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Id like to thank all of the steemit community for the " New Life " that you all have given to me and to my children.Its more than words can say to thank all of you.Im so overwhelmed and so surprised with all the warmth care that this community have given to me seems more than a dream or am I just dreaming.



I still cant believe that in one day everything has changed for the better.And I have bring my kids to hospital for medication and bought some medicines for them and some foods and some basic needs that we need daily.




Now we no longer be in hunger unlike in the past couple of weeks that we suffered.Ive already paid rent to our landlord that we will no longer going to live in the street.




I will make sure to use the funds in a right way and for what is just important to use.

Heres what Im going to use with the funds:

*Invest with my Steem Power
*Invest in cryptocurrency
*Start again with my RTW business that I used to do before.

*Used the extra funds for my Personal Steemit Campaign.I will share this platform to others and share what Ive learned here at steemit.It was already my plan before to share steemit to rural areas there are many ways to be get connected to start steeming like using android phones with mobile data to post anf some peso internet cafes here using and gain knowledge from steemit and I will personaly teach them how to stat steeming

Some might be confused how to start blogging because they maybe find that they cant speak good English but there are many ways to learn and develope English like using google translator and using gramarly.

There are too many of you to thank you anf I will give back to this steemit community the good things that ever happend to me and to my children and that is to be productive here.I believe that I have something to this community to contribute to become a worthy steemian.

Tomorrow Im going to get back to my daily normal routine working online steeming while taking care of my kids.And start doing my next vission to campaign steemit to other people.I believe that theres nothing Impossoble as long as you believe in God , believe in your self , be kind to others and never aggravate anyone or do harm to others.

Multiple multitasking is what I used to do before ever since.being organized and proper time management.

Once again my kids and I would like to thank you all to all those whales,dolphins,Minnows I will get back to you all guys... and to my
#teamphilippines Family and to #teamphilippines discord chat channel friends that you so much for giving me us a STEEMIT HOME.



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Thanks for the update! I hope the SBD you received will go a very long way and keep you and your loved ones comfortable for a while.

Good people help other good people, and voluntary exchange and charity are beautiful things. There's no need for force or control systems.

May you and yours have good fortune in the future!


tnx @finnian yes I will make sure to use the funds properly I cant let it struggles happend anymore and work hard for the future of my kids and also to help others that are in guinely in need :) You may also have lots of blessings to recieve for being a kind person .


Thank you! Did you see my note on your original post? I would remove your home address. As a security professional, seeing that worried me. :)


I have read it now Ok i will remove my address I thinks its alos a good idea for the safety..I appreciate a lot your concern .

These are much happier time and pictures! I love them!

Take care Antonette!


Thank you so much @teamsteem you do made us also happy yet still I really cant believe steemit is the best thing that ever happend to my life aside from my kids :) tnx for the motivation and for inspiring me .


Awesome! I've been help a lot to be where I am today We all have. I'm glad I've been able to help you.


You were awesome teamsteem. Thanks!


We're all awesome. At least we are all trying and that's good enough.


Yes agreed. Even just the blogs play its role in the search engines and can manage to inspire someone out there apart from draw them in to steemit. So we are all awesome!


@teamsteem - I don't think that everyone who is in need has access to internet/laptop/steeemit. On humanitarian ground can we steemians work together to help out those people? Steemians are all over the globe. We can start a weekly drive and by using that upvote donation help those people. Also, within each country and territory, we can invite volunteer steemians to monitor these efforts!

What do you think?

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I agree with you that a lot of people don't have access to internet and are in need of help. We are looking at much more than weekly donation. A world wide revolution is well underway.


@teamsteem - Thanks for your answer. I was not expecting less than that! Steemit can surely change the world, that's the whole motive behind.


Thanks for the update! I hope the SBD you received will go a very long way and keep you and your loved ones comfortable for a while.


Tnx a lot my friend yes I will make sure that the SBD will go in a long way .Had invested it to cryptos and some other investment cant take struggles to happend again .

