sory i went off again on a ramble but wobldy wobbledy WOp, Steemit Price aint gonna drop, Steemit price goin to the MOOn and its price Liek Mazda is gonna ZOOM ZOOM

were all gonna be singin that money countin music soobn! U realise the collective ECSTASY when Steem goes up in price around here?? when steem gos from $1 to $2 people are in TOTAL ecstasy around here!

Oooh uuh freshj out of bed, ooh oh count up the Deadz!

Money counting music breh! we gotta get down with it, just go with the past of least resistance, but that doesnt mean be a coward nah just. go with the mopney flow, then later we can worry about the rest, but lets get stackin, i have a NEED for more bitcoin cowbwll the ONLY prescription is more Bitcoin cowbell, CRYPTO CURREnCY its WHAT I NEED


@dan or @notoriousDEX on twotter, handin out those Bitshares USD, at the club, in the baxck, programing bloickchains!

There is gonna be a huge intersection of Hip Hop and Crypto Currency watch out for @craig-grant and @trevvonjb to produce thge first crypto currency album with bitcoin rappers, its gonan be epic,

Imagine that Bitconnect Song

You're going to be ok @antonette all of us at #teamphilippines are here to help you out, and wow look at @stellabelle really stepping up! That's fantastic! You're going to be okay my friend, keep steemian, it's going to help you get through this.

@sasha.shade you both and haley are my strenght and motivation Im happy that inspite of bad time at discord you made me laugh and smile even you dont know what I have been through.

You are reported. This sort of behavior is not wanted on steemit.

Do you think it's a scam.?Phillipines is a third world country.
This story is common and very sad.

I know her personally. It is not a scam, he was reporting the person who was flagged down 'and post is now hidden' who was shamelessly advertising his own blog in this post. He was not telling @antonette she was reported.

That's correct, I wish antonette all luck and gave her a 💯 upvote

bekz dont! don't give up your kids! you can do it! i upvoted you 100%,resteemed and im goin to send you sbd..It's very hard to be far away from your kids especially that they grew up with you. I hope everything will get better. why didnt u tell me about this when we met? i could have gave u some what u need. Keep fighting bekz. Never surrender. I know you're brave.

bekzzzz you are more than a gem since the first day we bome friends at steemit and become real good friends your beautiful inside and out .

aww thank you for your kind words. 💋

My voting power is a little low right now. I sent you a small donation. We are all rooting for you! I hope your children feel better.

Stay strong!

beks don't give up. Everything will be okay. Everything happens for a reason. This time will pass. You just gotta be strong. We are here for you. And I'll be praying for you and your children.

"Be anxious for nothing, but in everything by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving let your requests be made known to God. And the peace of God, which surpasses all comprehension, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus” (Philippians 4:6-7).

Your Steemit family is behind you! Continue to be the best mother you can be. God bless!

Stay strong @antonette! Everything will work out well in time.

Sorry to hear of your situation @antonette. We stand behind you to help however we can. Upvoted and Resteemed. I also sent you some SBD and hope it will help!

wow, posts like this and seeing the steemit community come together and help her out really shows the positivity of this platform and how great it is.

To be honest: I never know if these posts are real or not and we are seeing many of these on Steemit. But on the other hand it is a small effort for me to resteem and upvote l, which I both did.
Hope all is ok and good luck.

All our prayers are with you and your children. Stay strong and be optimistic.... Will try to help you, as much as I can, as I joined just 2 months back... Wishing you good luck...

I feel sorry to hear about your sad story !!!but in my opinions you have to ask for support ...this life appears cruel sometimes ...but we can face it..especially you....a very power woman!!please be carefull with your lovely children because you mean the world for them but first you take care of yourself

tnx a lot mothers will really do if what is best for our children and steemit fullfills my dream to become a good solo parent.

I don't have many followers but I am reposting to help as much as I can. It is tough out there. Keep your head high no matter what comes your way. Know that God will provide if you ask and follow him with a sincere heart.

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I will be praying for you, @antonette. You have a lot on your plate. I just visited the Metro Manila International Christian Church in my recent travels. Sorry I missed you, as we were with them a whole week and it was inspiring. They are some amazing, faithful, kind, and helpful people. Perhaps you can look them up and they might be able to provide some face-to-face hope for you and your children. http://www.mmicc.net/

My friend, it was tough for me to read this, but I read every word.