I hope with all the help, your daughter could recover very soon antonette. I am far but I always pray and wish the best for you. Lot's of love :)

Have a great day antonette

i am very happy for you @antonette! you are a great mother and your children will be very proud of you when they will be a bit older and they will understand how much you did for them and how much you have to learn to achieve a better life for them!

Hello @antonette,
There are many community members who wish for your success.
Also, many suggestions I'm sure we have that can improve your chances greatly.
If you have questions. Just ask either in a message or a general post.

Best wishes for you and your children's future.

H. G.


hi @henry-grant thanks a lot for the complinent I realy do not expect that it will goes this way.I still feel that its still the same maybe its because I dont seek more .But I would love to improve with my skills here at steemit so that I can share my improvement knowledge to others :) Ill be glad to improve and Ill catch u a message .

Hey Antoinette, I'm so glad that you're doing much better! Congratulations, here's to moving forward and going on to bigger and better things.


tnx a lot friend Im also glad that everything is getting better :)

You're very welcome, we as Steemians wish we could do more for you and the kids. I'm sure all here are happy especially getting your children the medical help they needed. God bless you and your family and keep on STEEMING

aww look at their faces ^_^ 💋
Priceless.. Im so happy for you bekz. best of luck. Just remember to keep fighting! don't resist to knock on our door when you need us. we are just here fighting with you. Aja!

So happy to her and see, it warms my heart xoxo

Happy for you. They can also write in Tagalog, so don't be deterred. Be strong. Good times ahead!

Hi @antonette I hope you are good don't worry good people help other good people , charity are beautiful things .

Wow thanks for sharing! Glad to see you doing well!

Good to see those happy photos. :)

I'm really happy to read that post for you and your childreen.. God bless them.
Followed and updated done..
Have a look into my blog, you may like any of my posts :-)

Best wishes for a bright future!

These are such great news! I am very happy to hear about how Steemit changed everything for you and I'm sure that everyone here on this platform thinks the same way! I'm glad you found an apartment for you and your family :) I wish you all the best for the future!

I give God for your success, and appreciate God for the live of who introduced you here. May we all keep finding success as you did and more success awaits you mum, congrats

Awesome ! <3

Good to see these pics! Captain America looks happy too. :)

Your child is as healthy as possible and able to maintain good health

I have always appreciated the STEEM business model and how superior it is compared to annoying adsensed blogs. People need to wake up to this new world the decentralised internet creates for us. I'm so happy for you and your children. Keep STEEMing. :-)

congratulations! i'm following you and want to hear more about your story!

So good to hear that you're doing better and better. Looking forward for next posts :)

I am happy that everything is falling into the right place for you. Best times are just right ahead.
Keep steeming and God bless you and the kids all the time.

very very true and heart touching and nice to see your kids in the pic supporting steemit......and i think steemit will pave the way for all of us....thanks...

Have a Great Day

"Tomorrow Im going to get back to my daily normal routine working online steeming while taking care of my kids.And start doing my next vission to campaign steemit to other people.I believe that theres nothing Impossoble as long as you believe in God , believe in your self , be kind to others and never aggravate anyone or do harm to others."

This is everything.
Love truly equally as one.

God bless you and spread more more more & more on you. followed you kindly do a favour plz spread my post as much you can if you are real human. your one click can change my life.

Nothing it's possible with steemit, I hope to realize your dream to be independent woman. Best wishes.

I'm so happy for you that you've found a home here on Steemit. :)
You're more than welcome on this wonderful family/team Steemate!

Glad things have turned around for you in life as well. This is the beauty and the power of STEEM and the community that comes along with it.

I actually JUST had my first daughter and things are rough between her mother and I and custody.. but no family should have to experience hunger and homelessness and I'm glad that the community pulled together to help you! It warms my heart.

We've got your back. <3

Thanks for letting us know how everything is going! I hope you're in a much more stable life position now. It's so good to see the happy faces of the children. :)

Glad to know you're doing better. Upvoted and resteemed.


nice post follow me plz

That is awesome; we are very glad to see you doing better. This is the power of Steemit and I am so proud to be part of it :)

Amazing mother and I am so happy for you and to follow you. All the best to you and your family.