I'm sorry about what you have been through. Honestly I have a ton of respect for you! I can understand if you are frightened, scared, feeling hopeless, but I want you to know that there is definitely greener grass right next to this fence!

You're a fighter. Keep fighting. Life is testing your tolerance. By getting through this hurdle, think about how strong you are becoming on the inside. Think about what incredible kids you are going to have in the future, as they are fighters too!

When you are in a position like yours, any progress is great progress.. And I know you will do it. You are on the perfect platform to do so!

You have completely humbled yourself to talk about this topic. It's a huge step forward.

Above any of your struggles, nothing can compensate for pure hard work. Hustle can overcome any obstacle! You have the persistence. Now show the world what you're made of :)

See you at the top my friend. I have faith in you. When things may seem unbearable, just know that I am (virtually) by your side! Feel free to engage with me at any time. I'm in discord, Steemit Chat, you may leave a comment on my posts, and I will support you. I'm also sometimes in TeamPhillipines chat.

Stay awesome!

More than anything money can buy, you give your kids love! That's important.

Talk soon :)

It's not as much as I'd like, but a 100% upvote for you. I hope things turn around quickly for you. Keep us updated! @antonette

Wow, Antonette, you are so brave and such a strong person. I've only talked to you a few times in chat so I didn't know your struggle. I'm so glad you reached out to your family here on Steemit.

Antonette, you are a good mother to your children, they are lucky to have a mother who will fight so hard for them. I know life is looking really tough, and you feel like your back is against the wall, but you will make it, one day you'll back on this time when your kids are grown up and think of how far you've made it since those days. You're going to do great things, because you had the courage to tell us honestly what's going on. None of us here are rich, but even if all of us give just a little, we can help you get back on your feet and feel more secure. Please give us updates on how you are doing so we can help you get into a position to support yourself long term.

Don't give up! I've upvoted you and sent you STEEM. :)

  • What do you need to stabilize your life for the next 6 months?
  • What do you need to get yourself in a place where you can support yourself long term?

You mentioned you were self employed, what's your business and what do you need? Are you missing something you need to get on your feet?

Hang in there Antonette. We will keep you and family in prayers. From all the upvoted from Steemit, I am sure help will keep going to you and your family.
God Bless

Upvoted and follow

I hope you will be fine and your baby.

Resteemed and upvoted the post and all your comments in the hopes that it will help you a little.

Wishing you and your children the best. Keep us posted!

Dear @antonette

Please stay strong. We are here to support you and i am sure things will get better soon. 100% upvote and resteemed!

Stay strong, you can do this!

Hope this post brings in some money for you and your kids. I know it doesn't help much, but I up-voted

I know the feeling, we are family here and we share what we have. I have a little sum of sbd on my wallet, I hope this could contribute for your bills. Sorry, it's so small.

Never a need to be sorry. Every bit counts.

Wish you the best of luck!

Hope all your problems go away. The hardships you have faced may have broken a weak person but you are anything but that. More power to you!

@antonette kaya mu yan..maraming mga pinoy at kahit hindi pinoy ang tumutulong..alagaan mo ung mga anak mo..wala man ako mabigay sayo..kasama kayo sa mga panalangin ko..kaya mo yan..dasal lang.:)

Added you some more help. Hope it helps. You were the one with the logical question during the meetup about whether steemit wasn't like other platforms that you have tried in the past. Yes, there can be flaws but there are also hearts and loads of it on steemit. You daughter looks just like you. Take care of her and remember your prayers. Jehovah exists. Pray to him in Jesus name and say Amen. Then do the things you can to get her treatment and rent. Stay strong!

I have upvoted you, for what little good it will do at a paltry $2.50 or so. What a brutal hand life has dealt you. It looks like Steemit has come to your aid somewhat, I hope the payout grows substantially and you can stay in your home.

My upvote for you and also resteeming this. ♡♡ best of wishes to you and your family.

Upvoted & re-steemed, good luck to you!

This breaks my heart. I been homless with my two child more than once. I know your fear not knowing if you can feed them finding places to sleep that safe. I dont know anything about the philipians . I am from america I know hear in america it is strugle to get ahead after you been down. I am still struggling barley makeing ends meet praying to god every day to help proved and to stay positive. I will keep youin my prayers . I know it is hard to keep you head up in this situation . Do they have any type of homless shelters over there in your country?

Good luck to you. I hope things get better. Sent you a donation.

thank you so much @donkeypong I really dont expect that there are such people like you who treats a hopeless steemian as a family .

Here's a little from me. Hope things look up for you, there's always a silver lining

Team Philippines here to help you madam.its a good decision to join steemit.goodluck to you and to your kids.

tnx @nonoytacz since the first day I join steemit Im more greatful to be here and so to you also

Yup.thank you

First of all i would like to thank all the people who believe in the phrase

"It's better to give than to receive"

I've seen that so many people are so helpful and very kind to each one of us and i proved it when i join @teamphilippines discord channel.

one thing i can say to you @antonette, cheer up it's just a challenge "indhai", i know you can achieve everything just don't give up and i know god will help you. and don't forget to thank him for the blessings that he gave to you. and i'm hoping for the fast healing of you child.

Mabuhay ang Filipinas.

This is my absolute first day on steemit, and this is one of the first posts i read. Hope is everything, and the fact that you want a better life for you and your children means that you have not lost that hope. Keep fighting, and i shall keep supporting you in whichever way i possibly can. Stay strong !!

@azaankhan I guess theres always a reason why we become a part of steemit .and steemit is making me more strong and giving me more motivation :)

Don't loose hope, Stay strong! I WHISH YOU THE BEST !

I wish I had more than an upvote, I randomly found your post and I fell apart reading it. I grew up poor so this hits home deeply. I really hope that the community does help you, and I hope that it works out. I know my upvote isn't worth much but please accept it. If I find myself with more steem I will for sure remember you...

20 cent 10 percent upvote from me! And You will be sure to get upvotes from everyone, just post proof of the way you will spond this money, and if you spend it on any luxuiry items or things you dont actually need, just be sure to post photos fo it, so we can see you enjoying it, because people will just want to make sure we didnt just pay for your drug addiction etc etc, its just how peopel are, if you are poor they will automaticaly asume u are a drug addict or a drunk etc,

so just please make more posts about the philipines and ur village, show the people in ur village who may need to be on steemit also, and show them how when you asked for help you got it

This $328 so far should pay your rent for a few months, or is rent expensive in philipines? I dont know how much 3000 philipino pesos are, oh ok its 2 cents,
so thats just $60 u owe! NICE

so yeah u have enough here to pay your rent for many montghsm so PLEASE use this money to ONLY pay rent IN ADVANCE and for food, PLEASE dont spend it on other things, and u can pay rent in advance and show proof of it on steemit

NOW u should make sure you have a way to pay your landlord, ask if u can pay in Bitcoin! I pay my rent in bitcoin and everyone i have paid using bitcoin has been hapy because price of biotcoin ALWAYS goes up after I pay!

Anyway you have a VERY powerful inspiration story hre! You asked for help and steemit gave you help! And it didnt cost ANYONE a DIME to pay you! ISNT THAT AMAZING?!?! No othr system on earth allows people to help someone get paid without taking money out of your pocket! its such a miracle, anyway, steempower can beused as a humanitarian tool

You should get your children on steemit when they are old enough, teach them about social media early on BUT ONLY in the context of making money and marketing! teach your children about online business etc!

if you post everyday and show us yopur progress you will make a good living on Steeit! BUT MAKE SURE you use this attention to HELOP OTHER philipinos in Need who are on steemit and gneed followers etc get Americand interested in the natural beauty of the Philipines and reach out to popular Philipino Steemit user @darthNava who can maybe help you met other steemit users in your islnd nation

Philippines has a large network of Americans as well, huge philipino communities here in USA so reachg out to them as well!!

My heart is broken for you and your beautiful girls. I'm praying for you, so stay strong. I have two boys and from having everything, we almost became homeless, but we had amazing support from family, which saved us from it. As a parent that is the hardest and the most painful experience you can go through, but you will go through it and it will get better.

Upvoted and resteemed . Please help my steemit friend @antonette.

I can not help much with my less power, but resteeming for more attention.

I will try to help you with all i can. hope things get better in the following days!

@hipsterpikachu tnx a lot for helping I will also do the same to other who guinely needs a help.

Keep us up to date.

H. G.

My heart bleeds for you - I hope things will get better.

Hi, @antonette, it's too bad you have to go through this. My mum is a single mum with seven kids too, so I know it's hard. You'll be fine, your kids will be fine. I just joined steemit, so I don't even know if I have any SBD, but I upvoted your post and I hope other Steemians will be of better help to you. Hakuna Matata!

REsteeming. God bless. Hang in there.

I found this because you resteemed and I upvoted

So sad to hear your story keep it strong dear @antonette everything soon gonna be okey, just have a little something for you at least adds up, God bless you and your kids.