Good luck and keep a positive attitude. I am glad that you were able to get off the streets, that is the worst place to be, especially when you have kids depending on you.
All the best !!

wow this is such an awesome story!! big up to the Steemit community! what a bunch of legends!!!

wow, what an amazing story! the Steemit community is an awesome one! I am so happy to be a part of this great thing :)

Best wishes to you and your adorable children. Happy to see all is good now. Take care!

OMG, it is always good to see stories like this around here, Keep it UP and continue doing your best for your family, at the end of the day , they are the most important thing you have.

I am so happy to hear that things are getting bettter. Beautiful child, and a hero mother. Good luck. Upvoted :)

I'm so humbled by your post! I'm happy this community was able to help you when you needed it and good to see that you are going to be giving back as well. I hope you so much success in the future!!!

So glad I could help. Another great example of #whalepower community sticking together!

For those of you who don't know the conversion rate: 1 Phillipine peso is $.02 USD today. So rent for her is about $74/month. Very easy for us to help her family out a little, and help with her business, without even missing a small donation or upvote! Good luck to you @antonette, glad that you were able to get the rent caught up and the needed medicine for your children!

Wonderful and inspiring story @antonette. I am so glad that your family is doing better. Followed you and resteemed this post.

Thanks for the update @antonette-- so happy to hear things turned out well for you and your family, in the end!

This is really great to hear. At least the Steemit community has proven to be able to affect real lives. Goes to show how much we are missing when we choose to suffer in silence.
Make the best use of this opportunity and hopefully in the nearest future you'll be helping others as well.

Yay! Thanks for the update! I'm so glad you've been able to cover your needs!

I don't know what kind of skills you have, but I was wondering if I could maybe help you get work by teaching you the things I know. Please check my website in my bio and scroll down the page to see the different things I offer as services to my clients.

Is there anything there that I could teach you (no strings attached) that would help you get stable work in your country through Upwork or maybe SteemJ, the new Steemit freelance site?

These are service I offer to clients.

Let me know...just comment back. I will create email lessons for you.

I hope with all the help, your daughter could recover very soon antonette. I am far but I always pray and wish the best for you.

Fantastic news. I am so happy for you and that you were able to your rent. Here's to your future dreams and success.

Good news on a sunday morning always brighten's my day! Thanks for the update @Antonette!

I am happy that so many people helped you and I feel that Steem is going to do many more great things in future.

Stay blessed sister.

When we can be the reason of one's smile it can't compare with other matter. Thank you the steemit family for your support and cooperation. Wish you long live.!

Wow you are great @antonette.
Creative posts. image

I LOVE these pictures and I am so very happy for you! I wish you everything that is good for the future. As adults we ca..n go through anything, but children not receiving the medical care they need, or adequate food is simply horrendous.

Wow. Truly, this is inspiring. I am even more motivated to pursue blogging here. #teamphilippines

This Steemit mother is truly a strong person! Keep it up @antonette! Beautiful kids just like their mom

Great to see that you and your family are doing better. Thanks for posting an update!

I am so happy for you, it is important for steemit to help people if at all possible.Your kids look so happy as well thanks for sharing

This brings so much joy to my heart. Thank you so much for this update. I was having a tough couple of days, since I lost my baby boy chihuahua 2 days ago after being my best friend for 11 years since he was 6 weeks old. My heart was really heavy for these days. Reading this has given me so much happiness and much help with my sadness. Thank You. :)

wow...very good news to know...keep it up dear...
find time to check my post on absentee husbands on the rise which many women face the problem... and my new post of today...

Glad to hear things are going better for you and your family.


What about me, @scilwa? Are you bothered a racist has been trolling me? A racist that you delegate to? He wrote this: https://steemit.com/politics/@mathiasian/brendan-fraser-was-blacklisted-after-being-sexually-assaulted-by-homosexual-movie-producer-philip-berk

Great news that things are improving for you.

@antonette - Another side product of this amazing platform. I'm glad that with everyone's help we all are able to help a family. Blessings!