I have upvoted this post and all of your comments!!! I hope you get that rent paid, and get your kids the medical attention they need! Good luck!!

Upvoted and resteemed. I hope things look up for you and your kids soon!

Resteemed. With the best wishes and prayers.

I know the community can get up together to help you solve this problem, wish I could upvote you with more $$. Good luck, and wish you the best.

this story is devistating im so sorry to here about your situation antonette,
Upvoted and Resteemed this needs to go viral to show what a community can do for one of its followers this kind of thing just makes me love steemit even more!! upvote and share everyone!!!

Very interesting great greetings from venezuela here I will leave a link for those who can help me thanks! https://steemit.com/help/@gr3g0r/hi-i-m-from-venezuela

May a miracle come to you!

You'll be an inspiration to all, just never ever give up. You are very strong @antonette. Everything will be fine soon.

praying for your kids and that they recover soon. keep steeming and be strong for your kids <3

Never give up hope and never stop trying Antonette. Stay strong, always..

Wishing you strength, luckily the Steemit community is filled with generous people, you will get through this.

sorry i don't have much to give. I just upvoted and resteemed your post. Kaya mo yan, pray lang tayo. malalagpasan mo din yan. Hoping and praying na maging okay na sila. 😊

Upvoted and resteemed.
You can do it!

We got your back!

Stay strong Sis @antonette. Upvote and Resteem. Your issue and solidarity in this steemit society really touch me.

Stay strong sis @antonette. UPVOTE and RESTEEM. Your issue and solidarity in this steemit's society really touch me. I'm sorry my power is low so cant give you high rate upvote.

stay strong po.. god bless

It's not much. I resteemed and upvoted.

I have resteemed it! My votes dont count much!

You also sent 7 SBD so thank you!

Wish I could do more! But I see people have been really generous and I am thankful, we are still humane!

Good luck and stay strong. You are a strong woman. Remember that

Omg I hope you will get to sort your problems out.

I hope everything will be fine, just be patient antonette. If you need any help let me know. Stay Strong.

I recognise your struggle and keep you in my prayers. All I can do is upvote and resteem at this point. I hope one day I can do something more for someone in your situation. Stay strong!

I Hope You Get Through This :)

I am overwhelmingly saddened by the situation you are passing through. I am really sorry i am helpless , i do not know either my up vote has any worth but i can not neglect your pain at the same time. But never be disappointed, believe me benevolent people still exist and they will come out to help you asap. I wish your kids good health and happiness. I appreciate your efforts. Power to you lady, stay strong with a hope.

The power of ones will and thoughts have the potential to manifest reality. Know within that you have already overcome and moved towards that and soon you will do just that. Law of the universe. Upvoted you.

Everything will be fine! you will see...
You are a very brave person, for asking for help, before making any other decision! Not everyone does that...
also you are an excellent mother ... you thought of your children, before anything else!

I leave you my upvote and Resteem!
I hope I can help you with my grain of sand...

Greetings from Venezuela!

We have a difficult situation here in Philippines.crypto trading is a good opportunity for us .rise of the poor from ashes.we stand together and educate ourselves for this crypto community

Bless you and sending good energy your way! :)

Never give up @antonette, every problem there must be a way out. God gives the test that his servant can handle.

Thanks to @teamsteem and @stellabelle for building this goodwill.

You will get through this @antonette.

I'm sending you whatever's left in my wallet. Don't lose hope.

At least you're taking action. keep it up and don't get disheartened.

STEEM will take off and the day it does, is the day you get freedom. do your research and become the most knowledgeable you can.

Your English is enough to understand it all. Wish I spoke a second language like you can!

As one of three boys raised by a widowed mother, your story is so painful and heroic and close to my heart. I don't know how much you will gain from me resteeming it but I will do so regardless; anything is better than nothing and I wish I could do more.

Thinking of you Antonette. I know you're doing the best you can. Mothers need a village & I hope Steemit can help supply some of that. Keeping you in my thoughts & good energies for brighter days for you.

I made a post about this and i sent you some SBD. Check out my post guys and make sure to resteem and upvote this post and her post as well.

I believe in you you'll make it through this

Sorry to hear about your situation. Don't give up hope, your kids need you to be strong. You're going to be okay. Since you probably don't have medicine, can you at least get a bot6le of Calamine for your little ones? Upvote and resteeming. Steemians to the rescue! Stay strong!

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